Denmark - U17 Ligaen


FC Midtjylland U17


AB U17

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Date Saturday 18th June 2011
Time 13:00 CEST
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FC Midtjylland U17AB U17
WON in last 1 U17 Ligaen's games.WON in last 1 U17 Ligaen's games.
NOT DRAW in last 3 U17 Ligaen's games.NOT DRAW in last 6 U17 Ligaen's games.

5.League position13.
  5pts.Last five games  6pts.
  10pts.last 5 home/away only  8pts.

7 on FC Midtjylland U17

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 3:0
»Head to Head matches
18th Jun 11 Denmark - U17 LigaenFC Midtjylland U17 : AB U17 1:0
13th Nov 10 Denmark - U17 LigaenAB U17 : FC Midtjylland U17 1:7
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FC Midtjylland U17
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AB U17
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04.9.AB U171:0OB U17More details about <b>AB U17</b>-OB U17 game
28.8.Randers Freja U172:1AB U17More details about <b>Randers Freja U17</b>-AB U17 game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Broendby U1726210558:1963
2AaB U1726172744:2953
3Esbjerg U1726157443:2052
4FC Koebenhavn U1726139445:2548
5FC Midtjylland U1726153854:3948
6FC Nordsjaelland U17261061037:3636
7Lyngby U17261051140:3935
8AGF U1726971043:3934
9Vejle U1726761326:3927
10Haderslev U1726741540:5225
11OB U1726661429:4724
12HB Koege U1726591234:5824
13AB U1726641623:5422
14Randers Freja U1726541724:4419

1Broendby U1713110228:533
2AaB U1713101224:1031
3FC Midtjylland U1713101231:1831
4Esbjerg U171383227:1327
5FC Koebenhavn U171365223:1423
6FC Nordsjaelland U171363421:1521
7Lyngby U171361621:1819
8Haderslev U171352624:2317
9HB Koege U171345418:2517
10AGF U171344519:1916
11OB U171343618:2315
12Vejle U171335513:1614
13AB U171342712:2314
14Randers Freja U171341817:2213
1Broendby U1713100330:1430
2FC Koebenhavn U171374222:1125
3Esbjerg U171374216:725
4AaB U171371520:1922
5AGF U171353524:2018
6FC Midtjylland U171352623:2117
7Lyngby U171344519:2116
8FC Nordsjaelland U171343616:2115
9Vejle U171341813:2313
10OB U171323811:249
11Haderslev U171322916:298
12AB U171322911:318
13HB Koege U171314816:337
14Randers Freja U17131397:226

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1AaB U17550010:215
2Broendby U17540113:712
3AGF U17531110:410
4FC Koebenhavn U1752216:68
5FC Nordsjaelland U17522110:98
6Esbjerg U17522110:68
7HB Koege U1752039:86
8AB U1752035:86
9Vejle U1751226:85
10OB U1751226:95
11FC Midtjylland U1751224:65
12Lyngby U1751225:75
13Haderslev U1751135:114
14Randers Freja U1750053:110

1AaB U17550010:115
2Broendby U1754016:212
3FC Midtjylland U1753118:610
4AGF U1753118:410
5FC Nordsjaelland U17531112:610
6Esbjerg U17530210:79
7OB U1752218:78
8FC Koebenhavn U1752216:68
9Randers Freja U1752036:86
10HB Koege U1751226:115
11Haderslev U1751136:114
12AB U1751043:103
13Vejle U1750233:92
14Lyngby U1750142:101
1Broendby U17550015:615
2FC Koebenhavn U1753118:310
3AGF U17531110:210
4Esbjerg U17523010:59
5AB U1752217:68
6FC Nordsjaelland U1752126:77
7AaB U1752033:46
8Vejle U1751134:94
9OB U1751133:64
10FC Midtjylland U1751136:94
11Lyngby U1751137:94
12HB Koege U1751047:103
13Randers Freja U1751042:83
14Haderslev U1750233:112