Romania - Liga I


Dinamo Bucuresti



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Date Sunday 23rd July 2017
Time 20:00 CEST
Venue nameStadionul Dinamo Bucuresti
90'   Olimpiu Morutan
90'   Valentin Costache
88'   Alberto Cobrea
85'   out Catalin Golofca
85'   in Benjamin Kuku
85'   in Valentin Costache
85'   out Sergiu Hanca
80'   Steliano Filip
72'   in Azer Busuladic
72'   out May Mahlangu
69'   Catalin Golofca
67'   in Paul Viorel Anton
67'   out Filipe Nascimento
64'   Sergiu Hanca
58'   in Tiberiu Serediuc
58'   out Laurentiu Bus
54'   in Razvan Tincu
54'   out Mihai Bordeianu
Goalkeeper: Jaime Penedo

Substitute player: Claudiu Bumba
Substitute player: Giorgos Katsikas
Substitute player: Thaer Fayed Bawab
Substitute player: Laurentiu Branescu
Substitute player: Valentin Costache
Substitute player: Paul Viorel Anton
Substitute player: Azer Busuladic

Coach: Cosmin Contra
Goalkeeper: Alberto Cobrea

Substitute player: Tiberiu Serediuc
Substitute player: Razvan Tincu
Substitute player: Esteban Ciacchieri
Substitute player: Eduard Pap
Substitute player: Benjamin Kuku
Substitute player: Lorand Levente Fulop
Substitute player: Marian Tarsa

Coach: Constantin Enache
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Dinamo BucurestiBotosani
DRAW in last 1 Liga I's games.DRAW in last 2 Liga I's games.
NOT LOST in last 3 Liga I's games.NOT WON in last 3 Liga I's games.

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7.League position4.
  5pts.Last five games  6pts.
  7pts.last 5 home/away only  4pts.
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23rd Oct 17 Romania - Liga IBotosani : Dinamo Bucuresti 0:0
23rd Jul 17 Romania - Liga IDinamo Bucuresti : Botosani 0:1
20th Feb 17 Romania - Liga IDinamo Bucuresti : Botosani 1:0
01st Oct 16 Romania - Liga IBotosani : Dinamo Bucuresti 2:1
14th Feb 16 Romania - Liga IDinamo Bucuresti : Botosani 1:0
20th Sep 15 Romania - Liga IBotosani : Dinamo Bucuresti 1:1
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1CFR Cluj15103225:1033
2FC FCSB1595129:832
3CS Universitatea Craiova1595124:1232
5Astra Giurgiu1566321:1424
6FC Viitorul Constanta1572617:1323
7Dinamo Bucuresti1563621:1521
8FC Voluntari1554617:1819
9CSMS Iasi1546517:2218
10ACS Poli Timisoara1553712:2418
11Concordia Chiajna1552817:1817
12Sepsi OSK15321011:2611
13Gaz Metan Medias1523107:269
14Juventus Bucuresti1514109:277
 relegation play off relegation play off   relegation relegation  

1FC FCSB853019:418
2CFR Cluj752010:217
3FC Viitorul Constanta851213:516
4Astra Giurgiu851214:716
6CS Universitatea Craiova734010:513
7FC Voluntari73138:910
8Dinamo Bucuresti731311:810
9ACS Poli Timisoara72236:108
10CSMS Iasi72236:98
11Sepsi OSK72145:137
12Gaz Metan Medias82154:117
13Juventus Bucuresti81346:126
14Concordia Chiajna81166:114
1CS Universitatea Craiova861114:719
2CFR Cluj851215:816
3FC FCSB742110:414
4Concordia Chiajna741211:713
5Dinamo Bucuresti832310:711
6ACS Poli Timisoara83146:1410
7CSMS Iasi824211:1310
9FC Voluntari82339:99
10Astra Giurgiu71517:78
11FC Viitorul Constanta72144:87
12Sepsi OSK81166:134
13Gaz Metan Medias70253:152
14Juventus Bucuresti70163:151

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1CS Universitatea Craiova541010:513
2FC Viitorul Constanta540110:312
3Concordia Chiajna540110:512
4FC FCSB532013:111
5FC Voluntari52215:48
6CFR Cluj52216:48
8CSMS Iasi51229:115
9Gaz Metan Medias51222:45
10Dinamo Bucuresti51226:55
11Juventus Bucuresti51133:104
12Astra Giurgiu50325:73
13Sepsi OSK50144:111
14ACS Poli Timisoara50141:141

1FC FCSB541015:113
2FC Viitorul Constanta540110:412
3CFR Cluj53207:211
4CS Universitatea Craiova52307:49
6FC Voluntari52124:57
7CSMS Iasi52126:77
8Dinamo Bucuresti52128:67
9Astra Giurgiu52129:77
10ACS Poli Timisoara51224:85
11Juventus Bucuresti51226:85
12Concordia Chiajna51135:74
13Gaz Metan Medias51132:54
14Sepsi OSK50142:121
1CS Universitatea Craiova540110:612
2Concordia Chiajna540110:512
3CFR Cluj53029:79
4FC FCSB52217:38
5FC Voluntari52128:77
6ACS Poli Timisoara52125:107
7FC Viitorul Constanta52124:57
8Astra Giurgiu51405:37
9CSMS Iasi51319:106
10Dinamo Bucuresti51226:65
11Sepsi OSK51134:54
13Juventus Bucuresti50141:111
14Gaz Metan Medias50143:121

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