Spain - Segunda B Grp. II


Caudal Deportivo


Burgos CF




halftime (0:0)
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Date Sunday 7th January 2018
Time 17:00 CET
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Caudal DeportivoBurgos CF
LOST in last 1 Segunda B Grp. II's games.WON in last 1 Segunda B Grp. II's games.
NOT WON in last 15 Segunda B Grp. II's games.NOT LOST in last 3 Segunda B Grp. II's games.

20.League position6.
  3pts.Last five games  6pts.
  4pts.last 5 home/away only  4pts.

7 on Burgos CF

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 0:1
»Head to Head matches
07th Jan 18 Spain - Segunda B Grp. IICaudal Deportivo : Burgos CF 0:0
20th Aug 17 Spain - Segunda B Grp. IIBurgos CF : Caudal Deportivo 1:0
15th Jan 17 Spain - Segunda B Grp. ICaudal Deportivo : Burgos CF 1:2
31st Aug 16 Spain - Copa del ReyCaudal Deportivo : Burgos CF 2:1
27th Aug 16 Spain - Segunda B Grp. IBurgos CF : Caudal Deportivo 3:4
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Caudal Deportivo
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14.5.Caudal Deportivo2:1PontevedraMore details about <b>Caudal Deportivo</b>-Pontevedra game
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Burgos CF
Spain - Segunda B Grp. II 2017/2018
14.1.Burgos CF2:1CD LealtadMore details about <b>Burgos CF</b>-CD Lealtad game
07.1.Caudal Deportivo0:0Burgos CFMore details about Caudal Deportivo-Burgos CF game
17.12.Burgos CF1:1SD LeioaMore details about Burgos CF-SD Leioa game
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26.11.CD Vitoria1:2Burgos CFMore details about CD Vitoria-<b>Burgos CF</b> game
19.11.Burgos CF1:1Athletic Bilbao BMore details about Burgos CF-Athletic Bilbao B game
12.11.Izarra2:1Burgos CFMore details about <b>Izarra</b>-Burgos CF game
05.11.Burgos CF3:0Pena SportMore details about <b>Burgos CF</b>-Pena Sport game
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21.10.Mirandes1:1Burgos CFMore details about Mirandes-Burgos CF game
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10.9.Tudelano0:0Burgos CFMore details about Tudelano-Burgos CF game
03.9.Burgos CF1:0Osasuna BMore details about <b>Burgos CF</b>-Osasuna B game
27.8.CD Lealtad0:1Burgos CFMore details about CD Lealtad-<b>Burgos CF</b> game
20.8.Burgos CF1:0Caudal DeportivoMore details about <b>Burgos CF</b>-Caudal Deportivo game
International - Club Friendlies 2017
09.8.Burgos CF2:3Real SociedadMore details about Burgos CF-<b>Real Sociedad</b> game
Spain - Segunda B Relegation Playoff 2016/2017
28.5.Linares Deportivo1:2Burgos CFMore details about Linares Deportivo-<b>Burgos CF</b> game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Sporting Gijon B21143442:2245
3Racing Santander21124525:1640
4Athletic Bilbao B2198431:1735
5Real Sociedad B21105627:1935
6Burgos CF21810317:1034
9SD Gernika2187622:1931
10SD Amorebieta2178627:2029
12SD Leioa2177729:2428
13Arenas Getxo21412527:2624
15CD Vitoria2149820:2421
16Real Union21631215:3221
17CD Lealtad21361213:2815
18Pena Sport21361215:3515
19Osasuna B20351217:3314
20Caudal Deportivo21271210:2913
 promotion play off promotion play off   relegation play off relegation play off   relegation relegation  

1Sporting Gijon B1091021:728
2Racing Santander1072111:423
5Athletic Bilbao B1063118:521
6Burgos CF1156011:421
7Real Sociedad B1162315:1120
9SD Amorebieta1060419:1018
10Real Union1152413:1517
12Arenas Getxo1136212:915
13SD Gernika1043315:1315
14SD Leioa1142516:1514
16CD Vitoria1026210:812
17CD Lealtad112458:1310
18Osasuna B102448:1210
19Caudal Deportivo111644:119
20Pena Sport1023511:179
2Sporting Gijon B1152421:1517
3Racing Santander1152414:1217
5SD Gernika114437:616
6Real Sociedad B1043312:815
7SD Leioa1035213:914
8Athletic Bilbao B1135313:1214
9Burgos CF103436:613
10SD Amorebieta111828:1011
13CD Vitoria1123610:169
14Arenas Getxo1016315:179
16Pena Sport111374:186
17CD Lealtad101275:155
18Osasuna B101189:214
19Caudal Deportivo101186:184
20Real Union101182:174

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Athletic Bilbao B54017:312
2Sporting Gijon B540112:712
3SD Amorebieta53205:111
6CD Vitoria52216:38
7Real Sociedad B52215:48
9SD Leioa52127:87
10Racing Santander52126:67
11Pena Sport51406:57
14Burgos CF51313:36
15Arenas Getxo51227:75
16SD Gernika51227:85
17Caudal Deportivo50324:63
18CD Lealtad50141:71
19Real Union50142:101
20Osasuna B50052:90

1SD Amorebieta550012:115
2Sporting Gijon B550012:415
3Athletic Bilbao B54108:113
4Racing Santander53204:111
5Real Sociedad B53117:310
8Pena Sport52309:69
9Burgos CF52307:39
12SD Leioa52129:97
13SD Gernika52128:87
14CD Vitoria51315:36
16Arenas Getxo51314:36
17Osasuna B51134:64
18Caudal Deportivo50412:44
19CD Lealtad50233:62
20Real Union50234:112
1SD Gernika53116:310
2SD Leioa52307:49
3Sporting Gijon B530210:89
4Racing Santander53029:79
6Athletic Bilbao B52215:58
7SD Amorebieta51403:27
9Pena Sport51313:56
10CD Vitoria51225:75
11Real Sociedad B51223:55
14Arenas Getxo50418:94
16Burgos CF51133:54
17CD Lealtad50142:91
18Osasuna B50053:120
19Caudal Deportivo50054:120
20Real Union50051:100

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