Croatia - 1. Division


Inter Zapresic


NK Lokomotiva

halftime (0:0)
»Game details
Date Friday 27th July 2012
Time 20:00 CEST
Venue nameStadion SRC Zapresic
RefereeDomagoj Ljubicic from Croatia
90'   in Filip Skvorc
90'   out Andrej Kramaric
90'   Filip Scrbec
88'   Lamin Samateh
85'   Matija Matko
84'   Matej Bagaric
79'   in Matija Matko
79'   out Ivan Celikovic
74'   in Lamin Samateh
74'   out Goran Zakaric
73'   in Filip Scrbec
73'   out Luka Hadzic
67'   penalty Domagoj Antolic
66'   Tomislav Saric
49'   Marcelo Brozovic
46'   in Ivan Herceg
46'   in Igor Lovric
46'   out Dominik Picak
46'   out Hrvoje Plazanic
Goalkeeper: Krsevan Santini

Substitute player: Matija Matko
Substitute player: Filip Scrbec
Substitute player: Ivan Herceg

Coach: Borimir Perkovic
Goalkeeper: Dominik Picak

Substitute player: Filip Skvorc
Substitute player: Lamin Samateh
Substitute player: Igor Lovric

Coach: Tomislav Ivkovic
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Inter ZapresicNK Lokomotiva
WON in last 1 1. Division's games.DRAW in last 1 1. Division's games.
NOT DRAW in last 7 1. Division's games.NOT WON in last 3 1. Division's games.

10.League position2.
  12pts.Last five games  8pts.
  8pts.last 5 home/away only  8pts.
»Head to Head matches
28th Mar 13 Croatia - 1. DivisionNK Lokomotiva : Inter Zapresic 2:2
26th Oct 12 Croatia - 1. DivisionNK Lokomotiva : Inter Zapresic 2:3
27th Jul 12 Croatia - 1. DivisionInter Zapresic : NK Lokomotiva 0:1
02nd Dec 11 Croatia - 1. DivisionNK Lokomotiva : Inter Zapresic 2:0
29th Jul 11 Croatia - 1. DivisionInter Zapresic : NK Lokomotiva 1:1
11th Mar 11 Croatia - 1. DivisionNK Lokomotiva : Inter Zapresic 2:4
28th Aug 10 Croatia - 1. DivisionInter Zapresic : NK Lokomotiva 5:0
13th May 10 Croatia - 1. DivisionInter Zapresic : NK Lokomotiva 4:2
21st Nov 09 Croatia - 1. DivisionNK Lokomotiva : Inter Zapresic 0:1
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Dinamo Zagreb33245468:2077
2NK Lokomotiva33169854:3857
4Hajduk Split331410945:3152
5RNK Split331571149:3752
6NK Istra 19613311111135:3244
9NK Zadar33991539:6136
10Inter Zapresic338111436:4135
12NK Zagreb33762028:6027
 champions league qualification champions league qualification   uefa qualification uefa qualification   relegation relegation  

1Dinamo Zagreb17143045:845
2RNK Split17132232:1241
3NK Lokomotiva17113332:1836
5Hajduk Split1794428:1431
8NK Istra 19611659216:1124
9NK Zadar1665526:2623
11NK Zagreb1652915:2617
12Inter Zapresic1645713:1717
1Dinamo Zagreb16102423:1232
2NK Lokomotiva1656522:2021
4Hajduk Split1656517:1721
5NK Istra 19611762919:2120
6Inter Zapresic1746723:2418
8NK Zadar17341013:3513
10RNK Split1625917:2511
12NK Zagreb17241113:3410

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Dinamo Zagreb54108:213
2Inter Zapresic54018:212
3NK Istra 196153115:310
4NK Lokomotiva52214:38
5NK Zadar522110:98
9RNK Split51134:74
10Hajduk Split51134:74
12NK Zagreb51044:93

1Dinamo Zagreb550013:115
2RNK Split540110:412
3NK Lokomotiva531110:510
4Hajduk Split53117:510
6NK Istra 196152304:29
7Inter Zapresic52215:38
10NK Zadar51318:86
12NK Zagreb50144:141
1Dinamo Zagreb53206:111
3NK Istra 196153029:49
4NK Lokomotiva52218:68
5Inter Zapresic52126:67
6NK Zadar52127:117
7NK Zagreb51135:64
8RNK Split50322:53
10Hajduk Split50325:83