Croatia - 1. Division





halftime (1:0)
»Game details
Date Friday 21st April 2017
Time 20:00 CEST
Venue nameStadion HNK Cibalia
90'   in Marko Mlakic
90'   Selim Bouadla
90'   out Frane Vitaic
86'   penalty Frane Vitaic
85'   penalty Mirko Ivanovski
79'   out Petar Misic
79'   in Zvonimir Filipovic
73'   Fidan Aliti
73'   penalty Frane Vitaic
70'   Tomislav Culjak
70'   Luka Mijokovic
70'   in Marko Brekalo
70'   out Dejan Glavica
68'   Nikola Katic
56'   out Gordan Baric
56'   in Josip Tadic
56'   out Dalibor Stevanovic
56'   in Soeren Christensen
54'   Frane Vitaic
50'   Aleksandar Jovicic
46'   in Mario Buric
46'   out Bozo Musa
46'   Mirko Ivanovski
11'   Dejan Glavica
2'   Dejan Glavica
Goalkeeper: Mladen Matkovic

Substitute player: Marko Brekalo
Substitute player: Danijel Romic
Substitute player: Zvonimir Subaric
Substitute player: Marko Mlakic
Substitute player: Marko Pervan
Substitute player: Petar Rubic
Substitute player: Zvonimir Filipovic

Coach: Mladen Bartolovic
Goalkeeper: Goran Blazevic

Substitute player: Vinko Medimorec
Substitute player: Josip Tadic
Substitute player: Antun Markovic
Substitute player: Mario Gregurina
Substitute player: Mario Buric
Substitute player: David Arap
Substitute player: Soeren Christensen

Coach: Zeljko Kopic
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9.League position7.
  8pts.Last five games  3pts.
  8pts.last 5 home/away only  2pts.

7 on Slaven

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 0:2
»Head to Head matches
23rd Apr 18 Croatia - 1. DivisionCibalia : Slaven 1:3
18th Feb 18 Croatia - 1. DivisionSlaven : Cibalia 2:0
21st Oct 17 Croatia - 1. DivisionCibalia : Slaven 1:0
05th Aug 17 Croatia - 1. DivisionSlaven : Cibalia 2:1
21st Apr 17 Croatia - 1. DivisionCibalia : Slaven 3:1
18th Dec 16 Croatia - 1. DivisionSlaven : Cibalia 4:0
02nd Oct 16 Croatia - 1. DivisionCibalia : Slaven 0:0
23rd Jul 16 Croatia - 1. DivisionSlaven : Cibalia 3:2
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
2Dinamo Zagreb36275468:2486
3Hajduk Split36209770:3169
5NK Lokomotiva361281641:3844
6NK Istra 1961361091733:4939
8Inter Zapresic365131826:5728
10RNK Split36392412:5218
 champions league qualification champions league qualification   uefa qualification uefa qualification   relegation play off relegation play off   relegation relegation  

2Dinamo Zagreb18124237:1340
3Hajduk Split18123348:1739
5NK Lokomotiva1892724:1629
7NK Istra 19611865716:2023
8Inter Zapresic1848617:2420
10RNK Split182798:1913
1Dinamo Zagreb18151231:1146
4Hajduk Split1886422:1430
5NK Istra 196118441017:2916
6NK Lokomotiva1836917:2215
8Inter Zapresic1815129:338
9RNK Split1812154:335

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Dinamo Zagreb550012:315
2NK Lokomotiva53207:311
3Hajduk Split531114:510
7NK Istra 196152036:66
8Inter Zapresic51041:143
10RNK Split50050:50

2Hajduk Split541020:413
3NK Lokomotiva54017:312
5Dinamo Zagreb540115:612
7NK Istra 196152124:57
9Inter Zapresic51223:85
10RNK Split50230:32
1Dinamo Zagreb54018:312
2Hajduk Split54019:412
4NK Lokomotiva50413:44
7NK Istra 196151044:73
9RNK Split50052:100
10Inter Zapresic50051:130

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