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Ligat HaAl description

Home field has no special importance on game result. Home team get average 1.47 points per game.!
Number of draws is on average level. 25% of games finish as draw
Number of goals per game is normal. It's 2.5 goals per game
Number of games with three or more goals is normal. It's 47% of all games.
Average league for betting.

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Predictions and upcoming games

dateround home team away teamresult prediction# goals tipscore pick 
24 Feb24Hapoel RaananaFC Ashdod3 on FC Ashdodunder0:1
24 Feb24Hapoel AshkelonBnei Sakhnin4 on Bnei Sakhninunder0:1
24 Feb24Maccabi HaifaMaccabi Netanya4 on Maccabi Netanyaunder0:1
24 Feb24Maccabi Tel AvivHapoel Haifa2 on Maccabi Tel Avivunder1:0
25 Feb24Bnei Yehuda Tel AvivHapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona3 on Bnei Yehuda Tel Avivunder1:0
25 Feb24Hapoel Beer ShevaBeitar Jerusalem2 on Hapoel Beer Shevaover2:1
26 Feb24Maccabi Petach TikvaHapoel Ironi Akko6 on Maccabi Petach Tikvaover3:0
3 Mar25Maccabi Petach TikvaHapoel Raanana2 on Maccabi Petach Tikvaunder1:0
3 Mar25Maccabi NetanyaHapoel Ashkelon9 on Maccabi Netanyaover3:0
3 Mar25Bnei SakhninBnei Yehuda Tel Aviv3 on Bnei Yehuda Tel Avivunder0:1
3 Mar25FC AshdodMaccabi Tel Aviv9 on Maccabi Tel Avivover0:3
4 Mar25Beitar JerusalemHapoel Ironi Akko10 on Beitar Jerusalemover3:0

All these predictions and picks are only informative. Please use your own brain when betting.


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Hapoel Beer Sheva23155339:1750
2Beitar Jerusalem23154454:2949
3Maccabi Tel Aviv23146338:2048
4Hapoel Haifa23137332:1746
5Maccabi Netanya2399538:2836
6Bnei Yehuda Tel Aviv23106729:2336
7Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona23851025:2829
8Maccabi Petach Tikva23761025:3027
9Bnei Sakhnin23751120:3126
10Maccabi Haifa23661125:2824
11Hapoel Raanana23561219:3421
12FC Ashdod23481121:3620
13Hapoel Ashkelon23371319:3516
14Hapoel Ironi Akko23421718:4612
 relegation play off relegation play off  

1Hapoel Beer Sheva1183021:627
2Beitar Jerusalem1283130:1527
3Hapoel Haifa1282220:926
4Maccabi Tel Aviv1172219:923
5Bnei Yehuda Tel Aviv1171317:922
6Maccabi Netanya1255223:1520
7Maccabi Haifa1152418:1317
8Bnei Sakhnin1252512:1417
9Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona1252515:1217
10Maccabi Petach Tikva1134412:1213
11Hapoel Ashkelon111559:158
12FC Ashdod1214710:217
13Hapoel Ironi Akko122196:197
14Hapoel Raanana110564:175
1Maccabi Tel Aviv1274119:1125
2Hapoel Beer Sheva1272318:1123
3Beitar Jerusalem1171324:1422
4Hapoel Haifa1155112:820
5Hapoel Raanana1251615:1716
6Maccabi Netanya1144315:1316
7Maccabi Petach Tikva1242613:1814
8Bnei Yehuda Tel Aviv1235412:1414
9FC Ashdod1134411:1513
10Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona1133510:1612
11Bnei Sakhnin112368:179
12Hapoel Ashkelon1222810:208
13Maccabi Haifa121477:157
14Hapoel Ironi Akko1121812:277

Latest results

dateround home team away team
19 Feb23FTBeitar Jerusalem2:0Bnei Yehuda Tel AvivMore details about  -  soccer game
18 Feb23FTHapoel Haifa2:0Maccabi NetanyaMore details about  -  soccer game
18 Feb23FTHapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona1:0Hapoel AshkelonMore details about  -  soccer game
17 Feb23FTHapoel Beer Sheva3:0Maccabi Petach TikvaMore details about  -  soccer game
17 Feb23FTBnei Sakhnin1:0Maccabi HaifaMore details about  -  soccer game
17 Feb23FTFC Ashdod3:2Hapoel Ironi AkkoMore details about  -  soccer game
17 Feb23FTMaccabi Tel Aviv0:1Hapoel RaananaMore details about  -  soccer game
12 Feb22FTHapoel Beer Sheva2:0FC AshdodMore details about  -  soccer game
11 Feb22FTHapoel Ironi Akko0:2Maccabi Tel AvivMore details about  -  soccer game
11 Feb22FTMaccabi Netanya1:1Bnei SakhninMore details about  -  soccer game
10 Feb22FTHapoel Ashkelon1:3Beitar JerusalemMore details about  -  soccer game
10 Feb22FTMaccabi Haifa4:0Hapoel Ironi Kiryat ShmonaMore details about  -  soccer game
10 Feb22FTBnei Yehuda Tel Aviv2:1Maccabi Petach TikvaMore details about  -  soccer game
10 Feb22FTHapoel Raanana1:1Hapoel HaifaMore details about  -  soccer game
5 Feb21FTMaccabi Petach Tikva3:0Hapoel AshkelonMore details about  -  soccer game
4 Feb21FTMaccabi Tel Aviv1:0Hapoel Beer ShevaMore details about  -  soccer game

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Hapoel Beer Sheva54019:212
2Beitar Jerusalem540113:612
3Hapoel Haifa53115:310
4Maccabi Tel Aviv53116:210
5Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona53026:79
6FC Ashdod52216:68
7Maccabi Netanya52216:68
8Bnei Yehuda Tel Aviv51314:56
9Maccabi Haifa51226:55
10Maccabi Petach Tikva51226:75
11Hapoel Raanana51224:65
12Bnei Sakhnin51135:84
13Hapoel Ironi Akko51043:73
14Hapoel Ashkelon50053:120

1Beitar Jerusalem540111:512
2Maccabi Tel Aviv54019:312
3Hapoel Beer Sheva53209:211
4Bnei Yehuda Tel Aviv53117:410
5Hapoel Haifa53025:49
6Maccabi Petach Tikva52307:29
7Maccabi Netanya52308:69
8Bnei Sakhnin52034:66
9FC Ashdod51226:85
10Maccabi Haifa51136:74
11Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona51134:74
12Hapoel Raanana50323:73
13Hapoel Ashkelon50142:71
14Hapoel Ironi Akko50050:80
1Maccabi Tel Aviv54108:213
2Beitar Jerusalem531110:510
3Hapoel Raanana53117:510
4Hapoel Beer Sheva53025:39
5Hapoel Haifa52304:29
6FC Ashdod52217:78
7Maccabi Netanya52126:77
8Bnei Yehuda Tel Aviv51314:46
9Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona52035:96
10Hapoel Ironi Akko52036:76
11Bnei Sakhnin51226:85
12Maccabi Haifa51134:64
13Maccabi Petach Tikva51134:74
14Hapoel Ashkelon51043:103

Under - Over goals statistics

 Over in % of gamesAverage # of goals
1Beitar Jerusalem9674523.753.453.61
2Maccabi Netanya9161303.172.552.87
3Hapoel Ironi Akko7355322.083.552.78
4Maccabi Tel Aviv7052262.552.52.52
5FC Ashdod7848222.582.362.48
6Hapoel Beer Sheva7043352.452.422.43
7Maccabi Petach Tikva8245182.182.582.39
8Hapoel Ashkelon7048262.182.52.35
9Maccabi Haifa7035262.821.832.3
10Hapoel Raanana6539221.912.672.3
11Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona7448222.252.362.3
12Bnei Yehuda Tel Aviv784392.362.172.26
13Bnei Sakhnin6543132.172.272.22
14Hapoel Haifa7022172.421.822.13

Average number of goals is taken from sum Goals for and Goals against.

Team profit

If you bet on every game team plays. Each bet is 100 units.
 Total profitProfit per game
1Hapoel Ironi Akko600150
2Beitar Jerusalem410102.5
3Hapoel Haifa34185.25
4Maccabi Haifa8421
5Maccabi Tel Aviv7518.75
6Bnei Sakhnin7017.5
7Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona6516.25
8Bnei Yehuda Tel Aviv5012.5
9Hapoel Beer Sheva-132-33
10Hapoel Ashkelon-140-35
11Maccabi Petach Tikva-170-42.5
12Maccabi Netanya-170-42.5
13FC Ashdod-400-100
14Hapoel Raanana-400-100

Teams with positive numbers can be undervalued by bookmakers.
Only games with odds from bookmakers included

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