Uruguay - Segunda Division


Central Espanol


Huracan FC

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Date Saturday 7th April 2012
Time 15:10 CEST
Venue nameParque Palermo
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Central EspanolHuracan FC
WON in last 3 Segunda Division's games.DRAW in last 2 Segunda Division's games.
NOT LOST in last 19 Segunda Division's games.NOT LOST in last 4 Segunda Division's games.

1.League position5.
  11pts.Last five games  6pts.
  9pts.last 5 home/away only  4pts.

6 on Central Espanol

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 3:0
»Head to Head matches
07th Apr 15 Uruguay - Segunda DivisionHuracan FC : Central Espanol 1:3
28th Oct 14 Uruguay - Segunda DivisionCentral Espanol : Huracan FC 2:0
07th Jun 14 Uruguay - Segunda Division final stageHuracan FC : Central Espanol 0:3
03rd Jun 14 Uruguay - Segunda Division final stageCentral Espanol : Huracan FC 1:0
10th May 14 Uruguay - Segunda DivisionCentral Espanol : Huracan FC 2:2
07th Dec 13 Uruguay - Segunda DivisionHuracan FC : Central Espanol 0:2
07th Apr 12 Uruguay - Segunda DivisionCentral Espanol : Huracan FC 1:1
05th Nov 11 Uruguay - Segunda DivisionHuracan FC : Central Espanol 1:0
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Central Espanol24166247:1854
2Juventud de las Piedras24127537:2243
3Club Atletico Progreso24126636:3142
3Club Atlético Progreso24126636:3142
4Tacuarembo FC24910529:2237
5Huracan FC2498729:3135
6Miramar Misiones241041038:3134
7Boston River24712530:2533
9Plaza Colonia24761128:4227
10Sud America2469923:2427
11Deportivo Maldonado24681027:3026
12Rocha FC24541528:5119
13Villa Teresa24261620:4312
 promotion promotion   promotion play off promotion play off  

1Central Espanol1284024:828
2Club Atlético Progreso1273221:1224
3Juventud de las Piedras1273224:1024
4Club Atletico Progreso1273221:1224
5Tacuarembo FC1266015:324
6Miramar Misiones1262420:1320
7Boston River1247116:919
8Huracan FC1252515:1817
9Rocha FC1252523:2417
10Deportivo Maldonado1244415:1316
11Sud America1243513:1215
13Plaza Colonia1233612:2012
14Villa Teresa121388:186
1Central Espanol1282223:1026
2Juventud de las Piedras1254313:1219
3Huracan FC1246214:1318
5Club Atlético Progreso1253415:1918
6Club Atletico Progreso1253415:1918
7Plaza Colonia1243516:2215
8Boston River1235414:1614
9Miramar Misiones1242618:1814
10Tacuarembo FC1234514:1913
11Sud America1226410:1212
12Deportivo Maldonado1224612:1710
13Villa Teresa1213812:256
14Rocha FC1202105:272

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Central Espanol532010:411
2Juventud de las Piedras53118:610
3Rocha FC53028:99
4Deportivo Maldonado52219:68
5Sud America52126:67
7Plaza Colonia52129:107
8Miramar Misiones521210:47
9Club Atletico Progreso52127:97
10Tacuarembo FC51406:37
11Huracan FC51317:96
12Boston River51226:85
13Villa Teresa50055:110
14Club Atlético Progreso00000:00

1Tacuarembo FC53207:111
2Rocha FC531110:810
3Club Atletico Progreso531111:610
4Miramar Misiones530210:69
5Central Espanol52309:39
6Boston River52216:48
7Juventud de las Piedras52217:58
8Plaza Colonia52217:78
9Deportivo Maldonado52217:58
11Huracan FC51225:105
12Sud America51045:83
13Villa Teresa50145:91
14Club Atlético Progreso00000:00
1Central Espanol541012:513
3Plaza Colonia53029:89
4Miramar Misiones52219:58
5Boston River51316:66
6Juventud de las Piedras52035:86
7Sud America51225:75
8Tacuarembo FC51226:115
9Deportivo Maldonado51225:65
10Villa Teresa51136:94
11Huracan FC50414:74
12Club Atletico Progreso51132:104
13Club Atlético Progreso00000:00
14Rocha FC50051:120