Romania - Liga II


FC Arges Pitesti


Tirgu Mures

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Date Friday 8th September 2017
Time 17:00 CEST
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FC Arges PitestiTirgu Mures
WON in last 5 Liga II's games.LOST in last 3 Liga II's games.
NOT DRAW in last 16 Liga II's games.NOT DRAW in last 9 Liga II's games.

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4.League position17.
  15pts.Last five games  6pts.
  12pts.last 5 home/away only  6pts.

3 on FC Arges Pitesti

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 2:1
»Head to Head matches
24th Mar 18 Romania - Liga IITirgu Mures : FC Arges Pitesti 0:3
08th Sep 17 Romania - Liga IIFC Arges Pitesti : Tirgu Mures 1:2
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FC Arges Pitesti
Romania - Liga II 2017/2018
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24.2.AS Stiinta Miroslava2:3FC Arges PitestiMore details about AS Stiinta Miroslava-<b>FC Arges Pitesti</b> game
09.12.FC Arges Pitesti2:0ASU Politehnica TimisoaraMore details about <b>FC Arges Pitesti</b>-ASU Politehnica Timisoara game
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12.11.FC Dunarea Calarasi2:1FC Arges PitestiMore details about <b>FC Dunarea Calarasi</b>-FC Arges Pitesti game
08.11.FC Arges Pitesti2:1CS AfumatiMore details about <b>FC Arges Pitesti</b>-CS Afumati game
04.11.CS Balotesti1:0FC Arges PitestiMore details about <b>CS Balotesti</b>-FC Arges Pitesti game
28.10.FC Arges Pitesti0:0HermannstadtMore details about FC Arges Pitesti-Hermannstadt game
21.10.CS Mioveni0:0FC Arges PitestiMore details about CS Mioveni-FC Arges Pitesti game
14.10.FC Arges Pitesti1:1FC Academica ClinceniMore details about FC Arges Pitesti-FC Academica Clinceni game
07.10.FC Metaloglobus Bucuresti1:1FC Arges PitestiMore details about FC Metaloglobus Bucuresti-FC Arges Pitesti game
30.9.FC Arges Pitesti0:0Chindia TargovisteMore details about FC Arges Pitesti-Chindia Targoviste game
23.9.FC Arges Pitesti1:0CS Sportul SnagovMore details about <b>FC Arges Pitesti</b>-CS Sportul Snagov game
16.9.Dacia Unirea Braila3:1FC Arges PitestiMore details about <b>Dacia Unirea Braila</b>-FC Arges Pitesti game
Tirgu Mures
Romania - Liga II 2017/2018
21.4.Hermannstadt3:0Tirgu MuresMore details about <b>Hermannstadt</b>-Tirgu Mures game
18.4.Tirgu Mures0:3CS MioveniMore details about Tirgu Mures-<b>CS Mioveni</b> game
14.4.FC Academica Clinceni3:0Tirgu MuresMore details about <b>FC Academica Clinceni</b>-Tirgu Mures game
07.4.Tirgu Mures0:3FC Metaloglobus BucurestiMore details about Tirgu Mures-<b>FC Metaloglobus Bucuresti</b> game
31.3.Chindia Targoviste3:0Tirgu MuresMore details about <b>Chindia Targoviste</b>-Tirgu Mures game
24.3.Tirgu Mures0:3FC Arges PitestiMore details about Tirgu Mures-<b>FC Arges Pitesti</b> game
17.3.Dacia Unirea Braila3:0Tirgu MuresMore details about <b>Dacia Unirea Braila</b>-Tirgu Mures game
10.3.CS Sportul Snagov3:0Tirgu MuresMore details about <b>CS Sportul Snagov</b>-Tirgu Mures game
03.3.Tirgu Mures0:3Ripensia TimisoaraMore details about Tirgu Mures-<b>Ripensia Timisoara</b> game
24.2.Luceafarul Oradea3:0Tirgu MuresMore details about <b>Luceafarul Oradea</b>-Tirgu Mures game
09.12.Tirgu Mures2:5Foresta SuceavaMore details about Tirgu Mures-<b>Foresta Suceava</b> game
02.12.AS Stiinta Miroslava5:0Tirgu MuresMore details about <b>AS Stiinta Miroslava</b>-Tirgu Mures game
25.11.ASU Politehnica Timisoara3:0Tirgu MuresMore details about <b>ASU Politehnica Timisoara</b>-Tirgu Mures game
18.11.Tirgu Mures4:1PanduriiMore details about <b>Tirgu Mures</b>-Pandurii game
11.11.UTA Arad1:2Tirgu MuresMore details about UTA Arad-<b>Tirgu Mures</b> game
08.11.Tirgu Mures4:2FC Olimpia Satu MareMore details about <b>Tirgu Mures</b>-FC Olimpia Satu Mare game
04.11.FC Dunarea Calarasi3:0Tirgu MuresMore details about <b>FC Dunarea Calarasi</b>-Tirgu Mures game
28.10.Tirgu Mures0:1CS AfumatiMore details about Tirgu Mures-<b>CS Afumati</b> game
21.10.CS Balotesti2:6Tirgu MuresMore details about CS Balotesti-<b>Tirgu Mures</b> game
17.10.Tirgu Mures2:2HermannstadtMore details about Tirgu Mures-Hermannstadt game
09.10.CS Mioveni2:1Tirgu MuresMore details about <b>CS Mioveni</b>-Tirgu Mures game
28.9.Tirgu Mures1:1FC Academica ClinceniMore details about Tirgu Mures-FC Academica Clinceni game
23.9.FC Metaloglobus Bucuresti4:0Tirgu MuresMore details about <b>FC Metaloglobus Bucuresti</b>-Tirgu Mures game
18.9.Tirgu Mures0:0Chindia TargovisteMore details about Tirgu Mures-Chindia Targoviste game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1FC Dunarea Calarasi31245263:2077
3Chindia Targoviste31188562:2462
4FC Arges Pitesti31177752:2958
5CS Afumati31167841:2555
6FC Academica Clinceni31148953:4650
7FC Arges2197528:1634
7ASU Politehnica Timisoara301451144:3447
8CS Mioveni311181244:3841
9CS Sportul Snagov311181234:3041
10Luceafarul Oradea311071448:5237
11CS Balotesti311071443:5937
12Ripensia Timisoara31991358:4836
13UTA Arad308111139:4135
14Dacia Unirea Braila31971559:5834
15FC Metaloglobus Bucuresti31971529:4334
16AS Stiinta Miroslava31871637:5731
17Tirgu Mures31941840:7131
19Foresta Suceava31832028:7927
20FC Olimpia Satu Mare31622319:69-46
 promotion promotion   promotion play off promotion play off   relegation relegation  

2FC Dunarea Calarasi16142039:844
3Chindia Targoviste15121234:937
4CS Afumati16113227:936
5FC Academica Clinceni16101534:2231
6FC Arges Pitesti1594221:831
7ASU Politehnica Timisoara1592423:1429
8CS Sportul Snagov1583418:1027
9Luceafarul Oradea1574427:1825
10CS Balotesti1673622:2524
11Dacia Unirea Braila1565437:2523
12CS Mioveni1665526:2023
13FC Arges1164115:522
14Ripensia Timisoara1555540:2320
15FC Metaloglobus Bucuresti1654716:2319
16Tirgu Mures1554621:2919
17UTA Arad1545621:2217
18AS Stiinta Miroslava1544722:2816
19Foresta Suceava1543815:2515
20FC Olimpia Satu Mare16421011:3214
1FC Dunarea Calarasi15103224:1233
3FC Arges Pitesti1683531:2127
4Chindia Targoviste1667328:1525
5CS Afumati1554614:1619
6FC Academica Clinceni1547419:2419
7ASU Politehnica Timisoara1553721:2018
8UTA Arad1546518:1918
9CS Mioveni1553718:1818
10Ripensia Timisoara1644818:2516
12FC Metaloglobus Bucuresti1543813:2015
13AS Stiinta Miroslava1643915:2915
14CS Sportul Snagov1635816:2014
15CS Balotesti1534821:3413
16FC Arges1033413:1112
17Foresta Suceava16401213:5412
18Luceafarul Oradea16331021:3412
19Tirgu Mures16401219:4212
20Dacia Unirea Braila16321122:3311
21FC Olimpia Satu Mare1520138:376

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
2FC Dunarea Calarasi550011:215
3FC Arges Pitesti550014:515
4FC Arges540111:412
5Dacia Unirea Braila54019:512
6CS Afumati53117:510
7CS Balotesti531110:810
8CS Sportul Snagov521210:77
9Chindia Targoviste52127:77
10CS Mioveni52125:47
11ASU Politehnica Timisoara52038:66
12Luceafarul Oradea52037:96
13Tirgu Mures52038:156
14UTA Arad51226:95
15Ripensia Timisoara51137:104
16FC Metaloglobus Bucuresti51133:114
17FC Academica Clinceni511311:154
18FC Olimpia Satu Mare51047:143
20AS Stiinta Miroslava50142:71
21Foresta Suceava50052:120

1FC Dunarea Calarasi550011:315
3FC Arges Pitesti54018:312
4CS Afumati532010:511
5FC Arges53207:311
6CS Balotesti531111:710
7Luceafarul Oradea531110:510
8Chindia Targoviste53119:710
9ASU Politehnica Timisoara52127:77
10UTA Arad52127:107
11FC Olimpia Satu Mare52127:87
12FC Metaloglobus Bucuresti52125:97
13FC Academica Clinceni52129:77
14Dacia Unirea Braila521211:117
15Tirgu Mures521212:117
17Ripensia Timisoara512211:125
18CS Mioveni51225:55
19AS Stiinta Miroslava51135:74
20CS Sportul Snagov51136:94
21Foresta Suceava51132:64
1FC Dunarea Calarasi541011:413
2FC Arges Pitesti540115:1012
4FC Academica Clinceni522111:118
5Chindia Targoviste52217:68
6FC Arges52127:47
7Dacia Unirea Braila52034:66
8Tirgu Mures52038:146
9CS Mioveni52036:56
10AS Stiinta Miroslava51225:55
11CS Sportul Snagov51226:65
12Ripensia Timisoara51136:94
13ASU Politehnica Timisoara51137:74
14UTA Arad50415:64
15CS Afumati51134:64
16CS Balotesti51137:154
17Luceafarul Oradea51135:104
18Foresta Suceava51045:103
19FC Metaloglobus Bucuresti50141:81
20FC Olimpia Satu Mare50055:130

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