Austria - ADEG Erste Liga





halftime (1:1)
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Date Friday 10th August 2012
Time 18:30 CEST
Venue nameTSV Sparkasse Hartberg Stadion
42'   Joachim Parapatits
17'   Sanel Kuljic

Goalkeeper: Juergen Rindler

Defence: Miodrag Vukajlovic
Defence: Matej Miljatovic
Defence: Michael Huber
Defence: Luka Tauschmann

Midfield: Daniel Gremsl
Midfield: Sandro Foda
Midfield: Thomas Hopfer
Midfield: Edmir Adilovic

Forward: Joachim Parapatits
Forward: Michael Tieber

Substitute player: Roman Ostojic
Substitute player: Daniel Rossmann
Substitute player: Thomas Helly
Substitute player: Alex Kanalas
Substitute player: Robert Gamperl
Substitute player: Patrick Stornig
Substitute player: Kevin Krisch
Goalkeeper: Patrick Kostner

Defence: Thomas Schoenberger
Defence: Joachim Standfest
Defence: Dominik Puercher
Defence: Ismael

Midfield: Danijel Micic
Midfield: Thomas Csobadi
Midfield: Rene Pitter
Midfield: David Sencar

Forward: Sanel Kuljic
Forward: Dieter Elsneg

Substitute player: Mario Grgic
Substitute player: Markus Felfernig
Substitute player: Nico Antonitsch
Substitute player: Thomas Burgstaller
Substitute player: Thomas Hirschhofer
Substitute player: Paul Paiduch
Substitute player: Lukas Graf

Coach: Thomas von Heesen
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9.League position5.
  0pts.Last five games  7pts.
  4pts.last 5 home/away only  7pts.

10 on Hartberg

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 3:0
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24th Oct 14 Austria - Erste LigaKapfenberg : Hartberg 1:0
22nd Aug 14 Austria - Erste LigaHartberg : Kapfenberg 1:3
10th May 14 Austria - Erste LigaKapfenberg : Hartberg 1:2
25th Mar 14 Austria - Erste LigaHartberg : Kapfenberg 1:5
18th Oct 13 Austria - Erste LigaHartberg : Kapfenberg 0:2
05th Aug 13 Austria - Erste LigaKapfenberg : Hartberg 0:0
03rd May 13 Austria - ADEG Erste LigaKapfenberg : Hartberg 2:1
11th Mar 13 Austria - ADEG Erste LigaHartberg : Kapfenberg 1:3
26th Oct 12 Austria - ADEG Erste LigaKapfenberg : Hartberg 1:2
10th Aug 12 Austria - ADEG Erste LigaHartberg : Kapfenberg 1:1
10th Jul 10 International - Club FriendliesHartberg : Kapfenberg 0:0
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1SV Groedig36236771:3075
3Austria Lustenau361871160:3961
4SKN St. Poelten3614121065:6054
6SV Horn361371650:5546
7Vienna FC361371648:6446
8FC Lustenau361081844:6638
10BW Linz365112038:6726
 promotion promotion   relegation play off relegation play off   relegation relegation  

2SV Groedig18122437:1438
3Austria Lustenau18114336:1637
4SKN St. Poelten18114338:2937
6Vienna FC1885528:2729
7SV Horn1884629:2328
8FC Lustenau1863924:2921
10BW Linz1845921:2917
1SV Groedig18114334:1637
3Austria Lustenau1873824:2324
5SV Horn18531021:3218
6FC Lustenau1845920:3717
7Vienna FC18521120:3717
8SKN St. Poelten1838727:3117
10BW Linz18161117:389

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
2SV Groedig532012:411
3Austria Lustenau53028:59
4SV Horn530211:69
5Vienna FC53028:79
7SKN St. Poelten52125:67
8BW Linz52034:96
10FC Lustenau50053:140

2SV Groedig541015:413
4SKN St. Poelten53208:511
5SV Horn53119:510
6Austria Lustenau53024:49
7Vienna FC52308:59
8BW Linz52126:87
10FC Lustenau51047:163
1SV Groedig532012:211
4SV Horn52037:76
5Vienna FC52036:106
7Austria Lustenau51047:93
8SKN St. Poelten50325:83
9FC Lustenau50143:151
10BW Linz50146:141