Panama - LPF Clausura


Colón C-3 FC


Chepo FC

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Date Saturday 3rd March 2012
Time 22:00 CET
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Colón C-3 FCChepo FC
LOST in last 1 LPF Clausura's games.WON in last 2 LPF Clausura's games.
NOT DRAW in last 3 LPF Clausura's games.NOT LOST in last 8 LPF Clausura's games.

9.League position3.
  4pts.Last five games  11pts.
  5pts.last 5 home/away only  4pts.


under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:1
»Head to Head matches
29th Apr 12 Panama - LPF ClausuraChepo FC : Colón C-3 FC 2:1
03rd Mar 12 Panama - LPF ClausuraColón C-3 FC : Chepo FC 1:1
18th Sep 11 Panama - LPF AperturaChepo FC : Colón C-3 FC 0:0
17th Jul 11 Panama - LPF AperturaColón C-3 FC : Chepo FC 0:1
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Colón C-3 FC
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Chepo FC
Panama - LPF Apertura 2015/2016
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26.10.San Francisco FC0:2Chepo FCMore details about San Francisco FC-<b>Chepo FC</b> game
19.10.Chepo FC1:1Atletico ChiriquíMore details about Chepo FC-Atletico Chiriquí game
15.10.Chepo FC0:3Tauro FCMore details about Chepo FC-<b>Tauro FC</b> game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Sporting San Miguelito1896323:1533
2CD Arabe Unido1895421:1332
3Chepo FC1887324:1331
4Tauro FC1868420:1626
5Chorrillo FC18510323:2025
6San Francisco FC1857617:1822
7Atletico Chiriquí1848614:1720
8Alianza FC1855821:2820
9Colón C-3 FC1836914:2515
10CD Plaza Amador18261016:2812
 relegation relegation  

1Chepo FC972019:623
2CD Arabe Unido953111:618
3Sporting San Miguelito952212:817
4Chorrillo FC944114:916
5San Francisco FC93429:713
6Alianza FC933312:1212
7Tauro FC92617:612
8Colón C-3 FC92438:1110
9CD Plaza Amador923411:159
10Atletico Chiriquí91352:86
1Sporting San Miguelito944111:716
2Atletico Chiriquí935112:914
3Tauro FC942313:1014
4CD Arabe Unido942310:714
5Chorrillo FC91629:119
6San Francisco FC92348:119
7Alianza FC92259:168
8Chepo FC91535:78
9Colón C-3 FC91266:145
10CD Plaza Amador90365:133

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Chepo FC53209:111
2CD Arabe Unido53116:310
3Chorrillo FC52308:59
4Alianza FC52129:127
5Sporting San Miguelito52127:77
6Tauro FC52125:77
7San Francisco FC52037:86
8Atletico Chiriquí51227:75
9Colón C-3 FC51135:74
10CD Plaza Amador51047:133

1Chepo FC550013:215
2Chorrillo FC53209:411
3CD Arabe Unido53206:211
4Sporting San Miguelito53118:510
5Alianza FC52218:68
6San Francisco FC52125:47
7CD Plaza Amador52038:106
8Tauro FC51313:46
9Colón C-3 FC51224:75
10Atletico Chiriquí50231:42
1Sporting San Miguelito53115:310
2CD Arabe Unido53026:49
3Atletico Chiriquí52218:68
4Tauro FC52127:67
5Chorrillo FC51226:85
6San Francisco FC51225:75
7Chepo FC50411:24
8Alianza FC51045:133
9CD Plaza Amador50233:82
10Colón C-3 FC50142:71