Iran Azadegan League 2016/2017 Iran | Azadegan League | 2016/2017

Azadegan League description

Home field is advantage for home team. Home team get average 1.59 points per game.
Draw occurrence in this league is extremely high. 38% of games finish as draw!!!
Number of goals is lower than typical. It's 2 goals per game!
Number of games with three or more goals is lower than typical. It's 34% of all games.!
Average league for betting.

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Predictions and upcoming games

dateround home team away teamresult prediction# goals tipscore pick 
19 Jan20Kheybar KhorramabadSepidrood Rasht4 on Sepidrood Rashtunder0:1
19 Jan20Esteghlal AhvazOxin Alborz6 on Oxin Alborzunder0:2
19 Jan20Mes RafsanjanRah Ahan4 on Mes Rafsanjanunder1:0
19 Jan20MalavanFoolad Yazd10 on Malavanunder2:0
19 Jan20Pars Jonoubi Jam BushehrAluminium Arak4 on Pars Jonoubi Jam Bushehrunder1:0
19 Jan20Gol GoharMes Kerman4 on Gol Goharunder1:0
19 Jan20Nassaji Mazandaran FCIranjavan Bushehr5 on Nassaji Mazandaran FCunder2:0
19 Jan20Baadraan TehranKhoneh Be Khonehdrawunder1:1
19 Jan20Fajr SepasiNaft Masjed Soleyman FCdrawunder1:1
25 Jan21Rah AhanFajr Sepasi3 on Rah Ahanunder1:0
25 Jan21Aluminium ArakMes Rafsanjandrawunder1:1
25 Jan21Oxin AlborzKheybar Khorramabad2 on Oxin Alborzunder1:0
25 Jan21Mes KermanNassaji Mazandaran FCdrawunder1:1
25 Jan21Foolad YazdEsteghlal Ahvaz4 on Foolad Yazdunder1:0
25 Jan21Iranjavan BushehrBaadraan Tehrandrawunder1:1
25 Jan21Khoneh Be KhonehPars Jonoubi Jam Bushehr3 on Khoneh Be Khonehunder1:0
25 Jan21Sepidrood RashtMalavan3 on Sepidrood Rashtunder1:0
25 Jan21Naft Masjed Soleyman FCGol Gohar3 on Gol Goharunder0:1
31 Jan22Mes RafsanjanNaft Masjed Soleyman FC5 on Mes Rafsanjanunder2:0
31 Jan22Khoneh Be KhonehSepidrood Rasht3 on Khoneh Be Khonehunder1:0
31 Jan22Fajr SepasiOxin Alborz3 on Oxin Alborzunder0:1
31 Jan22Baadraan TehranRah Ahan4 on Baadraan Tehranunder1:0
31 Jan22Kheybar KhorramabadAluminium Arakdrawunder1:1
31 Jan22Pars Jonoubi Jam BushehrFoolad Yazd8 on Pars Jonoubi Jam Bushehrunder1:0
31 Jan22MalavanIranjavan Bushehr7 on Malavanunder2:0
31 Jan22Esteghlal AhvazMes Kerman9 on Mes Kermanunder0:2

All these predictions and picks are only informative. Please use your own brain when betting.


Main table plus home and away only tables.
2Sepidrood Rasht18104418:1234
3Gol Gohar1996431:1933
4Khoneh Be Khoneh1988324:1332
5Nassaji Mazandaran FC1987426:1831
6Pars Jonoubi Jam Bushehr1979312:930
7Mes Kerman19611221:1429
8Baadraan Tehran1977517:1228
9Oxin Alborz1983823:2027
10Rah Ahan1967621:2725
11Aluminium Arak1959519:1724
12Mes Rafsanjan1965822:1623
13Iranjavan Bushehr1957722:2322
14Naft Masjed Soleyman FC19310616:1819
15Kheybar Khorramabad1947812:2219
16Foolad Yazd1929812:2615
17Fajr Sepasi18261013:2312
18Esteghlal Ahvaz19071210:367
 promotion promotion   relegation relegation  

2Gol Gohar1072122:823
3Sepidrood Rasht871010:222
4Mes Kerman1054114:819
5Khoneh Be Khoneh953118:618
6Nassaji Mazandaran FC1053218:1018
7Baadraan Tehran104519:517
8Iranjavan Bushehr1045120:1217
9Oxin Alborz943213:715
10Pars Jonoubi Jam Bushehr94326:515
11Mes Rafsanjan942316:514
12Naft Masjed Soleyman FC1035213:714
13Aluminium Arak93427:613
14Rah Ahan933310:612
15Kheybar Khorramabad102445:810
16Foolad Yazd91536:98
17Fajr Sepasi101456:117
18Esteghlal Ahvaz90546:135
1Pars Jonoubi Jam Bushehr103616:415
2Khoneh Be Khoneh103526:714
3Nassaji Mazandaran FC93428:813
4Rah Ahan1034311:2113
5Oxin Alborz1040610:1312
6Sepidrood Rasht103348:1012
8Baadraan Tehran93248:711
9Aluminium Arak1025312:1111
10Gol Gohar92439:1110
11Mes Kerman91717:610
12Kheybar Khorramabad92347:149
13Mes Rafsanjan102356:119
14Foolad Yazd101456:177
15Iranjavan Bushehr91262:115
16Naft Masjed Soleyman FC90543:115
17Fajr Sepasi81257:125
18Esteghlal Ahvaz100284:232

Latest results

dateround home team away team
13 Jan19FTRah Ahan1:2MalavanMore details about  -  soccer game
13 Jan19FTMes Kerman1:0Iranjavan BushehrMore details about  -  soccer game
13 Jan19FTFoolad Yazd1:1Baadraan TehranMore details about  -  soccer game
13 Jan19FTAluminium Arak1:1Esteghlal AhvazMore details about  -  soccer game
13 Jan19FTKhoneh Be Khoneh3:1Mes RafsanjanMore details about  -  soccer game
13 Jan19FTOxin Alborz0:0Gol GoharMore details about  -  soccer game
13 Jan19FTNaft Masjed Soleyman FC0:1Nassaji Mazandaran FCMore details about  -  soccer game
13 Jan19FTPars Jonoubi Jam Bushehr0:0Kheybar KhorramabadMore details about  -  soccer game
6 Jan18FTBaadraan Tehran1:0Sepidrood RashtMore details about  -  soccer game
6 Jan18FTKheybar Khorramabad0:0Foolad YazdMore details about  -  soccer game
6 Jan18FTGol Gohar5:1Rah AhanMore details about  -  soccer game
6 Jan18FTIranjavan Bushehr0:0Naft Masjed Soleyman FCMore details about  -  soccer game
6 Jan18FTMes Rafsanjan0:0Pars Jonoubi Jam BushehrMore details about  -  soccer game
6 Jan18FTNassaji Mazandaran FC0:1Oxin AlborzMore details about  -  soccer game
6 Jan18FTFajr Sepasi0:2Mes KermanMore details about  -  soccer game
6 Jan18FTMalavan1:0Aluminium ArakMore details about  -  soccer game

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Mes Kerman53209:411
2Iranjavan Bushehr531110:310
3Nassaji Mazandaran FC53117:310
4Gol Gohar531110:510
5Khoneh Be Khoneh52215:38
6Mes Rafsanjan522110:68
7Fajr Sepasi52216:48
9Pars Jonoubi Jam Bushehr51402:17
10Baadraan Tehran51313:36
11Sepidrood Rasht52035:76
12Kheybar Khorramabad51313:66
13Naft Masjed Soleyman FC51315:36
14Aluminium Arak51225:65
15Oxin Alborz51134:74
16Foolad Yazd50232:82
17Rah Ahan50234:142
18Esteghlal Ahvaz50232:62

1Sepidrood Rasht55006:115
2Gol Gohar541014:413
3Mes Rafsanjan532010:111
5Pars Jonoubi Jam Bushehr53114:210
6Khoneh Be Khoneh53118:310
7Mes Kerman53117:310
8Aluminium Arak52304:29
9Baadraan Tehran52215:38
10Iranjavan Bushehr522112:68
11Nassaji Mazandaran FC52127:57
12Kheybar Khorramabad51313:36
13Foolad Yazd51315:66
14Naft Masjed Soleyman FC51317:56
15Rah Ahan51315:36
16Fajr Sepasi51133:54
17Oxin Alborz50323:53
18Esteghlal Ahvaz50323:63
1Mes Rafsanjan52216:68
2Nassaji Mazandaran FC52214:38
4Pars Jonoubi Jam Bushehr51404:37
5Baadraan Tehran52125:37
6Kheybar Khorramabad52125:97
7Mes Kerman51404:27
8Oxin Alborz52035:86
9Khoneh Be Khoneh51312:36
10Rah Ahan51225:135
11Sepidrood Rasht51133:64
12Iranjavan Bushehr51132:44
13Fajr Sepasi51134:54
14Aluminium Arak50327:93
15Foolad Yazd50232:82
16Naft Masjed Soleyman FC50230:72
17Gol Gohar50231:72
18Esteghlal Ahvaz50142:111

Under - Over goals statistics

 Over in % of gamesAverage # of goals
1Gol Gohar79472632.222.63
2Rah Ahan7442261.783.22.53
3Esteghlal Ahvaz7453262.112.72.42
4Iranjavan Bushehr5853263.21.442.37
5Nassaji Mazandaran FC6347212.81.782.32
6Oxin Alborz6847162.222.32.26
7Fajr Sepasi6728171.72.382
8Foolad Yazd6826111.672.32
9Mes Rafsanjan4732162.331.72
10Khoneh Be Khoneh5837212.671.31.95
11Aluminium Arak4721161.442.31.89
13Mes Kerman5826212.21.441.84
14Naft Masjed Soleyman FC58421121.561.79
15Kheybar Khorramabad5326111.32.331.79
16Sepidrood Rasht3928111.51.81.67
17Baadraan Tehran4216111.41.671.53
18Pars Jonoubi Jam Bushehr37501.2211.11

Average number of goals is taken from sum Goals for and Goals against.