Taiwan - Division A


I-Shou University



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Date Saturday 14th July 2012
Time 11:00 CEST
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I-Shou UniversityNSTC
LOST in last 2 Division A's games.LOST in last 1 Division A's games.
NOT WON in last 5 Division A's games.NOT DRAW in last 8 Division A's games.

7.League position3.
  1pts.Last five games  6pts.
  2pts.last 5 home/away only  6pts.
»Head to Head matches
27th Oct 12 Taiwan - Division ANSTC : I-Shou University 1:0
14th Jul 12 Taiwan - Division AI-Shou University : NSTC 0:5
24th Apr 10 Taiwan - Division ANSTC : I-Shou University 5:0
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I-Shou University
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25.10.Tainan City2:5NSTCMore details about Tainan City-<b>NSTC</b> game
22.10.Taichung City Dragon3:0NSTCMore details about <b>Taichung City Dragon</b>-NSTC game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Kaohsiung County Taipower1283132:527
2Taipei City Tatung1290330:1427
4Hasus TSU1252528:2317
5Ming Chuan University1251630:3116
6Tainan City1213813:236
7I-Shou University121299:475
 relegation relegation  

1Kaohsiung County Taipower650119:115
3Taipei City Tatung640213:912
4Hasus TSU631214:910
5Ming Chuan University621316:177
6Tainan City61148:134
7I-Shou University60245:212
1Taipei City Tatung650117:515
2Kaohsiung County Taipower633013:412
3Ming Chuan University630314:149
5Hasus TSU621314:147
6I-Shou University61054:263
7Tainan City60245:102

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Taipei City Tatung550015:415
2Kaohsiung County Taipower53119:310
3Ming Chuan University521214:77
5Hasus TSU51229:105
6Tainan City51134:84
7I-Shou University50142:161

1Kaohsiung County Taipower540111:112
3Hasus TSU531112:610
4Taipei City Tatung530211:89
5Ming Chuan University521214:107
6Tainan City51137:104
7I-Shou University50233:172
1Taipei City Tatung540113:312
2Kaohsiung County Taipower532012:311
3Hasus TSU521211:97
4Ming Chuan University520311:136
6I-Shou University51044:183
7Tainan City50233:72