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Vipers SC

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Date Wednesday 4th November 2009
Time 15:00 CET
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HoimaVipers SC
LOST in last 6 Super League's games.LOST in last 1 Super League's games.
NOT DRAW in last 15 Super League's games.NOT DRAW in last 8 Super League's games.

17.League position1.
  0pts.Last five games  12pts.
  0pts.last 5 home/away only  12pts.
»Head to Head matches
27th May 12 Uganda - Super LeagueVipers SC : Hoima 4:0
03rd Apr 12 Uganda - Super LeagueHoima : Vipers SC 0:2
28th Feb 10 Uganda - Super LeagueVipers SC : Hoima 4:1
04th Nov 09 Uganda - Super LeagueHoima : Vipers SC 0:2
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Vipers SC
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Vipers SC342111261:2274
2Express SC34219444:1572
3URA FC342010452:2370
4KCCA FC341415541:1457
5SC Villa341215738:2751
6Simba FC341481234:3450
7Uganda Police341391234:3348
8Nalubaale FC341281434:3444
9Masaka Local341281429:4244
10Fire Masters3411101331:3743
11Children Restoration Outreach FC3410111332:3541
12Victors FC349141125:3041
13Kinyara Sugar Works349131232:3440
14Boroboro Tigers349131232:4040
15Maji FC348111534:4535
16Iganga Town Council347101725:4031
18Arua Central FC34562326:7121
 relegation relegation  

1URA FC17115030:1238
2Express SC17114223:337
3Vipers SC1797136:1534
4SC Villa17103428:1533
5Children Restoration Outreach FC1786323:730
6Fire Masters1785417:1329
7Simba FC1785418:1129
8KCCA FC1785430:929
9Masaka Local1783616:1327
10Uganda Police1783620:1627
11Boroboro Tigers1767417:1325
12Victors FC1767416:1325
13Kinyara Sugar Works1759321:1424
14Maji FC1757520:2122
15Nalubaale FC1764718:1822
16Iganga Town Council1756617:1521
18Arua Central FC1754818:2019
1Vipers SC17124125:740
2Express SC17105221:1235
3URA FC1795322:1132
4KCCA FC17610011:528
5Nalubaale FC1764716:1622
6Uganda Police1756614:1721
7Simba FC1763816:2321
8SC Villa17212310:1218
9Masaka Local1745813:2917
10Kinyara Sugar Works1744911:2016
11Victors FC173779:1716
12Boroboro Tigers1736815:2715
13Fire Masters1735914:2414
14Maji FC17341014:2413
15Children Restoration Outreach FC1725109:2811
16Iganga Town Council1704118:254
18Arua Central FC1702158:512

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Vipers SC54019:312
2Kinyara Sugar Works532010:111
3KCCA FC53206:011
4Boroboro Tigers53119:610
5Express SC53114:110
6Nalubaale FC530210:79
7Fire Masters52217:58
8Children Restoration Outreach FC522110:38
9Uganda Police52215:38
10URA FC52217:38
11Maji FC52128:97
12Masaka Local51222:35
13Victors FC51221:45
14Simba FC51223:55
15Iganga Town Council51044:123
16SC Villa50230:52
17Arua Central FC50053:210

1Vipers SC541010:213
2Children Restoration Outreach FC532012:111
3Kinyara Sugar Works532010:111
4URA FC532011:511
5Express SC53118:210
6Victors FC52305:19
7Uganda Police53026:39
8Fire Masters52218:68
9Boroboro Tigers52126:57
10KCCA FC52125:27
11Simba FC51312:16
12Maji FC51226:85
13SC Villa51226:55
14Iganga Town Council51136:84
15Nalubaale FC51136:104
16Masaka Local50140:61
17Arua Central FC50142:71
1Express SC54104:013
2Nalubaale FC54019:312
3Vipers SC54016:312
4Kinyara Sugar Works53114:310
5URA FC53117:310
6Simba FC53026:69
7KCCA FC52303:19
8Masaka Local52216:68
9Boroboro Tigers52128:97
10Maji FC52126:67
11Fire Masters51314:36
12Uganda Police51315:56
13SC Villa51224:75
14Victors FC51132:64
15Children Restoration Outreach FC50323:63
17Arua Central FC50053:230
18Iganga Town Council50050:130