Martinique - Division d´Honneur


Golden Star


CS Case-Pilote

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Date Saturday 27th August 2011
Time 21:30 CEST
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Golden StarCS Case-Pilote
DRAW in last 2 Division d´Honneur's games.LOST in last 3 Division d´Honneur's games.
NOT LOST in last 5 Division d´Honneur's games.NOT DRAW in last 4 Division d´Honneur's games.

3.League position13.
  11pts.Last five games  4pts.
  10pts.last 5 home/away only  3pts.
»Head to Head matches
30th May 15 Martinique - Division d´HonneurGolden Star : CS Case-Pilote 6:0
31st Jan 15 Martinique - Division d´HonneurCS Case-Pilote : Golden Star 3:2
17th Dec 11 Martinique - Division d´HonneurCS Case-Pilote : Golden Star 0:3
27th Aug 11 Martinique - Division d´HonneurGolden Star : CS Case-Pilote 1:0
07th May 11 Martinique - Division d´HonneurCS Case-Pilote : Golden Star 1:1
22nd Jan 11 Martinique - Division d´HonneurGolden Star : CS Case-Pilote 2:1
27th Mar 10 Martinique - Division d´HonneurCS Case-Pilote : Golden Star 3:0
14th Nov 09 Martinique - Division d´HonneurGolden Star : CS Case-Pilote 0:0
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1RC Rivière-Pilote26175459:1982
2Club Franciscain261410247:3178
3Golden Star26138543:2273
4Club Colonial Fort de France26129539:2571
7Golden Lion de Saint Joseph26911630:2464
8US Marinoise2699827:2862
9US Robert26861234:4656
10US Diamantinoise26771230:3354
13CS Case-Pilote26541724:5145
 relegation relegation  

1Club Franciscain1393124:1230
2Golden Star1391327:1228
3RC Rivière-Pilote1383236:927
4Club Colonial Fort de France1375123:926
5US Marinoise1373317:1124
9Golden Lion de Saint Joseph1356217:1221
10US Robert1363422:1621
11US Diamantinoise1353522:1718
13CS Case-Pilote1333712:2112
1RC Rivière-Pilote1392223:1029
2Club Franciscain1357123:1922
3Club Colonial Fort de France1354416:1619
4Golden Star1347216:1019
5Golden Lion de Saint Joseph1345413:1217
8US Marinoise1326510:1712
9US Diamantinoise132478:1610
10US Robert1323812:309
11CS Case-Pilote13211012:307

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1RC Rivière-Pilote541016:213
2Golden Star532010:411
3US Robert531110:710
4Club Franciscain53118:510
5US Marinoise53026:49
6Golden Lion de Saint Joseph52218:68
7Club Colonial Fort de France52127:77
9US Diamantinoise52037:66
12CS Case-Pilote51138:94

1Club Colonial Fort de France53209:311
2US Robert531112:710
3Golden Star531111:410
4RC Rivière-Pilote531114:310
5US Marinoise53027:69
8Golden Lion de Saint Joseph52216:58
9Club Franciscain52218:48
10US Diamantinoise52129:77
14CS Case-Pilote50233:82
1RC Rivière-Pilote53207:311
3Club Franciscain53119:810
4US Marinoise52127:67
5Golden Lion de Saint Joseph51315:46
6Golden Star51314:46
8US Robert51223:65
10Club Colonial Fort de France51135:84
11CS Case-Pilote51047:123
12US Diamantinoise50322:43