International - Club Friendlies




GIF Sundsvall

halftime (2:2)
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Date Friday 17th February 2012
Time 16:00 CET
Venue nameStockholms Stadion
50'    Robert Lundstroem
43'   Christer Youssef
40'   Daniel Sliper
33'   penalty Ari Skulason
3'   penalty Joona Toivio
Coach: Lennart Wass
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04th Feb 17 International - Club FriendliesGIF Sundsvall : Djurgaarden 0:0
06th Nov 16 Sweden - AllsvenskanGIF Sundsvall : Djurgaarden 2:5
25th Jul 16 Sweden - AllsvenskanDjurgaarden : GIF Sundsvall 1:3
31st Oct 15 Sweden - AllsvenskanDjurgaarden : GIF Sundsvall 4:2
26th Apr 15 Sweden - AllsvenskanGIF Sundsvall : Djurgaarden 0:2
06th Aug 12 Sweden - AllsvenskanGIF Sundsvall : Djurgaarden 0:1
08th Apr 12 Sweden - AllsvenskanDjurgaarden : GIF Sundsvall 1:0
17th Feb 12 International - Club FriendliesDjurgaarden : GIF Sundsvall 2:3
05th Oct 08 Sweden - AllsvenskanDjurgaarden : GIF Sundsvall 3:1
04th May 08 Sweden - AllsvenskanGIF Sundsvall : Djurgaarden 0:0
02nd Jul 04 Sweden - CupDjurgaarden : GIF Sundsvall 3:2
12th May 02 Sweden - AllsvenskanGIF Sundsvall : Djurgaarden 2:1
27th May 01 Sweden - AllsvenskanGIF Sundsvall : Djurgaarden 0:0
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