Germany - Oberliga NOFV-Sud


Germania Halberstadt


FC Gera

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Date Sunday 29th November 2009
Time 13:00 CET
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Germania HalberstadtFC Gera
WON in last 1 Oberliga NOFV-Sud's games.LOST in last 1 Oberliga NOFV-Sud's games.
NOT LOST in last 2 Oberliga NOFV-Sud's games.NOT WON in last 3 Oberliga NOFV-Sud's games.

10.League position14.
  7pts.Last five games  7pts.
  9pts.last 5 home/away only  6pts.
»Head to Head matches
22nd May 10 Germany - Oberliga NOFV-SudFC Gera : Germania Halberstadt 2:2
29th Nov 09 Germany - Oberliga NOFV-SudGermania Halberstadt : FC Gera 1:2
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Germania Halberstadt
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FC Gera
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18.10.RasenBallsport Leipzig2:0FC GeraMore details about <b>RasenBallsport Leipzig</b>-FC Gera game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
0Budissa Bautzen30177643:2258
0RasenBallsport Leipzig30260274:1780
3Carl Zeiss Jena II30158756:3753
4VfB Auerbach30165954:3553
5Dynamo Dresden II30148852:3650
6S. Leipzig301212640:2748
7RW Erfurt II301110940:4143
8Erzgebirge Aue II30913841:3240
9FSV Zwickau301091142:3739
10Germania Halberstadt301161347:4639
11VfL Halle 9630991240:3836
12Lokomotive Leipzig30891330:4233
13SC Boreas Dresden30771637:5828
14FC Gera30741931:6025
15VfB Poeßneck30462017:6318
16SV Schott Jena30291915:6815
 promotion promotion   relegation play off relegation play off   relegation relegation  

1RasenBallsport Leipzig15140046:942
2Carl Zeiss Jena II1594230:1731
3VfB Auerbach1592032:1629
4Germania Halberstadt1582529:1826
5Erzgebirge Aue II1566320:1024
6Budissa Bautzen1573519:1624
7Dynamo Dresden II1565424:1823
8S. Leipzig1565421:1223
9RW Erfurt II1556417:1721
10FSV Zwickau1555522:1620
11Lokomotive Leipzig1554619:1919
12SC Boreas Dresden1533920:2912
13VfB Poeßneck15231011:299
14SV Schott Jena150697:346
15FC Gera15131115:306
16VfL Halle 961505521:165
1RasenBallsport Leipzig15120128:836
2Budissa Bautzen15104124:634
3Dynamo Dresden II1583428:1827
4S. Leipzig1567019:1525
5VfB Auerbach1573522:1924
6Carl Zeiss Jena II1564526:2022
7RW Erfurt II1564523:2422
8FSV Zwickau1554620:2119
9FC Gera1560816:3018
10VfL Halle 961544719:2216
11Erzgebirge Aue II1537521:2216
12SC Boreas Dresden1544717:2916
13Lokomotive Leipzig1535711:2314
14Germania Halberstadt1534818:2813
15SV Schott Jena1523108:349
16VfB Poeßneck1523106:349

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1RasenBallsport Leipzig540115:412
2Dynamo Dresden II53208:311
3S. Leipzig53207:311
4VfB Auerbach531112:510
5Budissa Bautzen53028:59
6RW Erfurt II52218:98
7Germania Halberstadt521210:127
8FC Gera52127:107
9Erzgebirge Aue II51314:36
10SC Boreas Dresden51318:66
11Carl Zeiss Jena II513113:106
12VfL Halle 9651226:75
13VfB Poeßneck51225:105
14FSV Zwickau51227:105
15SV Schott Jena50142:131
16Lokomotive Leipzig50146:121

1RasenBallsport Leipzig550021:415
2VfB Auerbach541013:113
3S. Leipzig532010:411
4RW Erfurt II53208:511
5Germania Halberstadt530211:79
6Carl Zeiss Jena II523011:69
7Budissa Bautzen52125:67
8SC Boreas Dresden51225:65
9FSV Zwickau51227:85
10FC Gera51226:95
11Dynamo Dresden II51135:74
12Lokomotive Leipzig51135:84
13Erzgebirge Aue II50412:34
14VfB Poeßneck51133:84
15SV Schott Jena50321:83
16VfL Halle 9650233:72
1RasenBallsport Leipzig54019:412
2Dynamo Dresden II53208:111
3Budissa Bautzen531111:210
4S. Leipzig52304:19
5SC Boreas Dresden522112:88
6VfB Auerbach52127:77
7VfL Halle 9651315:56
8Erzgebirge Aue II51316:56
9FC Gera52035:126
10RW Erfurt II51316:86
11Germania Halberstadt51226:105
12SV Schott Jena51133:114
13VfB Poeßneck51134:144
14Carl Zeiss Jena II511312:124
15FSV Zwickau50322:63
16Lokomotive Leipzig50233:112