Netherlands - Jupiler League


FC Oss


FC Volendam

halftime (0:1)
»Game details
Date Monday 9th April 2012
Time 14:30 CEST
Venue nameTOP Oss Stadion
90'   Antonio Stankov
87'   in Jasper de Bie
87'   out Achmed Ahahaoui
84'   out Sebastian Sumelka
84'   in Marc Koot
83'   in Mark De Loor
83'   out Ricky Kruys
75'   in Nick Tol
75'   out Adnane Tighadouini
61'   out Milad Intezar
61'   in Dammyano Grootfaam
61'   out Dennis Janssen
61'   in Kevin Huijsman
56'   Michiel Kramer
54'   Adnane Tighadouini
44'   Maikel van der Werff

Goalkeeper: Vincent Van Trier

Defence: Zdenko Kapralik
Defence: Dennis Janssen
Defence: Antonio Stankov
Defence: Sebastian Sumelka

Midfield: Marcel van der Sloot
Midfield: Cees Keizer
Midfield: Roel van de Sande
Midfield: Charlie van den Ouweland
Midfield: Milad Intezar

Forward: Aleksandar Stankov

Substitute player: Richard Arends
Substitute player: Dammyano Grootfaam
Substitute player: Kevin Huijsman
Substitute player: Marc Koot
Substitute player: Rayn van Dijk
Substitute player: Marc Roebbers
Substitute player: Jordy Braam
Goalkeeper: Robbin Ruiter

Defence: Maikel van der Werff
Defence: Henny Schilder
Defence: Gerry Koning
Defence: Leon Tol

Midfield: Olaf Lindenbergh
Midfield: Achmed Ahahaoui
Midfield: Ricky Kruys

Forward: Jack Tuyp
Forward: Michiel Kramer
Forward: Adnane Tighadouini

Substitute player: Mark De Loor
Substitute player: Michael Tol
Substitute player: Roy Bakkenes
Substitute player: Jasper de Bie
Substitute player: Barry Opdam
Substitute player: Nick Tol
Substitute player: Sonny Stevens
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FC OssFC Volendam
LOST in last 5 Jupiler League's games.WON in last 1 Jupiler League's games.
NOT WON in last 7 Jupiler League's games.NOT LOST in last 4 Jupiler League's games.

14.League position12.
  0pts.Last five games  10pts.
  4pts.last 5 home/away only  4pts.

3 on FC Oss

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 2:1
»Head to Head matches
29th Apr 16 Netherlands - Jupiler LeagueFC Oss : FC Volendam 1:2
11th Dec 15 Netherlands - Jupiler LeagueFC Volendam : FC Oss 1:1
17th Jan 15 Netherlands - Jupiler LeagueFC Volendam : FC Oss 2:2
08th Aug 14 Netherlands - Jupiler LeagueFC Oss : FC Volendam 0:4
18th Apr 14 Netherlands - Jupiler LeagueFC Oss : FC Volendam 2:2
04th Oct 13 Netherlands - Jupiler LeagueFC Volendam : FC Oss 3:1
01st Feb 13 Netherlands - Jupiler LeagueFC Oss : FC Volendam 2:2
21st Sep 12 Netherlands - Jupiler LeagueFC Volendam : FC Oss 3:1
09th Apr 12 Netherlands - Jupiler LeagueFC Oss : FC Volendam 1:3
16th Dec 11 Netherlands - Jupiler LeagueFC Volendam : FC Oss 1:2
22nd Jan 10 Netherlands - Jupiler LeagueFC Oss : FC Volendam 1:1
09th Oct 09 Netherlands - Jupiler LeagueFC Volendam : FC Oss 1:0
01st Oct 00 Netherlands - Jupiler LeagueFC Volendam : FC Oss 1:0
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1PEC Zwolle34226668:3472
2Sparta Rotterdam34198759:3265
3FC Eindhoven34189752:3363
4Helmond Sport34188862:5062
5Willem II341771067:4158
6FC Den Bosch34169957:3257
8MVV Maastricht341491159:5551
9Go Ahead Eagles341481265:5650
10FC Dordrecht3413111056:6250
11Fortuna Sittard341391262:5148
12FC Volendam341461457:5548
13Almere City FC341171652:6240
14FC Oss341051956:7635
17AGOVV Apeldoorn34542536:9419
18FC Emmen34652324:7317
 promotion promotion   promotion play off promotion play off   relegation relegation  

1PEC Zwolle17133140:1342
2FC Dordrecht17124142:2440
3Sparta Rotterdam17115129:1338
5Helmond Sport17112431:2635
6MVV Maastricht17104337:2234
7FC Eindhoven17104332:1934
8Willem II1796234:1833
9FC Volendam17103439:2533
10Fortuna Sittard1794428:1731
11Go Ahead Eagles1793539:2530
12FC Den Bosch1785428:1229
13Almere City FC1782730:2926
14FC Oss1774632:3525
16AGOVV Apeldoorn17431024:4115
17FC Emmen17431015:3115
1PEC Zwolle1793528:2130
2FC Eindhoven1785420:1429
3FC Den Bosch1784529:2028
4Sparta Rotterdam1783630:1927
5Helmond Sport1776431:2427
6Willem II1781833:2325
7Go Ahead Eagles1755726:3120
9MVV Maastricht1745822:3317
10Fortuna Sittard1745834:3417
11FC Volendam17431018:3015
12Almere City FC1735922:3314
13FC Oss17311324:4110
14FC Dordrecht1717914:3810
16FC Emmen1722139:428
18AGOVV Apeldoorn17111512:534

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Willem II541015:313
2Go Ahead Eagles541010:413
3FC Volendam531111:610
4Helmond Sport53118:510
5PEC Zwolle53115:310
6FC Den Bosch530211:89
7Sparta Rotterdam52309:59
8FC Dordrecht530214:119
10MVV Maastricht52126:67
12FC Eindhoven52127:87
13Fortuna Sittard51228:85
14Almere City FC51134:94
16FC Emmen50142:81
17AGOVV Apeldoorn50053:190
18FC Oss50055:130

1FC Dordrecht541016:713
2FC Volendam541011:413
3PEC Zwolle54107:013
4Sparta Rotterdam54019:512
6Helmond Sport540111:612
7Willem II532013:411
8FC Den Bosch53119:310
9Fortuna Sittard53115:210
10FC Eindhoven53119:810
11MVV Maastricht52218:48
13Go Ahead Eagles52128:97
14AGOVV Apeldoorn51138:134
15FC Oss51134:94
17Almere City FC51136:114
18FC Emmen50141:91
1Helmond Sport541011:313
2MVV Maastricht53118:610
3Willem II531110:410
4Go Ahead Eagles53118:710
5Fortuna Sittard531115:810
6FC Eindhoven52215:48
8FC Den Bosch51137:94
9FC Volendam51136:114
11PEC Zwolle51134:94
12Almere City FC51134:84
13Sparta Rotterdam50323:53
15FC Dordrecht50235:92
16AGOVV Apeldoorn50051:180
17FC Oss50058:130
18FC Emmen50051:130