Georgia - Erovnuli Liga 2


FC Mesakhte Tkibuli


FS Rustavi

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Date Tuesday 20th June 2017
Time 16:00 CEST
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FC Mesakhte TkibuliFS Rustavi
LOST in last 2 Erovnuli Liga 2's games.WON in last 1 Erovnuli Liga 2's games.
NOT WON in last 8 Erovnuli Liga 2's games.NOT LOST in last 12 Erovnuli Liga 2's games.

9.League position2.
  1pts.Last five games  13pts.
  5pts.last 5 home/away only  15pts.

10 on FS Rustavi

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 0:2
»Head to Head matches
20th Jun 17 Georgia - Erovnuli Liga 2FC Mesakhte Tkibuli : FS Rustavi 1:4
29th Apr 17 Georgia - Erovnuli Liga 2FS Rustavi : FC Mesakhte Tkibuli 5:0
14th Oct 16 Georgia - Pirveli Liga - White GroupFS Rustavi : FC Mesakhte Tkibuli 1:0
29th Aug 16 Georgia - Pirveli Liga - White GroupFC Mesakhte Tkibuli : FS Rustavi 1:2
24th Apr 16 Georgia - Pirveli LigaFC Mesakhte Tkibuli : FS Rustavi 0:0
12th Nov 15 Georgia - Pirveli LigaFS Rustavi : FC Mesakhte Tkibuli 1:0
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FC Mesakhte Tkibuli
Georgia - Erovnuli Liga 2 2017
20.6.FC Mesakhte Tkibuli1:4FS RustaviMore details about FC Mesakhte Tkibuli-<b>FS Rustavi</b> game
15.6.FC Gagra2:0FC Mesakhte TkibuliMore details about <b>FC Gagra</b>-FC Mesakhte Tkibuli game
02.6.FC Mesakhte Tkibuli0:0WIT Georgia TbilisiMore details about FC Mesakhte Tkibuli-WIT Georgia Tbilisi game
28.5.FC Zugdidi3:1FC Mesakhte TkibuliMore details about <b>FC Zugdidi</b>-FC Mesakhte Tkibuli game
24.5.FC Mesakhte Tkibuli0:1Sioni BolnisiMore details about FC Mesakhte Tkibuli-<b>Sioni Bolnisi</b> game
19.5.FC Samgurali Tskhaltubo2:0FC Mesakhte TkibuliMore details about <b>FC Samgurali Tskhaltubo</b>-FC Mesakhte Tkibuli game
13.5.FC Mesakhte Tkibuli0:0Merani MartviliMore details about FC Mesakhte Tkibuli-Merani Martvili game
09.5.FC Guria Lanchkhuti1:0FC Mesakhte TkibuliMore details about <b>FC Guria Lanchkhuti</b>-FC Mesakhte Tkibuli game
04.5.FC Mesakhte Tkibuli2:1FC TskhinvaliMore details about <b>FC Mesakhte Tkibuli</b>-FC Tskhinvali game
29.4.FS Rustavi5:0FC Mesakhte TkibuliMore details about <b>FS Rustavi</b>-FC Mesakhte Tkibuli game
21.4.FC Mesakhte Tkibuli0:2FC GagraMore details about FC Mesakhte Tkibuli-<b>FC Gagra</b> game
13.4.WIT Georgia Tbilisi4:2FC Mesakhte TkibuliMore details about <b>WIT Georgia Tbilisi</b>-FC Mesakhte Tkibuli game
09.4.FC Mesakhte Tkibuli4:1FC ZugdidiMore details about <b>FC Mesakhte Tkibuli</b>-FC Zugdidi game
05.4.Sioni Bolnisi2:0FC Mesakhte TkibuliMore details about <b>Sioni Bolnisi</b>-FC Mesakhte Tkibuli game
31.3.FC Mesakhte Tkibuli0:1FC Samgurali TskhaltuboMore details about FC Mesakhte Tkibuli-<b>FC Samgurali Tskhaltubo</b> game
19.3.Merani Martvili5:0FC Mesakhte TkibuliMore details about <b>Merani Martvili</b>-FC Mesakhte Tkibuli game
10.3.FC Mesakhte Tkibuli2:1FC Guria LanchkhutiMore details about <b>FC Mesakhte Tkibuli</b>-FC Guria Lanchkhuti game
05.3.FC Tskhinvali2:2FC Mesakhte TkibuliMore details about FC Tskhinvali-FC Mesakhte Tkibuli game
10.12.FC Mesakhte Tkibuli2:0FC Skuri TsalenjikhaMore details about <b>FC Mesakhte Tkibuli</b>-FC Skuri Tsalenjikha game
05.12.FC Skuri Tsalenjikha0:0FC Mesakhte TkibuliMore details about FC Skuri Tsalenjikha-FC Mesakhte Tkibuli game
02.12.FC Mesakhte Tkibuli2:0FC ChiaturaMore details about <b>FC Mesakhte Tkibuli</b>-FC Chiatura game
28.11.FC Chiatura1:4FC Mesakhte TkibuliMore details about FC Chiatura-<b>FC Mesakhte Tkibuli</b> game
25.11.Liakhvi Tskhinvali1:3FC Mesakhte TkibuliMore details about Liakhvi Tskhinvali-<b>FC Mesakhte Tkibuli</b> game
13.11.FC Mesakhte Tkibuli0:1FC Samgurali TskhaltuboMore details about FC Mesakhte Tkibuli-<b>FC Samgurali Tskhaltubo</b> game
FS Rustavi
Georgia - Erovnuli Liga 2 2017
20.6.FC Mesakhte Tkibuli1:4FS RustaviMore details about FC Mesakhte Tkibuli-<b>FS Rustavi</b> game
15.6.FS Rustavi1:1WIT Georgia TbilisiMore details about FS Rustavi-WIT Georgia Tbilisi game
02.6.Sioni Bolnisi1:3FS RustaviMore details about Sioni Bolnisi-<b>FS Rustavi</b> game
28.5.FS Rustavi1:0Merani MartviliMore details about <b>FS Rustavi</b>-Merani Martvili game
23.5.FC Tskhinvali1:2FS RustaviMore details about FC Tskhinvali-<b>FS Rustavi</b> game
19.5.FS Rustavi1:0FC GagraMore details about <b>FS Rustavi</b>-FC Gagra game
14.5.FC Zugdidi0:3FS RustaviMore details about FC Zugdidi-<b>FS Rustavi</b> game
09.5.FS Rustavi2:1FC Samgurali TskhaltuboMore details about <b>FS Rustavi</b>-FC Samgurali Tskhaltubo game
05.5.FC Guria Lanchkhuti0:1FS RustaviMore details about FC Guria Lanchkhuti-<b>FS Rustavi</b> game
29.4.FS Rustavi5:0FC Mesakhte TkibuliMore details about <b>FS Rustavi</b>-FC Mesakhte Tkibuli game
21.4.WIT Georgia Tbilisi1:1FS RustaviMore details about WIT Georgia Tbilisi-FS Rustavi game
13.4.FS Rustavi1:0Sioni BolnisiMore details about <b>FS Rustavi</b>-Sioni Bolnisi game
09.4.Merani Martvili2:1FS RustaviMore details about <b>Merani Martvili</b>-FS Rustavi game
04.4.FS Rustavi4:1FC TskhinvaliMore details about <b>FS Rustavi</b>-FC Tskhinvali game
31.3.FC Gagra1:0FS RustaviMore details about <b>FC Gagra</b>-FS Rustavi game
19.3.FS Rustavi1:1FC ZugdidiMore details about FS Rustavi-FC Zugdidi game
10.3.FC Samgurali Tskhaltubo4:2FS RustaviMore details about <b>FC Samgurali Tskhaltubo</b>-FS Rustavi game
04.3.FS Rustavi3:1FC Guria LanchkhutiMore details about <b>FS Rustavi</b>-FC Guria Lanchkhuti game
25.11.FS Rustavi8:0FC Kolkheti KhobiMore details about <b>FS Rustavi</b>-FC Kolkheti Khobi game
17.11.Imereti Khoni0:3FS RustaviMore details about Imereti Khoni-<b>FS Rustavi</b> game
13.11.FS Rustavi4:2Mark StarsMore details about <b>FS Rustavi</b>-Mark Stars game
09.11.Chkherimela FC1:3FS RustaviMore details about Chkherimela FC-<b>FS Rustavi</b> game
29.10.FS Rustavi0:1Merani MartviliMore details about FS Rustavi-<b>Merani Martvili</b> game
21.10.Liakhvi Tskhinvali0:1FS RustaviMore details about Liakhvi Tskhinvali-<b>FS Rustavi</b> game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Merani Martvili18133238:942
2FS Rustavi18123336:1639
3FC Gagra18113424:936
4Sioni Bolnisi18101727:2531
5FC Samgurali Tskhaltubo1891823:2328
6WIT Georgia Tbilisi1876523:1727
7FC Tskhinvali18521125:3717
8FC Guria Lanchkhuti18441018:3116
9FC Mesakhte Tkibuli18331214:3712
10FC Zugdidi18221420:448
 promotion promotion   promotion play off promotion play off   relegation play off relegation play off   relegation relegation  

1Merani Martvili981024:225
2FS Rustavi972019:523
3FC Gagra962112:420
4Sioni Bolnisi961214:919
5FC Samgurali Tskhaltubo960317:1118
6WIT Georgia Tbilisi952216:1117
7FC Tskhinvali951320:2016
8FC Guria Lanchkhuti93338:812
9FC Mesakhte Tkibuli93249:1111
10FC Zugdidi920710:186
1Merani Martvili952214:717
2FS Rustavi951317:1116
3FC Gagra951312:516
4Sioni Bolnisi940513:1612
5FC Samgurali Tskhaltubo93156:1210
6WIT Georgia Tbilisi92437:610
7FC Guria Lanchkhuti911710:234
8FC Zugdidi902710:262
9FC Mesakhte Tkibuli90185:261
10FC Tskhinvali90185:171

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1FS Rustavi541011:413
2Merani Martvili540112:212
3FC Gagra540111:412
4FC Samgurali Tskhaltubo52035:66
5FC Zugdidi52036:96
6Sioni Bolnisi52035:96
7WIT Georgia Tbilisi51315:46
8FC Guria Lanchkhuti51223:75
9FC Tskhinvali51135:104
10FC Mesakhte Tkibuli50142:101

1Merani Martvili550016:115
2FS Rustavi541010:213
3FC Gagra541010:213
4WIT Georgia Tbilisi53208:211
5Sioni Bolnisi53119:610
6FC Samgurali Tskhaltubo53026:49
7FC Tskhinvali530212:129
8FC Guria Lanchkhuti52217:58
9FC Zugdidi52037:86
10FC Mesakhte Tkibuli51223:65
1FS Rustavi550013:315
2FC Samgurali Tskhaltubo52035:86
3FC Gagra52035:56
4Sioni Bolnisi52037:126
5Merani Martvili51224:45
6WIT Georgia Tbilisi50322:53
7FC Guria Lanchkhuti50142:121
8FC Zugdidi50147:161
9FC Tskhinvali50143:91
10FC Mesakhte Tkibuli50051:130