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Cyprus - 2. Division


Ethnikos Assia






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Date Sunday 19th November 2017
Time 13:30 CET
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Ethnikos AssiaASIL Lysi
LOST in last 1 2. Division's games.WON in last 1 2. Division's games.
NOT WON in last 11 2. Division's games.NOT LOST in last 2 2. Division's games.

13.League position6.
  1pts.Last five games  7pts.
  3pts.last 5 home/away only  7pts.

5 on ASIL Lysi

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 0:2
»Head to Head matches
19th Nov 17 Cyprus - 2. DivisionEthnikos Assia : ASIL Lysi 0:3
11th Mar 17 Cyprus - 2. DivisionEthnikos Assia : ASIL Lysi 1:0
26th Nov 16 Cyprus - 2. DivisionASIL Lysi : Ethnikos Assia 1:1
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Ethnikos Assia
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Anagennisi Deryneia1181219:825
2Omonia Aradippou1181224:1325
3Enosis Paralimni1164118:1022
4Karmiotissa Pano Polemidion1155118:820
5Othellos Athienou1162314:820
6ASIL Lysi1154219:1119
8AEZ Zakakiou1152413:1017
9Ayia Napa1142517:1614
10E.N.TH.O.I. Lakatamias111649:159
11Digenis Oroklinis1123611:239
12PO Xylotympou 20061122712:218
13Ethnikos Assia110478:194
14Halkanoras Idaliou1100119:360
 promotion promotion   relegation relegation  

1Anagennisi Deryneia641111:613
2Omonia Aradippou641114:813
3Enosis Paralimni541010:313
4Karmiotissa Pano Polemidion63308:212
5ASIL Lysi640211:612
6Ayia Napa540111:312
7AEZ Zakakiou63215:211
8Othellos Athienou53207:411
10Digenis Oroklinis61236:135
11PO Xylotympou 200651136:104
12E.N.TH.O.I. Lakatamias51134:94
13Ethnikos Assia60336:123
14Halkanoras Idaliou50055:160
2Anagennisi Deryneia54018:212
3Omonia Aradippou540110:512
4Othellos Athienou63037:49
5Enosis Paralimni62318:79
6Karmiotissa Pano Polemidion522110:68
7ASIL Lysi51408:57
8AEZ Zakakiou52038:86
9E.N.TH.O.I. Lakatamias60515:65
10PO Xylotympou 200661146:114
11Digenis Oroklinis51135:104
12Ayia Napa60246:132
13Ethnikos Assia50142:71
14Halkanoras Idaliou60064:200

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Anagennisi Deryneia550010:215
3Enosis Paralimni53208:211
4Omonia Aradippou53116:410
5AEZ Zakakiou53028:79
6ASIL Lysi52128:57
7Ayia Napa52128:57
8PO Xylotympou 200652039:106
9Karmiotissa Pano Polemidion51317:56
10Digenis Oroklinis51225:105
11Othellos Athienou51223:45
12E.N.TH.O.I. Lakatamias50325:93
13Ethnikos Assia50144:101
14Halkanoras Idaliou50056:200

1Enosis Paralimni541010:313
2Anagennisi Deryneia540111:612
3Ayia Napa540111:312
4Othellos Athienou53207:411
5AEZ Zakakiou53115:210
6Omonia Aradippou53119:610
7Karmiotissa Pano Polemidion52304:29
8ASIL Lysi530210:69
10PO Xylotympou 200651136:104
11Digenis Oroklinis51135:124
12E.N.TH.O.I. Lakatamias51134:94
13Ethnikos Assia50326:113
14Halkanoras Idaliou50055:160
1Anagennisi Deryneia54018:212
2Omonia Aradippou540110:512
4Othellos Athienou53027:39
5Karmiotissa Pano Polemidion522110:68
6Enosis Paralimni52217:68
7ASIL Lysi51408:57
8AEZ Zakakiou52038:86
9PO Xylotympou 200651136:74
10Digenis Oroklinis51135:104
11E.N.TH.O.I. Lakatamias50415:64
12Ethnikos Assia50142:71
13Ayia Napa50146:131
14Halkanoras Idaliou50052:150

Legal Age   Adults only. Don't let gambling become a problem in your life. Check our responsible gambling page for more info.