Spain - Segunda B Grp. II


Caudal Deportivo


Burgos CF




halftime (0:0)
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Date Sunday 7th January 2018
Time 17:00 CET
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Caudal DeportivoBurgos CF
LOST in last 1 Segunda B Grp. II's games.LOST in last 1 Segunda B Grp. II's games.
NOT WON in last 24 Segunda B Grp. II's games.NOT WON in last 3 Segunda B Grp. II's games.

20.League position11.
  2pts.Last five games  4pts.
  4pts.last 5 home/away only  3pts.

7 on Burgos CF

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 0:1
»Head to Head matches
07th Jan 18 Spain - Segunda B Grp. IICaudal Deportivo : Burgos CF 0:0
20th Aug 17 Spain - Segunda B Grp. IIBurgos CF : Caudal Deportivo 1:0
15th Jan 17 Spain - Segunda B Grp. ICaudal Deportivo : Burgos CF 1:2
31st Aug 16 Spain - Copa del ReyCaudal Deportivo : Burgos CF 2:1
27th Aug 16 Spain - Segunda B Grp. IBurgos CF : Caudal Deportivo 3:4
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Caudal Deportivo
Spain - Segunda B Grp. II 2017/2018
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28.1.Caudal Deportivo0:0Osasuna BMore details about Caudal Deportivo-Osasuna B game
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07.1.Caudal Deportivo0:0Burgos CFMore details about Caudal Deportivo-Burgos CF game
17.12.Caudal Deportivo0:0SD AmorebietaMore details about Caudal Deportivo-SD Amorebieta game
10.12.Barakaldo2:1Caudal DeportivoMore details about <b>Barakaldo</b>-Caudal Deportivo game
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05.11.Caudal Deportivo0:2Racing SantanderMore details about Caudal Deportivo-<b>Racing Santander</b> game
01.11.Sporting Gijon B3:1Caudal DeportivoMore details about <b>Sporting Gijon B</b>-Caudal Deportivo game
29.10.Caudal Deportivo1:3MirandesMore details about Caudal Deportivo-<b>Mirandes</b> game
22.10.SD Gernika2:0Caudal DeportivoMore details about <b>SD Gernika</b>-Caudal Deportivo game
15.10.Caudal Deportivo0:2Arenas GetxoMore details about Caudal Deportivo-<b>Arenas Getxo</b> game
08.10.Real Union2:0Caudal DeportivoMore details about <b>Real Union</b>-Caudal Deportivo game
01.10.Caudal Deportivo0:0Real Sociedad BMore details about Caudal Deportivo-Real Sociedad B game
Burgos CF
Spain - Segunda B Grp. II 2017/2018
18.3.Sporting Gijon B3:1Burgos CFMore details about <b>Sporting Gijon B</b>-Burgos CF game
11.3.Burgos CF1:1MirandesMore details about Burgos CF-Mirandes game
04.3.SD Gernika1:0Burgos CFMore details about <b>SD Gernika</b>-Burgos CF game
25.2.Burgos CF1:0Arenas GetxoMore details about <b>Burgos CF</b>-Arenas Getxo game
18.2.Real Union1:0Burgos CFMore details about <b>Real Union</b>-Burgos CF game
11.2.Burgos CF0:0Real Sociedad BMore details about Burgos CF-Real Sociedad B game
04.2.Logrones2:0Burgos CFMore details about <b>Logrones</b>-Burgos CF game
28.1.Burgos CF0:1TudelanoMore details about Burgos CF-<b>Tudelano</b> game
21.1.Osasuna B0:1Burgos CFMore details about Osasuna B-<b>Burgos CF</b> game
14.1.Burgos CF2:1CD LealtadMore details about <b>Burgos CF</b>-CD Lealtad game
07.1.Caudal Deportivo0:0Burgos CFMore details about Caudal Deportivo-Burgos CF game
17.12.Burgos CF1:1SD LeioaMore details about Burgos CF-SD Leioa game
09.12.SD Amorebieta1:0Burgos CFMore details about <b>SD Amorebieta</b>-Burgos CF game
03.12.Burgos CF0:0BarakaldoMore details about Burgos CF-Barakaldo game
26.11.CD Vitoria1:2Burgos CFMore details about CD Vitoria-<b>Burgos CF</b> game
19.11.Burgos CF1:1Athletic Bilbao BMore details about Burgos CF-Athletic Bilbao B game
12.11.Izarra2:1Burgos CFMore details about <b>Izarra</b>-Burgos CF game
05.11.Burgos CF3:0Pena SportMore details about <b>Burgos CF</b>-Pena Sport game
01.11.Racing Santander1:0Burgos CFMore details about <b>Racing Santander</b>-Burgos CF game
29.10.Burgos CF1:1Sporting Gijon BMore details about Burgos CF-Sporting Gijon B game
21.10.Mirandes1:1Burgos CFMore details about Mirandes-Burgos CF game
15.10.Burgos CF0:0SD GernikaMore details about Burgos CF-SD Gernika game
07.10.Arenas Getxo0:0Burgos CFMore details about Arenas Getxo-Burgos CF game
01.10.Burgos CF0:0Real UnionMore details about Burgos CF-Real Union game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Sporting Gijon B30186651:2960
3Real Sociedad B30167735:2255
4Racing Santander30166835:2554
5Athletic Bilbao B301410645:2452
6SD Gernika30149733:2251
10SD Leioa301110941:3143
11Burgos CF301012821:1942
12Arenas Getxo30716739:3537
13Real Union301061423:3736
14SD Amorebieta308121034:3036
15CD Vitoria306111328:3829
17Osasuna B30581722:4423
18CD Lealtad30581721:4023
19Pena Sport304101623:5122
20Caudal Deportivo302101813:4216
 promotion play off promotion play off   relegation play off relegation play off   relegation relegation  

1Sporting Gijon B15123028:939
2Athletic Bilbao B15113131:736
3Real Sociedad B16103320:1133
4Racing Santander15103219:733
8SD Gernika1584323:1428
9Real Union1683520:1927
10Arenas Getxo1668222:1426
11Burgos CF1568113:626
12SD Leioa1573523:1924
14SD Amorebieta1471624:1522
15CD Vitoria1438312:1017
16Osasuna B1545612:1617
18CD Lealtad1536612:1715
19Caudal Deportivo151954:1412
20Pena Sport1525815:2811
3SD Gernika1565410:823
4Real Sociedad B1464415:1122
5Sporting Gijon B1563623:2021
6Racing Santander1563616:1821
7SD Leioa1547418:1219
9Athletic Bilbao B1537514:1716
10Burgos CF154478:1316
12SD Amorebieta16111410:1514
13CD Vitoria16331016:2812
15Arenas Getxo1418517:2111
16Pena Sport152588:2311
17Real Union142393:189
18CD Lealtad1522119:238
19Osasuna B15131110:286
20Caudal Deportivo1511139:284

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Real Sociedad B54106:113
2SD Gernika53204:111
3Athletic Bilbao B532011:211
5Racing Santander53027:69
6SD Leioa52219:58
7Arenas Getxo52218:58
8Sporting Gijon B52215:48
10Real Union52125:47
12CD Vitoria51225:95
13SD Amorebieta51225:55
14Osasuna B51221:55
15Pena Sport51224:85
17CD Lealtad51134:74
18Burgos CF51133:64
19Caudal Deportivo50231:52

1Athletic Bilbao B550013:215
2SD Leioa541010:613
3SD Gernika54108:113
4Real Sociedad B54105:013
5Arenas Getxo532010:511
6Sporting Gijon B53207:211
9Racing Santander53118:310
10Real Union53117:410
13Burgos CF52214:38
14SD Amorebieta52128:67
15Osasuna B52124:47
16CD Vitoria51312:26
17CD Lealtad51314:46
19Caudal Deportivo50410:34
20Pena Sport50234:112
4SD Gernika52123:37
5Sporting Gijon B52127:87
6Real Sociedad B52123:57
7Pena Sport51314:56
8SD Leioa51225:35
9Real Union51221:35
10Racing Santander51133:94
12CD Vitoria51046:123
13Arenas Getxo50325:73
14SD Amorebieta50322:53
15CD Lealtad51044:83
16Burgos CF51042:73
17Athletic Bilbao B50232:82
18Osasuna B50231:72
20Caudal Deportivo50053:100

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