Luxembourg - 1. Division


FC Differdange 03


US Rumelange

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Date Sunday 8th November 2009
Time 16:00 CET
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FC Differdange 03US Rumelange
WON in last 3 1. Division's games.LOST in last 6 1. Division's games.
NOT LOST in last 4 1. Division's games.NOT DRAW in last 17 1. Division's games.

4.League position13.
  10pts.Last five games  0pts.
  9pts.last 5 home/away only  6pts.
»Head to Head matches
05th Nov 16 Luxembourg - National DivisionUS Rumelange : FC Differdange 03 0:0
14th May 16 Luxembourg - National DivisionFC Differdange 03 : US Rumelange 3:0
29th Nov 15 Luxembourg - National DivisionUS Rumelange : FC Differdange 03 4:1
08th Apr 15 Luxembourg - National DivisionFC Differdange 03 : US Rumelange 2:1
21st Sep 14 Luxembourg - National DivisionUS Rumelange : FC Differdange 03 1:2
06th Apr 14 Luxembourg - National DivisionFC Differdange 03 : US Rumelange 1:0
29th Sep 13 Luxembourg - National DivisionUS Rumelange : FC Differdange 03 1:0
06th May 12 Luxembourg - 1. DivisionFC Differdange 03 : US Rumelange 6:1
20th Nov 11 Luxembourg - 1. DivisionUS Rumelange : FC Differdange 03 0:7
16th May 10 Luxembourg - 1. DivisionUS Rumelange : FC Differdange 03 1:2
08th Nov 09 Luxembourg - 1. DivisionFC Differdange 03 : US Rumelange 4:0
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FC Differdange 03
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
0FC Mondercange26271718:5813
1AS Jeunesse Esch26176345:2057
2F91 Dudelange26166462:2354
3CS Grevenmacher26134946:4043
4FC Differdange 0326126841:3042
5RM Hamm Benfica26118750:2941
6CS Fola Esch26118749:3841
7Racing FC Union Luxembourg26125939:4741
8FC Etzella Ettelbruck26881042:4332
9CS Petange26951236:4232
10Swift Hesperange26851333:4229
11FC Progres Niedercorn266101039:4428
12UN Kaerjeng 9726771228:3628
13US Rumelange26701827:6322
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1F91 Dudelange1394032:831
2AS Jeunesse Esch13100026:730
3CS Grevenmacher1391327:1828
4FC Differdange 031390230:1227
5CS Fola Esch1364327:2022
6RM Hamm Benfica1370231:1521
7Racing FC Union Luxembourg1370420:1521
8FC Progres Niedercorn1335518:2214
9FC Etzella Ettelbruck1335518:1814
10UN Kaerjeng 97133469:1513
11Swift Hesperange1333715:2312
12FC Mondercange1304810:364
13CS Petange1303619:203
14US Rumelange13001110:340
1AS Jeunesse Esch1374219:1325
2F91 Dudelange1370430:1521
3CS Fola Esch1354422:1819
4FC Etzella Ettelbruck1353524:2518
5Racing FC Union Luxembourg1353519:3218
6CS Petange1352617:2217
7US Rumelange1350717:2915
8Swift Hesperange1350618:1915
9CS Grevenmacher1343619:2215
10FC Progres Niedercorn1335521:2214
11FC Differdange 031334611:1813
12UN Kaerjeng 971340619:2112
13RM Hamm Benfica1304519:144
14FC Mondercange131098:223

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1RM Hamm Benfica531115:610
2FC Differdange 03531114:610
3F91 Dudelange531122:410
4FC Etzella Ettelbruck531112:610
5AS Jeunesse Esch531113:710
6CS Fola Esch523011:99
7FC Progres Niedercorn530210:89
8UN Kaerjeng 9753027:59
9CS Grevenmacher530210:129
10Swift Hesperange52039:96
11Racing FC Union Luxembourg52034:156
12CS Petange51134:124
13FC Mondercange50144:181
14US Rumelange50054:160

1AS Jeunesse Esch550012:215
2F91 Dudelange541018:513
3RM Hamm Benfica540115:512
4Racing FC Union Luxembourg54015:212
5FC Differdange 03530214:89
6UN Kaerjeng 9752213:28
7CS Fola Esch52127:77
8FC Progres Niedercorn52128:87
9FC Etzella Ettelbruck521210:77
10Swift Hesperange52129:97
11CS Grevenmacher52126:87
12CS Petange50323:83
13FC Mondercange50142:181
14US Rumelange50054:160
1F91 Dudelange540117:212
2FC Etzella Ettelbruck53118:510
3UN Kaerjeng 97530210:59
4CS Fola Esch522114:88
5FC Progres Niedercorn52129:77
6CS Petange52127:97
7Racing FC Union Luxembourg52126:157
8CS Grevenmacher52128:107
9AS Jeunesse Esch52127:107
10US Rumelange52037:116
11FC Differdange 0351222:75
12FC Mondercange51043:93
13Swift Hesperange51045:103
14RM Hamm Benfica50233:62