Sweden - 2. Division Oestra Goetaland


IK Tord


Husqvarna FF

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Date Monday 4th June 2012
Time 19:00 CEST
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IK TordHusqvarna FF
LOST in last 2 2. Division Oestra Goetaland's games.WON in last 4 2. Division Oestra Goetaland's games.
NOT DRAW in last 20 2. Division Oestra Goetaland's games.NOT LOST in last 16 2. Division Oestra Goetaland's games.

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10.League position1.
  3pts.Last five games  13pts.
  6pts.last 5 home/away only  11pts.

2 on Husqvarna FF

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:2
»Head to Head matches
12th Aug 12 Sweden - 2. Division Oestra GoetalandHusqvarna FF : IK Tord 3:0
04th Jun 12 Sweden - 2. Division Oestra GoetalandIK Tord : Husqvarna FF 1:3
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Husqvarna FF22156156:2151
2Oskarshamns AIK22155249:1950
3Lindsdals IF22136352:2745
4Motala AIF FK22114748:2937
5FK Karlskrona22103939:3733
6Tenhults IF22931037:4030
7Ljungby IF22931032:3730
8Vimmerby IF22841029:3328
9Assyriska IF Norrkoeping22641234:4622
10IK Tord22611521:4919
11IF Haga22271326:5413
12Myresjoe/Vetlanda FK22341525:5613
 promotion promotion   relegation play off relegation play off   relegation relegation  

1Husqvarna FF1192029:729
2Oskarshamns AIK1182129:1026
3Lindsdals IF1173128:1024
4Motala AIF FK1172227:1223
5Vimmerby IF1162319:1520
6Ljungby IF1162323:1620
7FK Karlskrona1161424:1719
8Tenhults IF1143418:1415
9Assyriska IF Norrkoeping1133518:1912
10IK Tord1131711:2210
11IF Haga1122712:258
12Myresjoe/Vetlanda FK1122714:298
1Oskarshamns AIK1173120:924
2Husqvarna FF1164127:1422
3Lindsdals IF1163224:1721
4Tenhults IF1150619:2615
5FK Karlskrona1142515:2014
6Motala AIF FK1142521:1714
7Assyriska IF Norrkoeping1131716:2710
8Ljungby IF113179:2110
9IK Tord1130810:279
10Vimmerby IF1122710:188
11IF Haga1105614:295
12Myresjoe/Vetlanda FK1112811:275

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Oskarshamns AIK550016:615
2Husqvarna FF541015:513
3Lindsdals IF540116:812
4FK Karlskrona53118:710
5Motala AIF FK521213:97
6Vimmerby IF52035:96
7Ljungby IF52036:126
8Tenhults IF520311:106
9IF Haga51137:114
10Assyriska IF Norrkoeping51047:123
11IK Tord51045:143
12Myresjoe/Vetlanda FK50236:122

1Husqvarna FF550013:315
2Oskarshamns AIK541015:413
3Lindsdals IF540117:612
4Vimmerby IF531110:810
5Ljungby IF531111:810
6FK Karlskrona53027:79
7Assyriska IF Norrkoeping52129:67
8Motala AIF FK521214:97
9Tenhults IF52128:77
10IK Tord52037:106
11IF Haga51045:143
12Myresjoe/Vetlanda FK50234:142
1Oskarshamns AIK540111:612
2Husqvarna FF532014:411
3Tenhults IF530213:89
4Lindsdals IF522110:98
5FK Karlskrona52219:108
6Assyriska IF Norrkoeping52039:96
7Vimmerby IF52037:96
8Motala AIF FK52039:76
9Ljungby IF51042:113
10IF Haga50236:152
11IK Tord50052:170
12Myresjoe/Vetlanda FK50054:150