Germany Oberliga NOFV-Nord 2016/2017 Germany | Oberliga NOFV-Nord | 2016/2017

Oberliga NOFV-Nord description

Home field has no special importance on game result. Home team get average 1.48 points per game.!
Number of draws is on average level. 24% of games finish as draw
Number of goals is extremely high. It's 3.63 goals per game!!!
Number of games with three or more goals in these leagues is extremely high. It's 72% of all games.!!!
Average league for betting.

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Predictions and upcoming games

dateround home team away teamresult prediction# goals tipscore pick 
28 Apr25SV Victoria SeelowFC Strausberg8 on SV Victoria Seelowover3:0
29 Apr25VSG AltglienickeHertha Zehlendorf7 on VSG Altglienickeover3:0
29 Apr25Optik RathenowSV Gruen-Weiß Brieselang10 on Optik Rathenowover4:1
29 Apr25SV Lichtenberg 47Hansa Rostock II10 on SV Lichtenberg 47over3:0
29 Apr25Germania SchoeneicheSV Altluedersdorf5 on SV Altluedersdorfover1:2
30 Apr25Tennis BorussiaFC Mecklenburg Schwerin8 on Tennis Borussiaover3:0
30 Apr25CFC Hertha 06FC Anker Wismar4 on FC Anker Wismarover1:2
1 May25Malchower SV1. FC Frankfurt10 on Malchower SVover4:0
3 May16FC StrausbergHertha Zehlendorf10 on Hertha Zehlendorfover0:3
6 May26FC Mecklenburg SchwerinSV Victoria Seelow4 on SV Victoria Seelowover1:2
6 May26CFC Hertha 06SV Lichtenberg 478 on SV Lichtenberg 47over0:3
6 May26FC Anker WismarGermania Schoeneiche7 on FC Anker Wismarover3:0
6 May26SV Gruen-Weiß BrieselangMalchower SV7 on Malchower SVover0:3
7 May261. FC FrankfurtTennis Borussia10 on Tennis Borussiaover0:3
7 May26Hertha ZehlendorfOptik Rathenow5 on Optik Rathenowover1:2
7 May26SV AltluedersdorfVSG Altglienicke8 on VSG Altglienickeover0:3

All these predictions and picks are only informative. Please use your own brain when betting.


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1VSG Altglienicke24183351:2257
2Optik Rathenow24166271:2354
3SV Lichtenberg 4724153665:2648
4Tennis Borussia24125744:2841
5Hertha Zehlendorf23124752:4240
6FC Anker Wismar24115848:3638
7SV Victoria Seelow2496945:3633
8SV Altluedersdorf2489744:3733
9Malchower SV241031142:5333
10Hansa Rostock II24851140:5629
11CFC Hertha 062478937:5529
12FC Mecklenburg Schwerin24831341:5227
13Germania Schoeneiche244101032:4722
14SV Gruen-Weiß Brieselang24471329:5919
15FC Strausberg23381229:5417
161. FC Frankfurt24151823:678
 promotion promotion   relegation play off relegation play off   relegation relegation  

1Optik Rathenow12101146:1131
2SV Lichtenberg 471292129:829
3VSG Altglienicke1292130:1029
4FC Anker Wismar1272330:1523
5Hertha Zehlendorf1272329:2223
6SV Victoria Seelow1254327:1919
7CFC Hertha 061154218:1119
8Tennis Borussia1254320:1419
9SV Altluedersdorf1254326:1919
10Malchower SV1242625:3314
11Hansa Rostock II1342720:2714
12FC Mecklenburg Schwerin1233621:2412
13SV Gruen-Weiß Brieselang1233615:2612
14FC Strausberg1223717:289
15Germania Schoeneiche1114612:267
161. FC Frankfurt120397:283
1VSG Altglienicke1291221:1228
2Optik Rathenow1265125:1223
3Tennis Borussia1271424:1422
4SV Lichtenberg 471261536:1819
5Malchower SV1261517:2019
6Hertha Zehlendorf1152423:2017
7FC Mecklenburg Schwerin1250720:2815
8FC Anker Wismar1243518:2115
9Hansa Rostock II1143420:2915
10Germania Schoeneiche1336420:2115
11SV Victoria Seelow1242618:1714
12SV Altluedersdorf1235418:1814
13CFC Hertha 061324719:4410
14FC Strausberg1115512:268
15SV Gruen-Weiß Brieselang1214714:337
161. FC Frankfurt1212916:395

Latest results

dateround home team away team
26 Apr16FTTennis Borussia1:1CFC Hertha 06More details about  -  soccer game
23 Apr24FTHansa Rostock II0:2SV Victoria SeelowMore details about  -  soccer game
23 Apr24FTFC Strausberg1:2Tennis BorussiaMore details about  -  soccer game
23 Apr24FT1. FC Frankfurt0:2Optik RathenowMore details about  -  soccer game
23 Apr24FTSV Altluedersdorf5:1CFC Hertha 06More details about  -  soccer game
22 Apr24FTFC Mecklenburg Schwerin0:1Malchower SVMore details about  -  soccer game
22 Apr24FTFC Anker Wismar4:1SV Lichtenberg 47More details about  -  soccer game
22 Apr24FTSV Gruen-Weiß Brieselang0:2VSG AltglienickeMore details about  -  soccer game
21 Apr24FTHertha Zehlendorf2:1Germania SchoeneicheMore details about  -  soccer game
17 Apr17FTSV Altluedersdorf1:1FC StrausbergMore details about  -  soccer game
15 Apr23FTGermania Schoeneiche2:2SV Gruen-Weiß BrieselangMore details about  -  soccer game
15 Apr23FTFC Anker Wismar1:1SV AltluedersdorfMore details about  -  soccer game
15 Apr23FTOptik Rathenow3:0FC Mecklenburg SchwerinMore details about  -  soccer game
15 Apr23FTTennis Borussia4:0Hansa Rostock IIMore details about  -  soccer game
14 Apr23FTSV Lichtenberg 471:0SV Victoria SeelowMore details about  -  soccer game
13 Apr23FTVSG Altglienicke4:21. FC FrankfurtMore details about  -  soccer game

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1VSG Altglienicke550015:415
2Malchower SV541010:313
3Optik Rathenow541017:313
4SV Lichtenberg 47540115:612
5Tennis Borussia531111:510
6Hertha Zehlendorf531112:1210
7FC Anker Wismar521210:87
8Germania Schoeneiche52129:77
9SV Altluedersdorf51319:106
10SV Victoria Seelow51226:75
11CFC Hertha 0650327:133
12Hansa Rostock II51043:163
13SV Gruen-Weiß Brieselang50234:102
14FC Mecklenburg Schwerin50144:111
151. FC Frankfurt50145:131
16FC Strausberg50144:141

1VSG Altglienicke550014:415
2SV Lichtenberg 4754109:413
3Optik Rathenow541017:313
4Tennis Borussia531110:510
5FC Anker Wismar531111:510
6Hertha Zehlendorf53029:129
7Malchower SV521213:147
8SV Victoria Seelow51317:76
9CFC Hertha 0651315:66
10SV Altluedersdorf51318:96
11Germania Schoeneiche51228:135
12FC Mecklenburg Schwerin51138:94
13SV Gruen-Weiß Brieselang51136:134
14FC Strausberg50326:103
15Hansa Rostock II51044:103
161. FC Frankfurt50143:101
1VSG Altglienicke54018:312
2Optik Rathenow532013:411
3SV Altluedersdorf53119:510
4Hertha Zehlendorf531111:810
5SV Lichtenberg 47530218:69
6Malchower SV53027:69
7FC Anker Wismar52217:78
8Tennis Borussia52127:77
9Hansa Rostock II521210:147
10Germania Schoeneiche51228:85
11SV Gruen-Weiß Brieselang51135:104
12SV Victoria Seelow51134:54
13CFC Hertha 0650418:124
14FC Mecklenburg Schwerin51045:123
15FC Strausberg50325:113
161. FC Frankfurt50146:141

Under - Over goals statistics

 Over in % of gamesAverage # of goals
1Hertha Zehlendorf9683574.253.914.09
2Hansa Rostock II10079543.624.454
3Malchower SV8367584.833.083.96
4Optik Rathenow9267504.753.083.92
5FC Mecklenburg Schwerin9287583.7543.88
6CFC Hertha 069271582.644.853.83
7SV Lichtenberg 478375543.084.53.79
81. FC Frankfurt9675422.924.583.75
9SV Gruen-Weiß Brieselang9667543.423.923.67
10FC Strausberg9670523.753.453.61
11FC Anker Wismar9678433.753.253.5
12SV Altluedersdorf9161483.7533.38
13SV Victoria Seelow8762463.832.923.38
14Germania Schoeneiche8367463.453.153.29
15VSG Altglienicke8367293.332.753.04
16Tennis Borussia8371422.833.173

Average number of goals is taken from sum Goals for and Goals against.