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Iran Azadegan League 2017/2018 Iran | Azadegan League | 2017/2018

Azadegan League description

Home field is advantage for home team. Home team get average 1.58 points per game.
Draw occurrence in this league is extremely high. 34% of games finish as draw!!!
Number of goals is very low. It's 1.92 goals per game!!!
Number of games with three or more goals is lower than typical. It's 34% of all games.!
Average league for betting.

compare with other leagues

Predictions and upcoming games

dateround home team away teamresult prediction# goals tipscore pick 
21 Nov14Fajr SepasiShahrdari Tabriz9 on Fajr Sepasiunder1:0
21 Nov14Baadraan TehranMes Kerman4 on Baadraan Tehranunder1:0
21 Nov14Aluminium ArakShahrdari Mahshahr4 on Shahrdari Mahshahrunder0:1
21 Nov14Khoneh Be KhonehMalavan5 on Khoneh Be Khonehunder2:0
21 Nov14Machine Sazi FCNassaji Mazandaran FC6 on Nassaji Mazandaran FCunder0:2
21 Nov14Saba QomMes Rafsanjan2 on Mes Rafsanjanunder1:1
21 Nov14Gol GoharRah Ahan9 on Gol Goharunder1:0
21 Nov14Iranjavan BushehrNew Bargh Fars4 on New Bargh Farsunder0:1
21 Nov14Naft Masjed Soleyman FCOxin Alborz6 on Naft Masjed Soleyman FCunder2:0
27 Nov15Mes RafsanjanMachine Sazi FC3 on Mes Rafsanjanunder1:0
27 Nov15Nassaji Mazandaran FCNaft Masjed Soleyman FC2 on Naft Masjed Soleyman FCunder1:1
27 Nov15Saba QomBaadraan Tehran7 on Baadraan Tehranunder0:2
27 Nov15New Bargh FarsAluminium Arak8 on New Bargh Farsunder2:0
27 Nov15Rah AhanMalavan7 on Malavanunder0:2
27 Nov15Mes KermanFajr Sepasi4 on Mes Kermanunder1:0
27 Nov15Oxin AlborzIranjavan Bushehr6 on Oxin Alborzunder2:0
27 Nov15Shahrdari TabrizGol Gohar6 on Gol Goharunder0:1
27 Nov15Shahrdari MahshahrKhoneh Be Khoneh5 on Khoneh Be Khonehunder0:2
3 Dec16Fajr SepasiNassaji Mazandaran FC2 on Nassaji Mazandaran FCunder1:1
3 Dec16MalavanShahrdari Mahshahr4 on Malavanunder1:0
3 Dec16Aluminium ArakMes Kerman5 on Mes Kermanunder0:2
3 Dec16Machine Sazi FCSaba Qom3 on Machine Sazi FCunder1:0
3 Dec16Khoneh Be KhonehOxin Alborz3 on Khoneh Be Khonehunder1:0
3 Dec16Rah AhanShahrdari Tabriz2 on Shahrdari Tabrizunder1:1
3 Dec16Naft Masjed Soleyman FCBaadraan Tehran5 on Naft Masjed Soleyman FCunder2:0
3 Dec16Iranjavan BushehrMes Rafsanjan2 on Iranjavan Bushehrunder1:0

All these predictions and picks are only informative. Please use your own brain when betting.


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Naft Masjed Soleyman FC1393118:630
2Nassaji Mazandaran FC1382317:926
3New Bargh Fars1374212:625
4Baadraan Tehran1365218:1323
5Oxin Alborz1364313:922
6Khoneh Be Khoneh1356214:721
7Mes Kerman1363418:1221
8Gol Gohar1346312:1318
9Fajr Sepasi135359:1118
11Shahrdari Mahshahr1344516:1416
12Mes Rafsanjan1235411:1314
13Iranjavan Bushehr1335512:1614
14Machine Sazi FC1334611:1513
15Aluminium Arak1326510:1512
16Saba Qom131668:179
17Shahrdari Tabriz131577:158
18Rah Ahan1302112:192
 promotion promotion   relegation relegation  

1New Bargh Fars75208:217
2Oxin Alborz75209:317
3Nassaji Mazandaran FC751110:416
4Mes Kerman742111:614
6Baadraan Tehran64119:413
7Naft Masjed Soleyman FC641110:413
8Fajr Sepasi64026:412
9Khoneh Be Khoneh632110:411
10Mes Rafsanjan73228:711
11Shahrdari Mahshahr72328:89
12Machine Sazi FC62229:78
13Gol Gohar61414:47
14Iranjavan Bushehr61325:66
15Shahrdari Tabriz71333:56
16Saba Qom60425:74
17Aluminium Arak60331:53
18Rah Ahan70252:122
1Naft Masjed Soleyman FC75208:217
2Gol Gohar73228:911
3Baadraan Tehran72419:910
4Khoneh Be Khoneh72414:310
5Nassaji Mazandaran FC63127:510
6Aluminium Arak72329:109
7New Bargh Fars62224:48
8Iranjavan Bushehr72237:108
9Shahrdari Mahshahr62138:67
10Mes Kerman62137:67
11Fajr Sepasi71333:76
12Oxin Alborz61234:65
13Machine Sazi FC71242:85
14Saba Qom71243:105
15Mes Rafsanjan50323:63
17Shahrdari Tabriz60244:102
18Rah Ahan60060:70

Latest results

dateround home team away team
14 Nov13FTShahrdari Mahshahr0:1Iranjavan BushehrMore details about  -  soccer game
14 Nov13FTOxin Alborz1:0Fajr SepasiMore details about  -  soccer game
14 Nov13FTRah Ahan1:2Aluminium ArakMore details about  -  soccer game
14 Nov13FTNew Bargh Fars0:0Naft Masjed Soleyman FCMore details about  -  soccer game
14 Nov13FTMalavan1:1Gol GoharMore details about  -  soccer game
14 Nov13FTShahrdari Tabriz0:0Khoneh Be KhonehMore details about  -  soccer game
14 Nov13FTMes Rafsanjan2:3Baadraan TehranMore details about  -  soccer game
14 Nov13FTNassaji Mazandaran FC1:0Saba QomMore details about  -  soccer game
14 Nov13FTMes Kerman1:0Machine Sazi FCMore details about  -  soccer game
8 Nov12FTNaft Masjed Soleyman FC2:1Mes KermanMore details about  -  soccer game
7 Nov12FTIranjavan Bushehr2:1Shahrdari TabrizMore details about  -  soccer game
7 Nov12FTMachine Sazi FC2:1Shahrdari MahshahrMore details about  -  soccer game
7 Nov12FTSaba Qom0:1Oxin AlborzMore details about  -  soccer game
7 Nov12FTFajr Sepasi2:1MalavanMore details about  -  soccer game
7 Nov12FTBaadraan Tehran1:0Nassaji Mazandaran FCMore details about  -  soccer game
7 Nov12FTAluminium Arak0:1Gol GoharMore details about  -  soccer game

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Naft Masjed Soleyman FC54108:213
2Iranjavan Bushehr53207:411
3Nassaji Mazandaran FC53117:410
4New Bargh Fars52306:39
5Oxin Alborz52307:59
6Khoneh Be Khoneh52302:09
7Fajr Sepasi52214:38
9Baadraan Tehran52127:87
10Mes Kerman52036:66
11Machine Sazi FC51224:65
12Gol Gohar51223:55
13Shahrdari Mahshahr51134:74
14Aluminium Arak51132:44
15Mes Rafsanjan51136:94
16Saba Qom51133:64
17Shahrdari Tabriz50322:43
18Rah Ahan50142:61

1Nassaji Mazandaran FC54109:313
2Fajr Sepasi54016:312
3New Bargh Fars53206:211
4Oxin Alborz53206:311
6Baadraan Tehran53116:310
7Khoneh Be Khoneh53119:310
8Naft Masjed Soleyman FC53117:410
9Mes Kerman53116:310
10Mes Rafsanjan52125:57
11Iranjavan Bushehr51315:56
12Gol Gohar51313:36
13Machine Sazi FC51226:75
14Saba Qom50415:64
15Shahrdari Mahshahr50323:63
16Shahrdari Tabriz50322:43
17Aluminium Arak50231:52
18Rah Ahan50232:52
1Naft Masjed Soleyman FC53206:211
2Khoneh Be Khoneh52302:09
3New Bargh Fars52214:38
4Aluminium Arak52216:58
5Gol Gohar52216:68
6Iranjavan Bushehr52125:67
7Nassaji Mazandaran FC52126:57
8Baadraan Tehran51317:86
9Fajr Sepasi51313:36
10Machine Sazi FC51221:35
11Shahrdari Mahshahr51134:64
12Oxin Alborz51133:54
13Mes Kerman51136:64
14Saba Qom51133:64
15Mes Rafsanjan50323:63
17Shahrdari Tabriz50232:62
18Rah Ahan50050:60

Under - Over goals statistics

 Over in % of gamesAverage # of goals
1Baadraan Tehran6246382.172.572.38
3Shahrdari Mahshahr5446312.292.332.31
4Mes Kerman5454312.432.172.31
5Iranjavan Bushehr6238231.832.432.15
6Machine Sazi FC624682.671.432
7Mes Rafsanjan5033252.141.82
8Nassaji Mazandaran FC543115222
9Aluminium Arak54382312.711.92
10Gol Gohar6238151.332.431.92
11Saba Qom54312321.861.92
12Naft Masjed Soleyman FC4631152.331.431.85
13Oxin Alborz3815151.711.671.69
14Shahrdari Tabriz3823151.142.331.69
15Khoneh Be Khoneh3831232.3311.62
16Rah Ahan3823821.171.62
17Fajr Sepasi383101.671.431.54
18New Bargh Fars381501.431.331.38

Average number of goals is taken from sum Goals for and Goals against.

Team profit

If you bet on every game team plays. Each bet is 100 units.
 Total profitProfit per game
1Shahrdari Mahshahr00
2New Bargh Fars00
3Oxin Alborz00
4Baadraan Tehran00
5Aluminium Arak00
6Khoneh Be Khoneh00
7Machine Sazi FC00
8Mes Rafsanjan00
9Iranjavan Bushehr00
10Nassaji Mazandaran FC00
11Naft Masjed Soleyman FC00
12Shahrdari Tabriz00
13Gol Gohar00
14Fajr Sepasi00
15Mes Kerman00
16Rah Ahan00
17Saba Qom00

Teams with positive numbers can be undervalued by bookmakers.
Only games with odds from bookmakers included

Legal Age   Adults only. Don't let gambling become a problem in your life. Check our responsible gambling page for more info.