Yemen - Premier League


El Ahli Sanaa


Ahli Taz

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Date Friday 2nd April 2010
Time 14:30 CEST
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El Ahli SanaaAhli Taz
WON in last 2 Premier League's games.LOST in last 2 Premier League's games.
NOT DRAW in last 3 Premier League's games.NOT DRAW in last 4 Premier League's games.

4.League position5.
  8pts.Last five games  4pts.
  10pts.last 5 home/away only  7pts.
»Head to Head matches
15th Mar 14 Yemen - Premier LeagueEl Ahli Sanaa : Ahli Taz 3:2
22nd Dec 13 Yemen - Premier LeagueAhli Taz : El Ahli Sanaa 0:0
10th Jul 12 Yemen - Premier LeagueAhli Taz : El Ahli Sanaa 1:1
22nd Mar 12 Yemen - Premier LeagueEl Ahli Sanaa : Ahli Taz 2:1
30th May 11 Yemen - Premier LeagueAhli Taz : El Ahli Sanaa 1:3
31st Dec 10 Yemen - Premier LeagueEl Ahli Sanaa : Ahli Taz 1:1
02nd Apr 10 Yemen - Premier LeagueEl Ahli Sanaa : Ahli Taz 0:2
11th Dec 09 Yemen - Premier LeagueAhli Taz : El Ahli Sanaa 0:1
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El Ahli Sanaa
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23.2.Ahli Taz0:1AlOurobaMore details about Ahli Taz-<b>AlOuroba</b> game
18.2.Al-Helal Al-Sahely2:2Ahli TazMore details about Al-Helal Al-Sahely-Ahli Taz game
14.2.Ahli Taz0:1Al-TilalMore details about Ahli Taz-<b>Al-Tilal</b> game
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01.2.Al Rasheed Taizz2:1Ahli TazMore details about <b>Al Rasheed Taizz</b>-Ahli Taz game
24.1.Sabbab Al-Jeel2:0Ahli TazMore details about <b>Sabbab Al-Jeel</b>-Ahli Taz game
19.1.Ahli Taz2:422 MayMore details about Ahli Taz-<b>22 May</b> game
14.1.Shaab Ibb0:0Ahli TazMore details about Shaab Ibb-Ahli Taz game
10.1.Ahli Taz0:1Shab SanaMore details about Ahli Taz-<b>Shab Sana</b> game
04.1.Ahli Taz2:0Shab HadramawtMore details about <b>Ahli Taz</b>-Shab Hadramawt game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Al Saqr26164643:2352
3Sabbab Al-bida261401031:2344
4El Ahli Sanaa26127729:2343
5Ahli Taz261321134:3241
7Wohdet Sana26910728:2437
8Ittihad Ibb2699822:2536
9Shaab Ibb26871129:3031
10Al-Helal Al-Sahely26941326:3131
11Al Sholaa Aden26791025:3930
12Wohdet Adn26841423:3928
13Slam AL-Qrfh26512927:3327
14Al Yarmuk Al Rawda26461626:4418
 relegation relegation  

1Sabbab Al-bida13120022:336
2Al Saqr13111127:834
5El Ahli Sanaa1383219:827
6Wohdet Sana1375118:726
7Ittihad Ibb1365214:1023
8Ahli Taz1371522:1522
9Wohdet Adn1363415:1221
10Al Sholaa Aden1356216:1221
11Slam AL-Qrfh1355319:1320
12Al-Helal Al-Sahely1462616:1720
13Shaab Ibb1354414:919
14Al Yarmuk Al Rawda1332818:2311
1Ahli Taz1361612:1719
2Al Saqr1353516:1518
4El Ahli Sanaa1344510:1516
5Ittihad Ibb133468:1513
6Shaab Ibb1333715:2112
8Wohdet Sana1325610:1711
9Al-Helal Al-Sahely1232710:1411
10Al Sholaa Aden132389:279
11Slam AL-Qrfh130768:207
12Wohdet Adn1321108:277
13Sabbab Al-bida1320109:206
14Al Yarmuk Al Rawda130488:214

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
2Sabbab Al-bida53025:59
4Al Saqr53028:39
5Ittihad Ibb52215:48
6El Ahli Sanaa52214:58
7Wohdet Adn52127:117
8Shaab Ibb52128:67
9Slam AL-Qrfh51319:56
10Wohdet Sana51315:66
11Al Sholaa Aden51222:75
12Ahli Taz51132:74
13Al-Helal Al-Sahely51134:64
14Al Yarmuk Al Rawda510410:123

1Sabbab Al-bida55007:015
2Al Saqr550015:315
5Ittihad Ibb53207:311
6Ahli Taz531110:610
7El Ahli Sanaa53117:310
8Wohdet Adn53028:69
9Wohdet Sana52305:39
10Al-Helal Al-Sahely53028:59
11Slam AL-Qrfh521213:97
12Al Yarmuk Al Rawda521212:97
13Al Sholaa Aden51314:56
14Shaab Ibb51314:36
1Ahli Taz52125:67
2Wohdet Sana52128:87
3Shaab Ibb52127:77
5Al Saqr51224:55
6El Ahli Sanaa51222:75
8Slam AL-Qrfh50324:83
9Sabbab Al-bida51044:93
10Al Sholaa Aden51045:193
11Ittihad Ibb50232:92
12Al-Helal Al-Sahely50232:62
13Wohdet Adn50142:121
14Al Yarmuk Al Rawda50143:91