Hungary - NB I




Videoton FC

halftime (0:0)
»Game details
Date Saturday 9th December 2017
Time 15:30 CET
Venue nameHaladas Sportkomplexum
RefereeViktor Kassai from Hungary
90'   Karol Meszaros
90'   Karol Meszaros
88'   out Ezekiel Henty
88'   in Bence Szabo
79'   Anel Hadzic
75'   in Istvan Kovacs
75'   out Jozsef Varga
74'   out Peter Halmosi
74'   in Patrik Pinte
68'   Mate Patkai
60'   in Lorant Kovacs
60'   out Mario Nemeth
46'   in David Williams
46'   out Myke Ramos
33'   Andras Fejes
29'   Loic Nego
24'   Stef Wils

Goalkeeper: Gabor Kiraly

Defence: Stef Wils
Defence: Milan Nemeth
Defence: Szabolcs Schimmer
Defence: Predrag Bosnjak

Midfield: Peter Halmosi
Midfield: Mario Nemeth
Midfield: Barnabas Racz
Midfield: Karol Meszaros
Midfield: Miroslav Grumic

Forward: Myke Ramos

Substitute player: Patrik Pinte
Substitute player: David Toth
Substitute player: Balazs Petro
Substitute player: Marton Gyurjan
Substitute player: Lorant Kovacs
Substitute player: Tamas Kiss
Substitute player: David Williams

Coach: Michal Hipp
Coach: Geza Meszoly
Goalkeeper: Adam Kovacsik

Defence: Stopira
Defence: Bence Toth
Defence: Andras Fejes
Defence: Loic Nego

Midfield: Mate Patkai
Midfield: Anel Hadzic
Midfield: Asmir Suljic
Midfield: Jozsef Varga

Forward: Danko Lazovic
Forward: Ezekiel Henty

Substitute player: Bence Szabo
Substitute player: Istvan Kovacs
Substitute player: Reti Patrik
Substitute player: Roland Szolnoki
Substitute player: Tamas Horvath
Substitute player: Krisztian Tamas
Substitute player: Attila Mocsi

Coach: Marko Nikolic
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HaladasVideoton FC
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8.League position1.
  8pts.Last five games  11pts.
  11pts.last 5 home/away only  5pts.

8 on Videoton FC

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 0:3
»Head to Head matches
09th Dec 17 Hungary - NB IHaladas : Videoton FC 1:0
10th Sep 17 Hungary - NB IVideoton FC : Haladas 3:1
06th May 17 Hungary - NB IVideoton FC : Haladas 2:0
10th Dec 16 Hungary - NB IHaladas : Videoton FC 1:1
10th Sep 16 Hungary - NB IVideoton FC : Haladas 3:0
05th Mar 16 Hungary - NB IVideoton FC : Haladas 2:1
18th Nov 15 Hungary - FA CupVideoton FC : Haladas 1:1
28th Oct 15 Hungary - FA CupHaladas : Videoton FC 0:1
24th Oct 15 Hungary - NB IHaladas : Videoton FC 1:0
25th Jul 15 Hungary - NB IVideoton FC : Haladas 0:1
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Videoton FC27177356:2558
5Budapest Honved271071041:4437
6Paksi SE2799940:4336
7Puskas FC Academy27891032:3933
9Diosgyori VTK27861340:4430
11Mezokovesd SE276101130:4728
12Vasas Budapest27761432:5127
 champions league qualification champions league qualification   uefa qualification uefa qualification   relegation relegation  

2Videoton FC14113030:836
3Budapest Honved1463522:2521
5Paksi SE1455421:2220
8Vasas Budapest1453616:1918
9Puskas FC Academy1345411:1417
10Diosgyori VTK1352624:2217
12Mezokovesd SE1325615:2211
1Videoton FC1364326:1722
5Mezokovesd SE1445515:2517
6Puskas FC Academy1444621:2516
7Paksi SE1344519:2116
8Budapest Honved1344519:1916
10Diosgyori VTK1434716:2213
12Vasas Budapest1323816:329

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Videoton FC53208:111
3Puskas FC Academy52215:58
6Budapest Honved51315:66
8Mezokovesd SE51225:85
10Paksi SE51228:115
11Vasas Budapest50325:83
12Diosgyori VTK50234:72

1Videoton FC550011:215
4Budapest Honved53116:510
7Paksi SE52128:97
8Diosgyori VTK52127:77
9Puskas FC Academy51314:56
10Mezokovesd SE51314:46
11Vasas Budapest51224:65
1Mezokovesd SE52216:78
2Puskas FC Academy52125:77
7Videoton FC51225:55
8Paksi SE51225:75
10Budapest Honved50235:102
11Diosgyori VTK50234:92
12Vasas Budapest50145:131

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