Serbia - Super Liga


FK Metalac



halftime (0:0)
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Date Saturday 10th September 2011
Time 16:30 CEST
Venue namekraj Despotovice
82'   penalty Zoran Rendulic
70'   Misdongard Betoligar
56'   Zoran Rendulic
Coach: Milan Djuricic
Coach: Vladan Milojevic
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FK MetalacJavor
LOST in last 4 Super Liga's games.WON in last 4 Super Liga's games.
NOT WON in last 8 Super Liga's games.NOT LOST in last 6 Super Liga's games.

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16.League position9.
  1pts.Last five games  13pts.
  3pts.last 5 home/away only  10pts.
»Head to Head matches
18th Mar 17 Serbia - Super LigaJavor : FK Metalac 1:0
15th Oct 16 Serbia - Super LigaFK Metalac : Javor 1:1
07th May 16 Serbia - Super Liga Relegation GroupJavor : FK Metalac 1:1
20th Mar 16 Serbia - Super LigaJavor : FK Metalac 1:0
02nd Oct 15 Serbia - Super LigaFK Metalac : Javor 0:0
01st Jul 15 International - League for Various/Mixed MatchesFK Metalac : Javor 1:2
09th May 15 Serbia - Prva LigaFK Metalac : Javor 1:3
31st Jan 15 International - League for Various/Mixed MatchesFK Metalac : Javor 2:3
02nd Nov 14 Serbia - Prva LigaJavor : FK Metalac 0:0
17th Mar 12 Serbia - Super LigaJavor : FK Metalac 1:1
10th Sep 11 Serbia - Super LigaFK Metalac : Javor 1:2
30th Apr 11 Serbia - Super LigaJavor : FK Metalac 1:0
30th Oct 10 Serbia - Super LigaFK Metalac : Javor 1:3
10th Apr 10 Serbia - Super LigaFK Metalac : Javor 1:0
17th Oct 09 Serbia - Super LigaJavor : FK Metalac 2:0
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FK Metalac
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Partizan Beograd30262267:1280
2FK Crvena Zvezda30215457:1868
5FK Sloboda Uzice30156942:3551
6FK Radnicki 1923301114538:2747
7FK Spartak Subotica301110931:3143
8OFK Beograd301241434:3640
10Rad Beograd301071333:3137
11Hajduk K.30961528:4433
12BSK Borca30791418:3930
13FK Smederevo 192430921922:4229
14Novi Pazar306101421:4128
15Borac Cacak30471916:4519
16FK Metalac30291914:4815
 champions league qualification champions league qualification   uefa qualification uefa qualification   relegation relegation  

1Partizan Beograd15131137:540
2FK Crvena Zvezda15121231:837
4FK Radnicki 19231577122:1028
5FK Spartak Subotica1576219:1127
6FK Sloboda Uzice1583427:1827
8Novi Pazar1557314:1222
9OFK Beograd1571722:1822
11Rad Beograd1563620:1721
12Hajduk K.1562716:1720
13FK Smederevo 19241552814:1417
14BSK Borca153668:1915
15Borac Cacak152495:2010
16FK Metalac1512127:275
1Partizan Beograd15131130:740
2FK Crvena Zvezda1594226:1031
4FK Sloboda Uzice1573515:1724
6FK Radnicki 19231547416:1719
7OFK Beograd1553712:1818
9FK Spartak Subotica1544712:2016
10Rad Beograd1544713:1416
11BSK Borca1543810:2015
12Hajduk K.1534812:2713
13FK Smederevo 19241540118:2812
14FK Metalac151777:2110
15Borac Cacak15231011:259
16Novi Pazar1513117:296

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1FK Sloboda Uzice541011:413
3Partizan Beograd54018:112
5FK Crvena Zvezda53117:410
7Rad Beograd53027:69
8Novi Pazar52125:77
9FK Spartak Subotica52037:86
10BSK Borca52033:66
11Hajduk K.520310:126
12OFK Beograd51225:55
13FK Smederevo 192451044:103
14FK Radnicki 192350234:72
15FK Metalac50141:61
16Borac Cacak50142:101

1FK Crvena Zvezda550013:115
2FK Sloboda Uzice541013:613
5Partizan Beograd54019:312
6FK Spartak Subotica531113:610
7Novi Pazar52306:49
8Hajduk K.53028:79
9Rad Beograd53028:89
11BSK Borca52123:67
12FK Smederevo 192452034:46
13FK Radnicki 192351314:36
14OFK Beograd51135:64
15FK Metalac51044:83
16Borac Cacak51043:113
1Partizan Beograd550013:215
3FK Sloboda Uzice53025:49
5OFK Beograd52216:48
6FK Crvena Zvezda51313:36
8BSK Borca51132:74
9Hajduk K.51136:104
10FK Radnicki 192351135:84
11Novi Pazar51043:93
12FK Spartak Subotica51043:103
13Rad Beograd51043:63
14FK Metalac50231:92
15Borac Cacak50145:91
16FK Smederevo 192450053:140