Kenya - Premier League


Gor Mahia


Ulinzi Stars

halftime (0:0)
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Date Wednesday 5th September 2012
Time 15:00 CEST
84'   in Anthony Gathu
84'   out Rama Salim
62'   Ali Abondo
54'   out Ismail Mohammed
54'   in George Oyoo
54'   out George Otieno
54'   in Evans Amuoka
52'   in Edwin Lavatsa
52'   out Dan Sserunkuma
46'   in Kevin Omondi
46'   out Otieno Moses
20'   Stephen Ochola
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Gor MahiaUlinzi Stars
DRAW in last 1 Premier League's games.LOST in last 1 Premier League's games.
NOT LOST in last 19 Premier League's games.NOT WON in last 5 Premier League's games.

2.League position6.
  13pts.Last five games  2pts.
  13pts.last 5 home/away only  4pts.

3 on Gor Mahia

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:0
»Head to Head matches
03rd Mar 16 Kenya - Premier LeagueUlinzi Stars : Gor Mahia 0:0
13th Sep 15 Kenya - Premier LeagueUlinzi Stars : Gor Mahia 0:0
02nd May 15 Kenya - Premier LeagueGor Mahia : Ulinzi Stars 2:0
17th Sep 14 Kenya - Premier LeagueGor Mahia : Ulinzi Stars 0:0
13th Apr 14 Kenya - Premier LeagueUlinzi Stars : Gor Mahia 1:2
09th Nov 13 Kenya - Premier LeagueUlinzi Stars : Gor Mahia 0:0
10th Apr 13 Kenya - Top 8 CupUlinzi Stars : Gor Mahia 2:4
27th Mar 13 Kenya - Premier LeagueGor Mahia : Ulinzi Stars 0:2
05th Sep 12 Kenya - Premier LeagueGor Mahia : Ulinzi Stars 1:0
19th Aug 12 Kenya - Top 8 CupUlinzi Stars : Gor Mahia 0:2
21st Apr 12 Kenya - Premier LeagueUlinzi Stars : Gor Mahia 1:0
20th Aug 11 Kenya - Premier LeagueUlinzi Stars : Gor Mahia 0:0
18th May 11 Kenya - Top 8 CupGor Mahia : Ulinzi Stars 0:1
20th Apr 11 Kenya - Top 8 CupGor Mahia : Ulinzi Stars 0:0
05th Mar 11 Kenya - Premier LeagueGor Mahia : Ulinzi Stars 1:0
18th Aug 10 Kenya - Premier LeagueGor Mahia : Ulinzi Stars 2:0
27th Feb 10 Kenya - Premier LeagueUlinzi Stars : Gor Mahia 1:0
23rd Aug 09 Kenya - Premier LeagueGor Mahia : Ulinzi Stars 4:2
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Gor Mahia
Kenya - Premier League 2016
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07.5.Gor Mahia2:0Muhoroni Youth FCMore details about <b>Gor Mahia</b>-Muhoroni Youth FC game
Kenya - Top 8 Cup 2016
02.5.Gor Mahia1:0Ushuru FCMore details about <b>Gor Mahia</b>-Ushuru FC game
Kenya - Premier League 2016
28.4.Bandari0:2Gor MahiaMore details about Bandari-<b>Gor Mahia</b> game
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16.4.Tusker FC1:0Gor MahiaMore details about <b>Tusker FC</b>-Gor Mahia game
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Ulinzi Stars
Kenya - Premier League 2016
24.7.Ulinzi Stars3:2Ushuru FCMore details about <b>Ulinzi Stars</b>-Ushuru FC game
16.7.Nairobi City Stars1:1Ulinzi StarsMore details about Nairobi City Stars-Ulinzi Stars game
10.7.Ulinzi Stars1:2Tusker FCMore details about Ulinzi Stars-<b>Tusker FC</b> game
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Kenya - GOTV Shield Cup 2016
26.6.Umoja0:5Ulinzi StarsMore details about Umoja-<b>Ulinzi Stars</b> game
Kenya - Top 8 Cup 2016
19.6.Ulinzi Stars1:1Muhoroni Youth FCMore details about Ulinzi Stars-Muhoroni Youth FC game
12.6.Muhoroni Youth FC0:0Ulinzi StarsMore details about Muhoroni Youth FC-Ulinzi Stars game
Kenya - Premier League 2016
26.5.Ulinzi Stars1:1Kakamega HomeboyzMore details about Ulinzi Stars-Kakamega Homeboyz game
21.5.Sofapaka1:2Ulinzi StarsMore details about Sofapaka-<b>Ulinzi Stars</b> game
15.5.Ulinzi Stars3:0Nairobi City StarsMore details about <b>Ulinzi Stars</b>-Nairobi City Stars game
08.5.Thika United1:1Ulinzi StarsMore details about Thika United-Ulinzi Stars game
Kenya - Top 8 Cup 2016
01.5.Ulinzi Stars3:2AFC LeopardsMore details about <b>Ulinzi Stars</b>-AFC Leopards game
Kenya - Premier League 2016
28.4.Ulinzi Stars2:1Chemelil SugarMore details about <b>Ulinzi Stars</b>-Chemelil Sugar game
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04.4.Ulinzi Stars2:1Muhoroni Youth FCMore details about <b>Ulinzi Stars</b>-Muhoroni Youth FC game
30.3.Bandari1:1Ulinzi StarsMore details about Bandari-Ulinzi Stars game
12.3.Ulinzi Stars1:1Western StimaMore details about Ulinzi Stars-Western Stima game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Tusker FC30179439:1460
2Gor Mahia30178537:1859
3AFC Leopards30176745:2757
5Thika United301210836:3346
6Ulinzi Stars301361135:2945
7Chemelil Sugar30914718:1741
8Mathare United301011936:3641
9Western Stima301171227:2540
11SoNy Sugar301151426:2638
12Vegpro FC307111218:2632
13Nairobi City Stars306111316:3229
14Muhoroni Youth FC30761719:3427
16Posta Rangers304121422:5324
 champions league champions league   relegation relegation  

1AFC Leopards15102328:1432
2Gor Mahia1595115:632
3Tusker FC1595121:832
4Ulinzi Stars15101420:1331
6SoNy Sugar1583416:727
7Western Stima1581620:1425
8Chemelil Sugar1567210:525
9Mathare United1566319:1524
10Vegpro FC1565410:923
11Thika United1556415:1421
14Nairobi City Stars1547410:1319
15Muhoroni Youth FC1543811:1715
16Posta Rangers152769:2213
1Tusker FC1584318:628
2Gor Mahia1583422:1227
3AFC Leopards1574417:1325
4Thika United1574421:1925
7Mathare United1545617:2117
8Chemelil Sugar153758:1216
9Western Stima153667:1115
10Ulinzi Stars1535715:1614
11Muhoroni Youth FC153398:1712
12Posta Rangers1525813:3111
13SoNy Sugar15321010:1911
14Nairobi City Stars152496:1910
15Vegpro FC151688:179

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Gor Mahia54109:213
2AFC Leopards540111:612
3Tusker FC54018:212
4Mathare United54018:512
6Chemelil Sugar52302:09
8SoNy Sugar52125:67
9Nairobi City Stars51221:45
11Posta Rangers51134:94
12Western Stima51133:64
13Thika United50413:44
14Vegpro FC50321:33
15Ulinzi Stars50233:62
16Muhoroni Youth FC50141:81

1Gor Mahia54105:113
2SoNy Sugar54017:112
3Tusker FC53205:111
4Mathare United53209:511
5AFC Leopards530212:79
6Western Stima53028:59
7Chemelil Sugar52303:19
8Thika United52216:48
9Muhoroni Youth FC52126:77
11Ulinzi Stars52125:57
14Vegpro FC51221:35
15Nairobi City Stars51222:55
16Posta Rangers50231:52
1Gor Mahia532010:411
3Tusker FC53117:110
4Mathare United52216:68
5AFC Leopards52126:57
7Chemelil Sugar51404:37
8Posta Rangers52035:126
9Western Stima51222:55
10Thika United51226:95
11Muhoroni Youth FC51131:34
12Ulinzi Stars51133:44
13SoNy Sugar51134:74
15Nairobi City Stars50231:62
16Vegpro FC50141:71