Netherlands - Eerste Divisie


FC Oss


FC Den Bosch




halftime (1:1)
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Date Friday 17th February 2017
Time 20:00 CET
Venue nameHeesen Stadion
90'   Justin Mathieu
88'   Dominique Kivuvu
86'   Cihat Celik
84'   out Fatih Kamaci
84'   in Richard van der Venne
80'   Jeremy Fernandes
76'   Niek Vossebelt
68'   in Istvan Bakx
68'   out Boban Lazic
61'   out Jort van der Sande
61'   in Alessio Carlone
46'   out Zija Azizov
46'   in Brandon Robinson
40'   Mario Bilate
30'   Fatih Kamaci

Goalkeeper: Jordy Deckers

Defence: Jochem Jansen
Defence: Lorenzo Pique
Defence: Rick van den Herik
Defence: Dylan de Braal

Midfield: Fatih Kamaci
Midfield: Cihat Celik
Midfield: Dominique Kivuvu

Forward: Boban Lazic
Forward: Tom Boere
Forward: Justin Mathieu

Substitute player: Ayrton Statie
Substitute player: Nassir El Aissati
Substitute player: Bjorn Haggerty
Substitute player: Raies Roshanali
Substitute player: Thijs van Pol
Substitute player: Joep van den Ouweland
Substitute player: Jorzolino Falkenstein
Substitute player: Jordi Balk
Substitute player: Istvan Bakx
Substitute player: Dean van der Sluys
Substitute player: Richard van der Venne
Goalkeeper: Kees Heemskerk

Defence: Jeremy Fernandes
Defence: Jordy van der Winden
Defence: Ben Santermans
Defence: Bart Biemans

Midfield: Dalian Maatsen
Midfield: Niek Vossebelt
Midfield: Luuk Brouwers
Midfield: Zija Azizov

Forward: Mario Bilate
Forward: Jort van der Sande

Substitute player: Ralph Vos
Substitute player: Brandon Robinson
Substitute player: Nick Leijten
Substitute player: Mats Deijl
Substitute player: Bert Koomen
Substitute player: Sam Kersten
Substitute player: Jonas Heymans
Substitute player: Alessio Carlone
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FC OssFC Den Bosch
DRAW in last 2 Eerste Divisie's games.LOST in last 1 Eerste Divisie's games.
NOT LOST in last 3 Eerste Divisie's games.NOT WON in last 4 Eerste Divisie's games.

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15.League position13.
  5pts.Last five games  4pts.
  7pts.last 5 home/away only  7pts.


over 2.5 goals
score tip - 2:2
»Head to Head matches
17th Feb 17 Netherlands - Eerste DivisieFC Oss : FC Den Bosch 1:1
09th Sep 16 Netherlands - Eerste DivisieFC Den Bosch : FC Oss 2:1
14th Mar 16 Netherlands - Jupiler LeagueFC Oss : FC Den Bosch 3:1
08th Nov 15 Netherlands - Jupiler LeagueFC Den Bosch : FC Oss 4:2
03rd Apr 15 Netherlands - Jupiler LeagueFC Oss : FC Den Bosch 2:1
01st Nov 14 Netherlands - Jupiler LeagueFC Den Bosch : FC Oss 0:1
30th Mar 14 Netherlands - Jupiler LeagueFC Den Bosch : FC Oss 3:0
15th Sep 13 Netherlands - Jupiler LeagueFC Oss : FC Den Bosch 0:1
23rd Dec 12 Netherlands - Jupiler LeagueFC Den Bosch : FC Oss 1:2
12th Aug 12 Netherlands - Jupiler LeagueFC Oss : FC Den Bosch 2:1
27th Feb 12 Netherlands - Jupiler LeagueFC Den Bosch : FC Oss 1:0
27th Nov 11 Netherlands - Jupiler LeagueFC Oss : FC Den Bosch 0:2
25th Oct 11 Netherlands - KNVB CupFC Oss : FC Den Bosch 3:1
14th Mar 10 Netherlands - Jupiler LeagueFC Oss : FC Den Bosch 1:3
20th Sep 09 Netherlands - Jupiler LeagueFC Den Bosch : FC Oss 3:3
04th Sep 00 Netherlands - Jupiler LeagueFC Den Bosch : FC Oss 2:0
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Netherlands - Eerste Divisie 2016/2017
16.9.Almere City FC4:1FC Den BoschMore details about <b>Almere City FC</b>-FC Den Bosch game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
2Jong Ajax27166569:4054
3Jong PSV27147644:2649
4FC Volendam27146747:2848
4De Graafschap/FC Twente00000:00
5MVV Maastricht27138639:2847
7NAC Breda27135943:3744
8Almere City FC271341056:5143
9FC Eindhoven271241145:4640
10RKC Waalwijk271161043:4839
11FC Emmen27108936:3138
12Helmond Sport271151140:4638
13FC Den Bosch27961238:4833
15FC Oss27941453:6931
16Fortuna Sittard27961238:5030
17De Graafschap27831645:4827
18Jong FC Utrecht27661534:5524
19FC Dordrecht27461733:5318
20Achilles 2927242121:6610
 promotion promotion   promotion play off promotion play off   relegation relegation  

1Jong PSV14111233:1534
3Jong Ajax14103143:1933
5Almere City FC1492330:1729
6NAC Breda1484222:1028
7FC Eindhoven1391327:1328
8MVV Maastricht1383220:827
9FC Volendam1374222:1125
10Fortuna Sittard1373327:1924
11Helmond Sport1473424:1924
12De Graafschap1371532:2222
13FC Emmen1464418:1122
14RKC Waalwijk1363420:1821
15FC Den Bosch1363417:1821
17Jong FC Utrecht1353520:2118
18FC Oss1352630:3117
19FC Dordrecht1434718:2513
20Achilles 2913121013:325
21De Graafschap/FC Twente00000:00
2FC Volendam1472525:1723
3Jong Ajax1363426:2121
4MVV Maastricht1455419:2020
5RKC Waalwijk1453623:3018
6NAC Breda1351721:2716
8FC Emmen1344518:2016
9Jong PSV1336411:1115
10FC Oss1442823:3814
11Helmond Sport1342716:2714
12Almere City FC1342726:3414
14FC Den Bosch1433821:3012
15FC Eindhoven1433818:3312
16Fortuna Sittard1423911:319
17Jong FC Utrecht14131014:346
18De Graafschap14121113:265
19Achilles 291412118:345
20FC Dordrecht13121015:285
21De Graafschap/FC Twente00000:00

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Jong PSV550013:415
3Fortuna Sittard532015:811
6De Graafschap53029:79
7FC Emmen530211:89
8Jong Ajax522111:108
9Almere City FC521210:107
10RKC Waalwijk52038:136
11MVV Maastricht51314:56
12NAC Breda52035:76
13FC Volendam52037:86
14Achilles 2951227:115
15FC Oss51227:115
16FC Eindhoven51229:85
17Jong FC Utrecht51136:124
18FC Den Bosch51135:94
19FC Dordrecht50145:111
20Helmond Sport50145:181
21De Graafschap/FC Twente00000:00

2NAC Breda54019:412
3FC Volendam540111:412
4FC Eindhoven540116:612
5Jong Ajax532013:611
6Jong PSV53118:410
8MVV Maastricht52305:19
9De Graafschap530212:109
10RKC Waalwijk52218:68
11FC Emmen52218:58
12Fortuna Sittard522111:98
13Almere City FC522110:78
14FC Oss52128:107
15FC Dordrecht521210:87
17Jong FC Utrecht52037:116
18FC Den Bosch51225:75
19Helmond Sport511310:134
20Achilles 2951047:153
21De Graafschap/FC Twente00000:00
2Jong Ajax531111:1010
4Jong PSV52216:48
5Fortuna Sittard52217:78
6FC Den Bosch52129:57
7FC Volendam52128:87
8RKC Waalwijk52039:136
9MVV Maastricht51225:75
11Jong FC Utrecht51136:134
12NAC Breda51136:114
13FC Oss51138:134
14FC Emmen51137:114
15Helmond Sport51133:144
16De Graafschap51047:113
17Almere City FC51049:183
18Achilles 2950231:102
19FC Eindhoven50235:92
20FC Dordrecht50143:101
21De Graafschap/FC Twente00000:00