Russia - 2. Division West


Dinamo Kostroma


Spartak Kostroma

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Date Friday 25th May 2012
Time 16:30 CEST
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Dinamo KostromaSpartak Kostroma
LOST in last 5 2. Division West's games.DRAW in last 1 2. Division West's games.
NOT DRAW in last 12 2. Division West's games.NOT LOST in last 6 2. Division West's games.

14.League position2.
  0pts.Last five games  13pts.
  0pts.last 5 home/away only  7pts.

10 on Spartak Kostroma

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 0:2
»Head to Head matches
25th May 12 Russia - 2. Division WestDinamo Kostroma : Spartak Kostroma 0:1
20th Sep 11 Russia - 2. Division WestSpartak Kostroma : Dinamo Kostroma 2:0
23rd Jun 11 Russia - 2. Division WestDinamo Kostroma : Spartak Kostroma 0:1
17th Oct 10 Russia - 2. Division WestDinamo Kostroma : Spartak Kostroma 0:0
16th Jul 10 Russia - 2. Division WestSpartak Kostroma : Dinamo Kostroma 2:1
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Dinamo Kostroma
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Spartak Kostroma
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28.7.Spartak Kostroma1:0StroginoMore details about <b>Spartak Kostroma</b>-Strogino game
20.7.CRFSO Smolensk1:3Spartak KostromaMore details about CRFSO Smolensk-<b>Spartak Kostroma</b> game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Dinamo St Petersburg452712680:2793
2Spartak Kostroma452611862:3089
4CRFSO Smolensk452412977:3684
5Lokomotiv Moscow 2452491272:4481
6Volga Tver4522111260:3577
7Pskov 7474521101461:5373
10Dinamo Vologda4515151562:6360
11Sever Murmansk451572362:7752
12Karelia Petrozavodsk4513102258:8349
13Saturn 2451392354:7848
14Dinamo Kostroma456112833:7329
 promotion promotion   relegation relegation  

1Spartak Kostroma23156234:1051
2Lokomotiv Moscow 223155342:1450
3Dinamo St Petersburg23155347:1350
4CRFSO Smolensk23146348:1648
5Volga Tver23145436:1647
7Pskov 74723135538:2144
10Sever Murmansk22103933:2833
11Dinamo Vologda2287737:3031
12Saturn 22276932:2927
13Karelia Petrozavodsk22651129:4623
14Dinamo Kostroma22461220:2918
2Dinamo St Petersburg22127333:1443
3Spartak Kostroma22115628:2038
4CRFSO Smolensk22106629:2036
5Lokomotiv Moscow 22294930:3031
8Volga Tver2286824:1930
9Pskov 7472285923:3229
10Dinamo Vologda2378825:3329
11Karelia Petrozavodsk23751129:3726
12Saturn 223631422:4921
13Sever Murmansk23541429:4919
14Dinamo Kostroma23251613:4411

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
2Pskov 747541015:413
3Spartak Kostroma54108:113
4Lokomotiv Moscow 2540115:712
5Dinamo St Petersburg540111:412
8CRFSO Smolensk522111:48
9Volga Tver52124:47
11Sever Murmansk51224:45
12Karelia Petrozavodsk51136:94
13Dinamo Vologda50143:101
15Dinamo Kostroma50050:120
16Saturn 250055:190

2CRFSO Smolensk541013:113
3Dinamo St Petersburg540111:212
4Pskov 747531114:410
6Lokomotiv Moscow 2531112:310
8Spartak Kostroma53119:410
9Karelia Petrozavodsk52218:78
10Volga Tver52214:38
12Sever Murmansk52036:36
14Dinamo Vologda510410:123
15Saturn 250326:83
16Dinamo Kostroma50052:90
1Dinamo St Petersburg550011:315
4Sever Murmansk52218:48
6Pskov 74752126:97
7CRFSO Smolensk52124:47
8Spartak Kostroma52126:57
9Lokomotiv Moscow 252036:106
10Volga Tver51223:45
11Karelia Petrozavodsk51043:83
12Dinamo Kostroma51042:113
14Dinamo Vologda50231:92
16Saturn 250051:160