Germany - Regionalliga North


Hertha Berlin II


TSV Havelse

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Date Sunday 13th May 2012
Time 14:00 CEST
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Hertha Berlin IITSV Havelse
LOST in last 3 Regionalliga North's games.WON in last 4 Regionalliga North's games.
NOT WON in last 10 Regionalliga North's games.NOT LOST in last 6 Regionalliga North's games.

14.League position5.
  2pts.Last five games  13pts.
  4pts.last 5 home/away only  9pts.

3 on TSV Havelse

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 0:1
»Head to Head matches
13th May 12 Germany - Regionalliga NorthHertha Berlin II : TSV Havelse 0:3
04th Dec 11 Germany - Regionalliga NorthTSV Havelse : Hertha Berlin II 4:1
13th Feb 11 Germany - Regionalliga NorthTSV Havelse : Hertha Berlin II 0:1
28th Aug 10 Germany - Regionalliga NorthHertha Berlin II : TSV Havelse 3:2
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Hertha Berlin II
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Hallescher FC34238353:1577
2Holstein Kiel34243773:3175
3RasenBallsport Leipzig34227571:3073
4Wolfsburg II341491152:4151
5TSV Havelse341491154:4651
6Hannover 96 II341481247:4850
7Berliner AK 07341451548:4747
8Hamburger SV II341361556:4745
9ZFC Meuselwitz341291341:5245
14Hertha Berlin II341071738:5837
15Energie Cottbus II34991639:6536
16Germania Halberstadt348101645:5334
17St.Pauli II34881843:7232
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1Holstein Kiel17152047:1247
2Hallescher FC17152039:647
3RasenBallsport Leipzig1795335:1932
4TSV Havelse1795334:2132
5Hannover 96 II1795328:1732
6Wolfsburg II1786327:1530
7ZFC Meuselwitz1776424:2127
8Hamburger SV II1783628:1227
9Hertha Berlin II1783622:2027
13Berliner AK 071764727:2322
14St.Pauli II1763824:2921
16Energie Cottbus II1755723:3020
17Germania Halberstadt1753926:2818
1RasenBallsport Leipzig17132236:1141
2Hallescher FC1786314:930
3Holstein Kiel1791726:1928
4Berliner AK 071781821:2425
5Wolfsburg II1763825:2621
6TSV Havelse1754820:2519
7ZFC Meuselwitz1753917:3118
10Hamburger SV II1753928:3518
11Hannover 96 II1753919:3118
14Germania Halberstadt1737719:2516
15Energie Cottbus II1744916:3516
17St.Pauli II17251019:4311
18Hertha Berlin II17241116:3810

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1TSV Havelse541014:513
2Holstein Kiel540110:612
3ZFC Meuselwitz53116:310
4Energie Cottbus II53118:510
5Wolfsburg II531111:510
7RasenBallsport Leipzig52217:68
8Hallescher FC52219:18
11Hannover 96 II51317:86
14Berliner AK 0751136:84
15Hamburger SV II50416:94
16Germania Halberstadt51048:123
17Hertha Berlin II50237:122
18St.Pauli II50143:151

1Holstein Kiel54109:213
2Hallescher FC541015:113
3Wolfsburg II54019:412
6Hamburger SV II52307:39
7RasenBallsport Leipzig52216:58
8TSV Havelse52219:68
9ZFC Meuselwitz52125:57
10Energie Cottbus II52127:77
11Hannover 96 II52128:67
14Berliner AK 0751224:75
16Hertha Berlin II51134:104
17Germania Halberstadt51047:143
18St.Pauli II51045:113
1Berliner AK 07540111:512
2Holstein Kiel540112:612
3Wolfsburg II53209:311
4RasenBallsport Leipzig53117:410
5Hallescher FC53115:110
6TSV Havelse53028:79
7ZFC Meuselwitz52124:67
9Energie Cottbus II52126:77
10Germania Halberstadt52037:86
13Hannover 96 II51315:66
16St.Pauli II50232:142
17Hamburger SV II50146:131
18Hertha Berlin II50146:101