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FC Krasnodar



halftime (0:0)
»Game details
Date Saturday 9th April 2011
Time 14:15 CEST
Venue nameZvezda Stadion
90'   in Evgeny Shipitsin
90'   out Joaozinho
86'   out Stevica Ristic
86'   in Ilya Mikhalev
78'   Dmitri Belorukov
71'   out Predrag Mijic
71'   in Andrey Sekretov
70'   Ivan Cherenchikov
68'   Nemanja Tubic
65'   in Mikhail Komkov
65'   out Vladimir Tatarchuk Jr.
60'   in Roman Vorobiev
60'   out Marcio Nuno Abreu

Goalkeeper: Evgeniy Gorodov

Defence: Aleksandr Kulchy
Defence: Dusan Andjelkovic
Defence: Aleksandr Amisulashvili
Defence: Nemanja Tubic
Defence: Ognjen Vranjes

Midfield: Joaozinho
Midfield: Marcio Nuno Abreu
Midfield: Nikola Drincic
Midfield: Vladimir Tatarchuk Jr.

Forward: Igor Picusciac

Substitute player: Mikhail Komkov
Substitute player: Jacob Bunny
Substitute player: Evgeny Shipitsin
Substitute player: Nikolay Markov
Substitute player: Spartak Gogniev
Substitute player: Denis Pchelintsev
Substitute player: Roman Vorobiev
Goalkeeper: Vasiliy Khomutovski

Defence: Ivan Cherenchikov
Defence: Dmitri Belorukov
Defence: Aleksey Popov
Defence: Zahari Sirakov

Midfield: Aleksandr Kolomeytsev
Midfield: Radomir Djalovic
Midfield: Predrag Mijic
Midfield: Georgi Peev
Midfield: Mitar Novakovic

Forward: Stevica Ristic

Substitute player: Andrey Sekretov
Substitute player: Josip Knezevic
Substitute player: Artem Molodtsov
Substitute player: Nikola Mijailovic
Substitute player: Ilya Mikhalev
Substitute player: Sergey Narubin
Substitute player: Nikita Burmistrov
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FC KrasnodarAmkar
LOST in last 2 Premier League's games.LOST in last 3 Premier League's games.
NOT DRAW in last 12 Premier League's games.NOT DRAW in last 4 Premier League's games.

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9.League position13.
  6pts.Last five games  4pts.
  6pts.last 5 home/away only  1pts.
»Head to Head matches
27th Apr 17 Russia - Premier LeagueAmkar : FC Krasnodar 0:2
23rd Oct 16 Russia - Premier LeagueFC Krasnodar : Amkar 1:0
21st May 16 Russia - Premier LeagueFC Krasnodar : Amkar 1:0
20th Jul 15 Russia - Premier LeagueAmkar : FC Krasnodar 0:1
11th May 15 Russia - Premier LeagueFC Krasnodar : Amkar 1:1
22nd Sep 14 Russia - Premier LeagueAmkar : FC Krasnodar 1:2
15th May 14 Russia - Premier LeagueAmkar : FC Krasnodar 2:2
29th Jul 13 Russia - Premier LeagueFC Krasnodar : Amkar 2:1
08th Mar 13 Russia - Premier LeagueFC Krasnodar : Amkar 2:1
26th Aug 12 Russia - Premier LeagueAmkar : FC Krasnodar 2:2
02nd May 12 Russia - Premier League Relegation PlayoffsAmkar : FC Krasnodar 2:2
24th Mar 12 Russia - Premier League Relegation PlayoffsFC Krasnodar : Amkar 0:1
07th Aug 11 Russia - Premier LeagueAmkar : FC Krasnodar 0:2
09th Apr 11 Russia - Premier LeagueFC Krasnodar : Amkar 1:0
06th Mar 11 Russia - CupAmkar : FC Krasnodar 0:1
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Zenit St. Petersburg301710359:2561
2CSKA Moscow301611358:2959
3Dinamo Moscow30167751:3055
4Lokomotiv Moscow30158749:3053
5Spartak Moscow30158748:3353
6Kuban Krasnodar30147938:2749
7Rubin Kazan301310740:2749
8Anzhi Makhachkala30139838:3248
9FC Krasnodar301081238:4338
10FC Rostov30881431:4532
11Terek Grozny30871529:4531
12Volga Nyzhny30841824:4028
14Krylya Sovetov Samara30691521:4327
15Spartak Nalchik30591623:4024
16Tom Tomsk30481819:5820
 relegation play off relegation play off  

1Dinamo Moscow15104133:1334
2Zenit St. Petersburg1595130:732
3Lokomotiv Moscow1594229:1331
4CSKA Moscow1593328:1530
5Anzhi Makhachkala1593322:1430
6Spartak Moscow1585228:1129
7Rubin Kazan1575322:1326
8Kuban Krasnodar1574423:1525
9Volga Nyzhny1562713:1320
10Krylya Sovetov Samara1555514:2020
11Terek Grozny1562715:1820
12FC Krasnodar1554621:2319
14FC Rostov1553718:2218
15Spartak Nalchik1526716:2212
16Tom Tomsk151778:2210
1CSKA Moscow1578030:1429
2Zenit St. Petersburg1585229:1829
3Kuban Krasnodar1573515:1224
4Spartak Moscow1573520:2224
5Rubin Kazan1565418:1423
6Lokomotiv Moscow1564520:1722
7Dinamo Moscow1563618:1721
8FC Krasnodar1554617:2019
9Anzhi Makhachkala1546516:1818
10FC Rostov1535713:2314
11Spartak Nalchik153397:1812
12Terek Grozny1525814:2711
13Tom Tomsk15311111:3610
14Volga Nyzhny15221111:278
16Krylya Sovetov Samara1514107:237

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Lokomotiv Moscow53117:510
2Rubin Kazan53118:210
3CSKA Moscow523012:69
4Zenit St. Petersburg52309:49
5Dinamo Moscow52215:48
6Spartak Moscow522110:68
7Terek Grozny52126:57
8Anzhi Makhachkala52129:97
9FC Rostov52125:77
10Spartak Nalchik52125:87
11FC Krasnodar52035:66
12Kuban Krasnodar51315:56
13Volga Nyzhny51221:55
14Krylya Sovetov Samara51224:65
16Tom Tomsk50051:130

1Lokomotiv Moscow532010:411
2Zenit St. Petersburg532013:111
3Spartak Moscow532014:411
4Volga Nyzhny53115:310
5Dinamo Moscow53118:410
6CSKA Moscow531112:710
7Krylya Sovetov Samara53117:610
8FC Rostov52216:68
9Rubin Kazan52218:58
10Anzhi Makhachkala521210:107
11FC Krasnodar52038:96
12Terek Grozny52034:76
13Kuban Krasnodar51313:36
15Spartak Nalchik51134:64
16Tom Tomsk50140:101
1Lokomotiv Moscow54018:412
2Kuban Krasnodar54018:512
3FC Rostov52214:48
4Zenit St. Petersburg522111:108
5Spartak Moscow52217:78
6Dinamo Moscow52127:37
7CSKA Moscow51409:77
8Rubin Kazan52126:57
9FC Krasnodar52037:96
10Spartak Nalchik52033:76
11Anzhi Makhachkala51225:65
12Terek Grozny50238:152
13Volga Nyzhny50142:131
14Krylya Sovetov Samara50142:91
16Tom Tomsk50051:150