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FC Tokyo


Gamba Osaka

halftime (0:0)
»Game details
Date Saturday 2nd December 2017
Time 6:05 CET
81'   in Hiroto Goya
81'   out Shun Nagasawa
80'   in Yoshito Okubo
80'   out Peter Utaka
80'   in Takefusa Kubo
80'   out Keigo Higashi
64'   Ui-Jo Hwang
59'   Hyun-Soo Jang
58'   out Akito Takagi
58'   in Ui-Jo Hwang
57'   in Kensuke Nagai
57'   out Naohiro Ishikawa
18'   Yasuyuki Konno

Goalkeeper: Akihiro Hayashi

Defence: Yuhei Tokunaga
Defence: Yuichi Maruyama
Defence: Hyun-Soo Jang

Midfield: Sei Muroya
Midfield: Keigo Higashi
Midfield: Kento Hashimoto
Midfield: Kosuke Ota

Forward: Naohiro Ishikawa
Forward: Peter Utaka
Forward: Yojiro Takahagi

Substitute player: Kazunori Yoshimoto
Substitute player: Ryoichi Maeda
Substitute player: Takuo Okubo
Substitute player: Yoshito Okubo
Substitute player: Takuji Yonemoto
Substitute player: Takefusa Kubo
Substitute player: Kensuke Nagai
Goalkeeper: Masaaki Higashiguchi

Defence: Jae-Seok Oh
Defence: Hiroki Fujiharu
Defence: Yasuyuki Konno
Defence: Genta Miura

Midfield: Ryo Hatsuse
Midfield: Yosuke Ideguchi
Midfield: Yasuhito Endo
Midfield: Shu Kurata

Forward: Shun Nagasawa
Forward: Akito Takagi

Substitute player: Hiroki Noda
Substitute player: Hiroto Goya
Substitute player: Yosuke Fujigaya
Substitute player: Ui-Jo Hwang
Substitute player: Jin Izumisawa
Substitute player: Haruya Ide
Substitute player: Shogo Nakahara
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FC TokyoGamba Osaka
DRAW in last 1 J. League's games.DRAW in last 1 J. League's games.
NOT WON in last 8 J. League's games.NOT WON in last 10 J. League's games.

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13.League position10.
  2pts.Last five games  3pts.
  6pts.last 5 home/away only  3pts.

2 on Gamba Osaka

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:1
»Head to Head matches
31st Mar 18 Japan - J. LeagueFC Tokyo : Gamba Osaka 3:2
02nd Dec 17 Japan - J. LeagueFC Tokyo : Gamba Osaka 0:0
12th Apr 17 Japan - League Cup Grp. AFC Tokyo : Gamba Osaka 0:0
11th Mar 17 Japan - J. LeagueGamba Osaka : FC Tokyo 3:0
25th Sep 16 Japan - J. League 2nd stageGamba Osaka : FC Tokyo 3:3
29th May 16 Japan - J. League 1st stageFC Tokyo : Gamba Osaka 1:0
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Kawasaki Frontale34219471:3272
2Kashima Antlers34233853:3172
3Cerezo Osaka34196965:4363
4Kashiwa Reysol34188849:3362
5Yokohama F.Marinos34178945:3659
6Jubilo Iwata341610850:3058
7Urawa Red Diamonds341471364:5449
8Sagan Tosu341381341:4447
9Vissel Kobe341351640:4544
10Gamba Osaka3411101348:4143
11Consadole Sapporo341271539:4743
12Vegalta Sendai341181544:5341
13FC Tokyo3410101437:4240
14Shimizu S-Pulse348101636:5434
15Sanfrecce Hiroshima34891732:4933
16Ventforet Kofu347111623:3932
17Albirex Niigata34772028:6028
18Omiya Ardija345101928:6025
 relegation relegation  

1Kawasaki Frontale17124144:1740
2Cerezo Osaka17123237:1739
3Sagan Tosu17111525:1834
4Kashima Antlers17111522:1234
5Yokohama F.Marinos1796226:1733
6Consadole Sapporo1794424:1831
7Kashiwa Reysol1793525:1830
8Jubilo Iwata1785425:1929
9Urawa Red Diamonds1775539:2926
10Vegalta Sendai1764724:2522
11FC Tokyo1757518:1722
12Ventforet Kofu1756615:1621
13Vissel Kobe1753919:2118
14Gamba Osaka1745822:1717
15Omiya Ardija1737714:2216
16Sanfrecce Hiroshima1736813:2415
17Albirex Niigata17411211:3113
18Shimizu S-Pulse17321216:3611
1Kashima Antlers17122331:1938
2Kashiwa Reysol1795324:1532
3Kawasaki Frontale1795327:1532
4Jubilo Iwata1785425:1129
5Gamba Osaka1775526:2426
6Yokohama F.Marinos1782719:1926
7Vissel Kobe1782721:2426
8Cerezo Osaka1773728:2624
9Urawa Red Diamonds1772825:2523
10Shimizu S-Pulse1758420:1823
11Vegalta Sendai1754820:2819
12Sanfrecce Hiroshima1753919:2518
13FC Tokyo1753919:2518
14Albirex Niigata1736817:2915
15Sagan Tosu1727816:2613
16Consadole Sapporo17331115:2912
17Ventforet Kofu1725108:2311
18Omiya Ardija17231214:389

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Kawasaki Frontale541012:213
2Albirex Niigata54108:413
3Consadole Sapporo54019:512
4Cerezo Osaka540111:412
5Kashiwa Reysol52305:39
6Jubilo Iwata52216:48
7Kashima Antlers52215:48
8Yokohama F.Marinos52128:107
9Sagan Tosu52036:86
10Vegalta Sendai51316:46
11Sanfrecce Hiroshima52034:76
12Shimizu S-Pulse51225:65
13Ventforet Kofu51133:64
14Urawa Red Diamonds51134:64
15Gamba Osaka50324:63
16Vissel Kobe51047:123
17FC Tokyo50233:62
18Omiya Ardija50232:112

1Kawasaki Frontale550017:315
2Kashima Antlers54106:113
3Consadole Sapporo531111:710
4Kashiwa Reysol53118:410
5Sagan Tosu53026:69
6Jubilo Iwata52307:59
7Cerezo Osaka53028:79
8Albirex Niigata53025:69
9Vegalta Sendai522111:68
10Yokohama F.Marinos52217:88
11Ventforet Kofu52127:77
12Sanfrecce Hiroshima52124:67
13FC Tokyo51312:26
14Omiya Ardija50504:45
15Vissel Kobe51135:74
16Urawa Red Diamonds50326:83
17Gamba Osaka50143:71
18Shimizu S-Pulse50053:140
1Kawasaki Frontale53209:211
2Consadole Sapporo53116:410
3Urawa Red Diamonds53117:510
4Vissel Kobe53119:710
5Shimizu S-Pulse52304:19
6Albirex Niigata52309:79
7Jubilo Iwata52126:37
8Yokohama F.Marinos52128:87
9Sanfrecce Hiroshima52125:57
10Kashima Antlers52128:77
11Kashiwa Reysol51314:66
12Cerezo Osaka52037:96
13Sagan Tosu51137:114
14Vegalta Sendai51137:74
15Ventforet Kofu51132:54
16Gamba Osaka50326:83
17FC Tokyo50144:101
18Omiya Ardija50143:131

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