Uruguay - Clausura


Club Atletico Penarol


Central Espanol

halftime (0:1)
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Date Sunday 29th May 2011
Time 20:30 CEST
Venue nameEstadio Las Acacias
90'   Matias Vecino
77'  Own Andres Fernandez
75'   Rodrigo Viega
17'   Cristian Palacios
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Club Atletico PenarolCentral Espanol
LOST in last 1 Clausura's games.WON in last 1 Clausura's games.
NOT WON in last 5 Clausura's games.NOT LOST in last 2 Clausura's games.

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3.League position6.
  2pts.Last five games  7pts.
  4pts.last 5 home/away only  3pts.

2 on Club Atletico Penarol

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 2:1
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29th Mar 13 Uruguay - Primera Division ClausuraClub Atletico Penarol : Central Espanol 3:1
06th Oct 12 Uruguay - Primera Division AperturaClub Atletico Penarol : Central Espanol 3:0
29th May 11 Uruguay - ClausuraClub Atletico Penarol : Central Espanol 2:2
28th Nov 10 Uruguay - AperturaCentral Espanol : Club Atletico Penarol 2:3
14th Mar 10 Uruguay - ClausuraCentral Espanol : Club Atletico Penarol 0:2
23rd Oct 09 Uruguay - AperturaCentral Espanol : Club Atletico Penarol 2:3
19th Apr 09 Uruguay - ClausuraClub Atletico Penarol : Central Espanol 2:1
25th Oct 08 Uruguay - AperturaCentral Espanol : Club Atletico Penarol 0:0
17th Feb 08 Uruguay - ClausuraCentral Espanol : Club Atletico Penarol 1:2
30th Aug 07 Uruguay - AperturaCentral Espanol : Club Atletico Penarol 0:4
26th Apr 07 Uruguay - ClausuraClub Atletico Penarol : Central Espanol 1:2
18th Nov 06 Uruguay - AperturaCentral Espanol : Club Atletico Penarol 1:2
08th Apr 06 Uruguay - ClausuraCentral Espanol : Club Atletico Penarol 3:2
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
2Defensor Sporting1584319:1228
3Club Atletico Penarol1583428:2027
6Central Espanol1565426:1723
8Montevideo Wanderers1555524:1720
9Liverpool FC1554622:2019
10Rampla Juniors1554618:2519
11Tacuarembo FC1561817:2619
12River Plate1552829:3417
13Bella Vista1536616:1815
15El Tanque Sisley15411019:3013
16Miramar Misiones15231012:309
 relegation relegation  

3Tacuarembo FC750211:815
4Defensor Sporting642012:314
6El Tanque Sisley941412:1113
8River Plate841320:1813
9Central Espanol641112:413
11Rampla Juniors72328:109
12Club Atletico Penarol822411:138
13Montevideo Wanderers72239:78
14Bella Vista82249:108
15Liverpool FC72148:117
16Miramar Misiones81253:135
1Club Atletico Penarol761017:719
3Defensor Sporting94237:914
5Montevideo Wanderers833215:1012
7Liverpool FC833214:912
9Rampla Juniors831410:1510
10Central Espanol924314:1310
11Bella Vista71427:87
12River Plate71159:164
13Miramar Misiones71159:174
14Tacuarembo FC81166:184
16El Tanque Sisley60067:190

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
4Montevideo Wanderers53118:410
6Defensor Sporting52125:67
7River Plate521212:117
8Liverpool FC52125:37
9Central Espanol52127:77
10El Tanque Sisley52037:66
11Tacuarembo FC52036:86
13Rampla Juniors51135:74
14Bella Vista50324:63
15Club Atletico Penarol50234:92
16Miramar Misiones50142:141

2Defensor Sporting53208:211
3El Tanque Sisley53119:510
4River Plate531115:1110
6Central Espanol531110:410
7Tacuarembo FC53026:79
8Montevideo Wanderers52218:48
12Rampla Juniors51226:95
13Club Atletico Penarol51138:84
14Bella Vista51134:74
15Liverpool FC51134:94
16Miramar Misiones50141:111
1Club Atletico Penarol541013:613
4Liverpool FC531110:410
6Montevideo Wanderers52219:68
7Bella Vista51406:57
9Rampla Juniors52037:106
10Defensor Sporting51222:65
11River Plate51138:104
12Central Espanol50327:103
14Miramar Misiones50144:121
15Tacuarembo FC50145:141
16El Tanque Sisley50056:170