Mali - Championnat National


Djoliba AC



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Date Sunday 24th June 2012
Time 18:30 CEST
Venue nameCmplx Sportif Hérémakono
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Djoliba ACDuguwolofila
DRAW in last 1 Championnat National's games.LOST in last 4 Championnat National's games.
NOT LOST in last 30 Championnat National's games.NOT DRAW in last 8 Championnat National's games.

1.League position6.
  11pts.Last five games  3pts.
  13pts.last 5 home/away only  3pts.

3 on Djoliba AC

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:0
»Head to Head matches
13th Apr 14 Mali - Championnat NationalDjoliba AC : Duguwolofila 0:0
05th Jun 13 Mali - Championnat NationalDuguwolofila : Djoliba AC 0:2
13th Jan 13 Mali - Championnat NationalDjoliba AC : Duguwolofila 0:0
24th Jun 12 Mali - Championnat NationalDjoliba AC : Duguwolofila 5:0
20th Jan 12 Mali - Championnat NationalDuguwolofila : Djoliba AC 0:1
13th Mar 11 Mali - Championnat NationalDuguwolofila : Djoliba AC 0:0
23rd Nov 10 Mali - Championnat NationalDjoliba AC : Duguwolofila 3:2
22nd Jul 10 Mali - Championnat NationalDuguwolofila : Djoliba AC 0:3
06th Mar 10 Mali - Championnat NationalDjoliba AC : Duguwolofila 2:0
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Djoliba AC
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27.4.Stade Malien1:0DuguwolofilaMore details about <b>Stade Malien</b>-Duguwolofila game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Djoliba AC30228046:974
2Stade Malien30206474:2366
5Jeanne d´Arc FC301441232:2946
7CO Bamako301271133:2543
8Olympique de Messira301191036:3642
9AS Bamako301261236:4042
10AS Real301091133:2839
11Onze Createurs308101237:4034
12AS Nianan30881430:4332
13CSK Bamako307101316:4131
14AS Sigui30681618:4626
16AS Police30471929:5519
 relegation relegation  

1Stade Malien15112238:935
2Djoliba AC15105031:835
4AS Nianan1575319:1126
6CO Bamako1574417:1025
8AS Real1573517:1024
9Jeanne d´Arc FC1572621:1623
10Onze Createurs1554619:1819
11AS Bamako1553718:1918
12Olympique de Messira1544723:2616
13AS Sigui1535711:1914
14AS Police1525816:2411
16CSK Bamako151777:2210
1Djoliba AC15123015:139
2Stade Malien1594236:1431
3Olympique de Messira1575313:1026
4AS Bamako1573518:2124
5Jeanne d´Arc FC1572611:1323
8CSK Bamako156369:1921
10CO Bamako1553716:1518
11Onze Createurs1536618:2215
12AS Real1536616:1815
14AS Sigui153397:2712
15AS Police15221113:318
16AS Nianan15131111:326

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Stade Malien541019:413
3Djoliba AC53205:211
4Onze Createurs531116:610
5AS Real53119:410
6AS Bamako53029:119
7AS Nianan52127:57
9CO Bamako52127:47
10Olympique de Messira52035:116
12Jeanne d´Arc FC52033:76
13AS Sigui51045:143
14AS Police510410:143
16CSK Bamako51042:133

1Stade Malien541013:213
2Djoliba AC541014:413
5Onze Createurs522110:48
6CO Bamako52216:48
7AS Nianan52128:57
10Jeanne d´Arc FC52038:86
11Olympique de Messira51139:104
12AS Sigui51135:94
13AS Police51137:94
14AS Bamako51133:74
15AS Real51134:54
16CSK Bamako50141:131
1AS Bamako540110:812
2AS Real53209:311
3Djoliba AC53204:111
4Olympique de Messira53113:310
5Stade Malien531115:710
7CSK Bamako53023:69
8CO Bamako52216:38
9Jeanne d´Arc FC52124:77
10AS Police52039:106
12AS Nianan51132:104
13AS Sigui51132:114
14Onze Createurs511310:124