Ecuador - Serie A - Clausura


Imbabura S.C.


Liga de Loja

halftime (0:0)
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Date Sunday 11th September 2011
Time 1:00 CEST
Venue nameEstadio Olímpico, Ecuador
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Imbabura S.C.Liga de Loja
WON in last 1 Serie A - Clausura's games.LOST in last 1 Serie A - Clausura's games.
NOT LOST in last 4 Serie A - Clausura's games.NOT DRAW in last 7 Serie A - Clausura's games.

10.League position11.
  10pts.Last five games  6pts.
  12pts.last 5 home/away only  0pts.

2 on Liga de Loja

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:1
»Head to Head matches
23rd Oct 11 Ecuador - Serie A - ClausuraLiga de Loja : Imbabura S.C. 4:0
11th Sep 11 Ecuador - Serie A - ClausuraImbabura S.C. : Liga de Loja 0:0
24th Apr 11 Ecuador - Serie A - AperturaLiga de Loja : Imbabura S.C. 0:2
13th Mar 11 Ecuador - Serie A - AperturaImbabura S.C. : Liga de Loja 3:2
16th Oct 10 Ecuador - Serie B ClausuraLiga de Loja : Imbabura S.C. 1:1
28th Aug 10 Ecuador - Serie B ClausuraImbabura S.C. : Liga de Loja 1:0
29th May 10 Ecuador - Serie B AperturaLiga de Loja : Imbabura S.C. 0:3
10th Apr 10 Ecuador - Serie B AperturaImbabura S.C. : Liga de Loja 1:4
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Deportivo Quito22135434:1544
2Barcelona SC22124629:2140
3El Nacional22114740:3337
5LDU de Quito22104832:2334
6Deportivo Cuenca2288629:2332
7Independiente del Valle2294932:3031
10Imbabura S.C.22741126:4025
11Liga de Loja22731231:4224
 relegation relegation  

1Barcelona SC11100119:630
3Deportivo Quito1173120:724
4LDU de Quito1172220:623
5Deportivo Cuenca1164117:522
6El Nacional1162324:1820
8Liga de Loja1161419:1419
10Imbabura S.C.1152415:1317
11Independiente del Valle1151519:1616
1Deportivo Quito1162314:820
2El Nacional1152416:1517
3Independiente del Valle1143413:1415
4LDU de Quito1132612:1711
5Barcelona SC1124510:1510
6Deportivo Cuenca1124512:1810
8Imbabura S.C.1122711:278
11Liga de Loja1112812:285

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1El Nacional541015:713
2Barcelona SC54017:412
3Independiente del Valle53119:610
5Imbabura S.C.531110:1010
6Deportivo Cuenca531112:510
7Deportivo Quito52034:66
8Liga de Loja52038:116
10LDU de Quito50232:62

1Deportivo Cuenca541012:213
2Imbabura S.C.540113:812
3Barcelona SC54019:412
6LDU de Quito53118:410
7El Nacional531114:810
8Deportivo Quito53119:410
9Liga de Loja531110:410
10Independiente del Valle52127:87
1Independiente del Valle52128:87
2El Nacional52126:77
4Barcelona SC52037:96
5Deportivo Cuenca51226:95
6Imbabura S.C.51135:134
7LDU de Quito51134:74
8Deportivo Quito51134:74
12Liga de Loja50054:180