South Korea - National League


Daejeon Korail


Chungju Hummel

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Date Saturday 30th July 2011
Time 9:00 CEST
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Daejeon KorailChungju Hummel
LOST in last 1 National League's games.WON in last 1 National League's games.
NOT DRAW in last 2 National League's games.NOT LOST in last 2 National League's games.

6.League position14.
  7pts.Last five games  4pts.
  10pts.last 5 home/away only  5pts.

4 on Daejeon Korail

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 2:1
»Head to Head matches
08th Sep 12 South Korea - National LeagueDaejeon Korail : Chungju Hummel 2:0
25th Apr 12 South Korea - National LeagueChungju Hummel : Daejeon Korail 1:0
30th Jul 11 South Korea - National LeagueDaejeon Korail : Chungju Hummel 0:0
26th Mar 11 South Korea - National LeagueChungju Hummel : Daejeon Korail 0:1
02nd Nov 10 South Korea - National LeagueChungju Hummel : Daejeon Korail 3:1
01st Jun 10 South Korea - National LeagueDaejeon Korail : Chungju Hummel 2:1
14th Oct 09 South Korea - National LeagueChungju Hummel : Daejeon Korail 2:2
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Daejeon Korail
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Chungju Hummel
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13.5.Gyeongnam FC0:1Chungju HummelMore details about Gyeongnam FC-<b>Chungju Hummel</b> game
09.5.Chungju Hummel3:1Gangwon FCMore details about <b>Chungju Hummel</b>-Gangwon FC game
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29.3.Ansan Police FC1:0Chungju HummelMore details about <b>Ansan Police FC</b>-Chungju Hummel game
22.3.Chungju Hummel0:1Goyang Hi FCMore details about Chungju Hummel-<b>Goyang Hi FC</b> game
16.11.Chungju Hummel1:1Bucheon FC 1995More details about Chungju Hummel-Bucheon FC 1995 game
08.11.Daegu FC1:2Chungju HummelMore details about Daegu FC-<b>Chungju Hummel</b> game
02.11.Chungju Hummel0:0Goyang Hi FCMore details about Chungju Hummel-Goyang Hi FC game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Ulsan Mipo26172753:3453
2Goyang Kookmin26138537:2547
3Gangneung City261210440:2546
4Busan Transport Corp26118729:2741
5Changwon City26117837:3640
6Daejeon Korail26116929:2339
7Suwon City26811728:2335
8Gyeongju H & N2698940:3835
9Cheonan City2698931:3135
11Yongin City265111022:3226
12Goyang Hi FC26581325:4223
13Mokpo City26561525:3621
14Chungju Hummel26561525:4421

1Ulsan Mipo13111127:1234
2Gangneung City1394025:1131
3Changwon City1393117:730
4Busan Transport Corp1374220:1425
5Cheonan City1373316:1024
6Suwon City1366119:1124
7Goyang Kookmin1364320:1222
8Gyeongju H & N1355322:1720
9Daejeon Korail1354417:1419
11Yongin City1344516:1816
12Mokpo City1333712:1712
13Chungju Hummel1333715:2112
14Goyang Hi FC1326510:1712
1Goyang Kookmin1374217:1325
2Daejeon Korail1362512:920
3Ulsan Mipo1361626:2219
4Busan Transport Corp134459:1316
5Gyeongju H & N1343618:2115
6Gangneung City1336415:1415
8Cheonan City1325615:2111
9Goyang Hi FC1332815:2511
10Suwon City132569:1211
11Yongin City131756:1410
12Changwon City1324720:2910
13Mokpo City1323813:199
14Chungju Hummel1323810:239

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Ulsan Mipo541016:913
2Gangneung City541014:313
3Cheonan City52217:58
4Busan Transport Corp52217:58
5Goyang Kookmin52126:87
6Daejeon Korail52128:87
8Goyang Hi FC51314:66
9Suwon City51319:96
10Changwon City520312:136
11Mokpo City51135:74
12Chungju Hummel51137:134
13Gyeongju H & N511312:144
14Yongin City50235:112

1Ulsan Mipo550012:515
2Gangneung City532011:611
3Goyang Kookmin53118:510
4Daejeon Korail531110:610
5Cheonan City52305:39
6Busan Transport Corp52309:69
7Gyeongju H & N522114:128
8Changwon City52218:68
9Mokpo City52124:47
11Suwon City51316:66
12Goyang Hi FC50413:44
13Chungju Hummel51047:143
14Yongin City50146:111
1Ulsan Mipo541016:813
2Gangneung City532011:311
3Daejeon Korail53116:410
4Cheonan City522110:78
6Busan Transport Corp51315:56
7Mokpo City51226:65
8Chungju Hummel51224:55
9Goyang Kookmin51224:75
10Changwon City511311:144
11Yongin City50321:63
12Gyeongju H & N51045:93
13Goyang Hi FC51045:123
14Suwon City50233:62