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East Bengal Club


Shillong Lajong

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Date Sunday 6th November 2011
Time 14:00 CET
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East Bengal ClubShillong Lajong
WON in last 2 I League's games.DRAW in last 1 I League's games.
NOT LOST in last 6 I League's games.NOT WON in last 6 I League's games.

2.League position10.
  13pts.Last five games  1pts.
  13pts.last 5 home/away only  6pts.
»Head to Head matches
01st Feb 15 India - I-LeagueEast Bengal Club : Shillong Lajong 2:1
14th Mar 14 India - I-LeagueEast Bengal Club : Shillong Lajong 0:0
09th Oct 13 India - I-LeagueShillong Lajong : East Bengal Club 0:4
12th May 13 India - I LeagueEast Bengal Club : Shillong Lajong 0:1
01st Dec 12 India - I LeagueShillong Lajong : East Bengal Club 0:0
11th Feb 12 India - I LeagueShillong Lajong : East Bengal Club 2:1
06th Nov 11 India - I LeagueEast Bengal Club : Shillong Lajong 2:0
06th Mar 10 India - I LeagueShillong Lajong : East Bengal Club 1:0
12th Nov 09 India - I LeagueEast Bengal Club : Shillong Lajong 3:0
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23.3.Shillong Lajong3:0Bengaluru FCMore details about <b>Shillong Lajong</b>-Bengaluru FC game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Dempo SC26183559:2157
2East Bengal Club26156546:2251
3Churchill Brothers26146647:2848
4Mohun Bagan26138551:3247
5Pune FC26137644:3446
7United Sports Club26119641:3242
8Sporting Club de Goa26117853:4340
9Air India26951230:3732
10Shillong Lajong26771224:4428
11Mumbai FC26731631:5224
12Chirag Kerala26621828:5020
13Indian Arrows262101417:4016
14HAL Bangalore26152019:688
 relegation relegation  

1East Bengal Club13101227:1131
3Mohun Bagan1384125:928
4Pune FC1374221:1325
5United Sports Club1366122:1224
6Sporting Club de Goa1373333:1924
7Dempo SC1372427:1023
8Churchill Brothers1372432:1823
9Shillong Lajong1354412:1319
10Mumbai FC1352616:2017
11Air India1333712:2012
12Chirag Kerala1331915:2810
13Indian Arrows130857:168
14HAL Bangalore13011213:401
1Dempo SC13111132:1134
2Churchill Brothers1374215:1025
3Pune FC1363423:2121
4East Bengal Club1355319:1120
5Air India1362518:1720
6Mohun Bagan1354426:2319
7United Sports Club1353519:2018
8Sporting Club de Goa1344520:2416
10Chirag Kerala1331913:2210
11Shillong Lajong1323812:319
12Indian Arrows1322910:248
13HAL Bangalore131486:287
14Mumbai FC13211015:327

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1East Bengal Club541011:413
2Dempo SC532013:511
3Churchill Brothers531111:610
4Pune FC530211:89
5Sporting Club de Goa530211:79
6Mohun Bagan523011:49
8Indian Arrows52127:67
9United Sports Club52129:127
10Mumbai FC521211:117
11Air India51132:44
12Chirag Kerala51048:143
13HAL Bangalore50146:201
14Shillong Lajong50145:141

2East Bengal Club541012:513
3Mohun Bagan532012:411
4Pune FC53117:510
5United Sports Club53118:610
6Churchill Brothers531115:910
7Sporting Club de Goa531118:710
8Dempo SC52215:28
9Mumbai FC52125:67
10Chirag Kerala52038:136
11Shillong Lajong51226:85
12Indian Arrows50230:62
13Air India50233:82
14HAL Bangalore50148:161
1Dempo SC541015:513
2Pune FC530212:109
3Sporting Club de Goa53027:59
4Churchill Brothers52215:38
5Indian Arrows52129:77
6Air India52126:57
7Shillong Lajong52037:116
8East Bengal Club51313:36
9Mohun Bagan51318:76
10United Sports Club51138:114
11Chirag Kerala51046:113
13Mumbai FC51049:143
14HAL Bangalore50232:132