Uruguay - Clausura





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Date Sunday 2nd March 2008
Time 20:00 CET
83'   Sergio Rodriguez
58'   Martin Cardozo
56'   Diego Ifran
54'   Daley Mena
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WON in last 1 Clausura's games.LOST in last 1 Clausura's games.
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12.League position16.
  5pts.Last five games  6pts.
  4pts.last 5 home/away only  5pts.
»Head to Head matches
05th Apr 15 Uruguay - Primera Division ClausuraDanubio : Fenix 3:0
28th Sep 14 Uruguay - Primera Division AperturaFenix : Danubio 0:0
13th Apr 14 Uruguay - Primera Division ClausuraFenix : Danubio 1:2
10th Nov 13 Uruguay - Primera Division AperturaDanubio : Fenix 2:1
25th May 13 Uruguay - Primera Division ClausuraFenix : Danubio 1:1
02nd Dec 12 Uruguay - Primera Division AperturaDanubio : Fenix 2:1
03rd Mar 12 Uruguay - ClausuraFenix : Danubio 1:1
28th Aug 11 Uruguay - AperturaDanubio : Fenix 4:0
26th Feb 11 Uruguay - ClausuraFenix : Danubio 1:0
19th Sep 10 Uruguay - AperturaDanubio : Fenix 1:0
03rd Apr 10 Uruguay - ClausuraDanubio : Fenix 1:2
08th Nov 09 Uruguay - AperturaFenix : Danubio 4:1
02nd Mar 08 Uruguay - ClausuraDanubio : Fenix 2:2
02nd Sep 07 Uruguay - AperturaFenix : Danubio 0:0
18th Sep 05 Uruguay - AperturaFenix : Danubio 0:2
09th Apr 05 Uruguay - ClausuraFenix : Danubio 2:0
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1River Plate15121248:1737
2Club Atletico Penarol15121240:1537
3Liverpool FC1594236:2131
4Defensor Sporting15101441:2731
6Montevideo Wanderers1572620:2523
7Club Atletico Progreso1560923:3018
7Club Atlético Progreso1560923:3018
8Bella Vista1552817:2417
9Tacuarembo FC1552818:2917
10Juventud de las Piedras1544714:1916
11Rampla Juniors1544713:3216
13Central Espanol1542916:2414
14Miramar Misiones1542918:2714

1Club Atletico Penarol770025:621
2River Plate751124:816
4Defensor Sporting741221:1513
5Central Espanol941412:1213
6Montevideo Wanderers73137:910
7Rampla Juniors731310:1510
8Liverpool FC724110:910
10Bella Vista82156:87
11Tacuarembo FC82159:147
13Club Atlético Progreso72057:166
15Club Atletico Progreso72057:166
16Juventud de las Piedras71247:105
17Miramar Misiones71159:154
1River Plate870124:921
2Liverpool FC870126:1221
3Defensor Sporting860220:1218
4Club Atletico Penarol851215:916
6Montevideo Wanderers841313:1613
7Club Atlético Progreso840416:1412
8Club Atletico Progreso840416:1412
9Juventud de las Piedras83237:911
10Bella Vista731311:1610
11Miramar Misiones83149:1210
12Tacuarembo FC73139:1510
16Rampla Juniors81343:176
17Central Espanol60154:121

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Club Atletico Penarol550017:315
2Defensor Sporting541016:1013
3River Plate540111:612
4Montevideo Wanderers531110:710
5Rampla Juniors53119:1010
6Liverpool FC522110:58
8Bella Vista52034:66
9Club Atletico Progreso520311:126
10Tacuarembo FC52038:116
12Juventud de las Piedras51133:74
14Central Espanol51136:94
15Miramar Misiones51048:133
17Club Atlético Progreso00000:00

1Club Atletico Penarol550016:415
2River Plate540115:612
3Defensor Sporting531116:1010
4Rampla Juniors53118:610
6Montevideo Wanderers52125:67
7Liverpool FC51408:77
8Central Espanol52126:67
9Bella Vista52035:46
13Juventud de las Piedras50233:72
14Miramar Misiones50144:111
15Club Atlético Progreso00000:00
16Club Atletico Progreso50053:150
17Tacuarembo FC50053:110
1Defensor Sporting550011:315
2Club Atletico Penarol540111:512
3River Plate540113:712
4Liverpool FC540116:712
6Tacuarembo FC53119:910
7Montevideo Wanderers53029:129
8Juventud de las Piedras52123:57
9Bella Vista52126:117
10Miramar Misiones52127:87
11Club Atletico Progreso520310:96
13Rampla Juniors51223:85
16Central Espanol50143:91
17Club Atlético Progreso00000:00