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Netherlands - Eerste Divisie


Helmond Sport


FC Dordrecht




halftime (1:0)
»Game details
Date Friday 22nd September 2017
Time 20:00 CEST
Venue nameLavans
90'   Joey Godee
86'   in Dylan de Braal
86'   out Grad Damen
85'   out Jafar Arias
85'   in Terence Groothusen
85'    Stephen Warmolts
76'   in Charlton Vicento
76'   out Robert van Koesveld
67'   in Joey Godee
67'   out Giovanni Hiwat
62'   Cendrino Misidjan
58'   Gustavo Hamer
50'   Jafar Arias
42'   Andreias Calcan
28'   penalty Furghill Zeldenrust
27'   Mawouna Amevor
6'   Stephen Warmolts

Goalkeeper: Stijn van Gassel

Defence: Stephen Warmolts
Defence: Robert van Koesveld
Defence: Jeroen Verkennis
Defence: Jason Bourdouxhe

Midfield: Grad Damen
Midfield: Jordy Thomassen
Midfield: Robert Braber

Forward: Giovanni Hiwat
Forward: Furghill Zeldenrust
Forward: Arne Naudts

Substitute player: Maickie Fecunda
Substitute player: Charlton Vicento
Substitute player: Dylan de Braal
Substitute player: Joey Godee
Substitute player: Jamie Watt
Substitute player: Bram Zwanen
Substitute player: Joris van Gerwen
Substitute player: Nassim Amaarouk
Substitute player: Nick de Louw
Goalkeeper: Renze Fij

Defence: Erol Erdal Alkan
Defence: Mawouna Amevor
Defence: Kino Delorge
Defence: Cendrino Misidjan

Midfield: Danny Bakker
Midfield: Andreias Calcan
Midfield: Gustavo Hamer

Forward: Robert Mutzers
Forward: Denis Mahmudov
Forward: Jafar Arias

Substitute player: Jordy Vleugels
Substitute player: Mailson Duarte
Substitute player: Luivienna Statia
Substitute player: Julius Bliek
Substitute player: Nick Wolters
Substitute player: Terence Groothusen
Substitute player: Raies Roshanali
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Helmond SportFC Dordrecht
DRAW in last 1 Eerste Divisie's games.WON in last 1 Eerste Divisie's games.
NOT LOST in last 3 Eerste Divisie's games.NOT DRAW in last 3 Eerste Divisie's games.

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18.League position14.
  8pts.Last five games  4pts.
  3pts.last 5 home/away only  6pts.

2 on FC Dordrecht

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 2:2
»Head to Head matches
22nd Sep 17 Netherlands - Eerste DivisieHelmond Sport : FC Dordrecht 1:2
31st Mar 17 Netherlands - Eerste DivisieHelmond Sport : FC Dordrecht 1:0
18th Nov 16 Netherlands - Eerste DivisieFC Dordrecht : Helmond Sport 1:4
01st Apr 16 Netherlands - Jupiler LeagueFC Dordrecht : Helmond Sport 0:2
23rd Oct 15 Netherlands - Jupiler LeagueHelmond Sport : FC Dordrecht 1:2
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1NEC Nijmegen1393129:1530
2Jong Ajax1382329:2226
3Fortuna Sittard1372430:1523
5FC Den Bosch1364324:1522
6De Graafschap1356223:1221
7FC Oss1355320:2320
8FC Eindhoven1353521:2118
9Jong PSV1353517:2318
10FC Emmen1338218:1517
11Go Ahead Eagles1345423:2117
12MVV Maastricht1344519:2016
13Jong AZ Alkmaar1351722:2616
14FC Dordrecht1344519:2616
15Almere City FC1335519:2614
17RKC Waalwijk1326513:1612
18Helmond Sport1325616:2211
19Jong FC Utrecht1323812:249
20FC Volendam1314811:207
 promotion promotion   promotion play off promotion play off   relegation relegation  

1NEC Nijmegen761018:619
2Fortuna Sittard751120:716
4FC Den Bosch641115:613
5MVV Maastricht733111:712
6Almere City FC633013:912
7Jong Ajax632111:1011
8FC Oss73228:1211
9FC Emmen72509:511
10Go Ahead Eagles732211:1111
11Jong AZ Alkmaar631212:1110
12FC Dordrecht724112:1310
13RKC Waalwijk72328:79
14Jong PSV622211:128
15De Graafschap62229:88
16Jong FC Utrecht62135:107
17FC Eindhoven62139:107
19FC Volendam61236:95
20Helmond Sport71158:144
1Jong Ajax750218:1215
2De Graafschap734014:413
3NEC Nijmegen632111:911
4FC Eindhoven732212:1111
5Jong PSV73136:1110
6FC Den Bosch72329:99
7FC Oss623112:119
10Fortuna Sittard621310:87
11Helmond Sport61418:87
12Jong AZ Alkmaar720510:156
13FC Emmen61329:106
14FC Dordrecht62047:136
15Go Ahead Eagles613212:106
16MVV Maastricht61148:134
17RKC Waalwijk60335:93
18Jong FC Utrecht70257:142
19FC Volendam70255:112
20Almere City FC70256:172

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1NEC Nijmegen550013:315
3FC Den Bosch532010:411
4FC Eindhoven531110:810
5Jong PSV53027:69
6De Graafschap522110:58
7Helmond Sport52219:68
8RKC Waalwijk52127:67
9Go Ahead Eagles52128:97
10Fortuna Sittard52128:67
11Jong AZ Alkmaar520310:106
12Jong Ajax52039:156
13FC Oss51314:76
14FC Emmen51228:95
15Almere City FC51226:125
16MVV Maastricht51136:84
18FC Dordrecht51134:84
19Jong FC Utrecht51044:93
20FC Volendam51043:83

1FC Den Bosch541014:313
2NEC Nijmegen541013:413
4Almere City FC532012:811
5Fortuna Sittard531113:510
6FC Emmen52308:49
7Go Ahead Eagles53029:99
8Jong Ajax52217:88
9RKC Waalwijk52218:58
10Jong AZ Alkmaar521210:107
11Jong PSV52129:107
12Jong FC Utrecht52125:77
13MVV Maastricht51314:46
14FC Dordrecht51318:106
15FC Eindhoven52037:86
16De Graafschap51227:85
18FC Oss51224:115
19FC Volendam51134:74
20Helmond Sport51046:113
1De Graafschap532012:211
2NEC Nijmegen531110:810
3FC Eindhoven531110:810
4Jong Ajax530213:119
5FC Den Bosch52218:58
7Fortuna Sittard52128:47
8FC Oss51319:116
9FC Dordrecht52036:86
10Go Ahead Eagles51319:66
11Helmond Sport51316:66
13Jong PSV51132:94
14Jong AZ Alkmaar51047:133
15RKC Waalwijk50324:73
16MVV Maastricht51048:133
17FC Emmen50327:103
18Almere City FC50234:122
19Jong FC Utrecht50144:101
20FC Volendam50144:91

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