Bosnia-Herzegovina - 1. Division FBiH




Jedinstvo Bihac

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Date Saturday 30th April 2011
Time 16:30 CEST
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CapljinaJedinstvo Bihac
DRAW in last 1 1. Division FBiH's games.WON in last 1 1. Division FBiH's games.
NOT WON in last 2 1. Division FBiH's games.NOT DRAW in last 2 1. Division FBiH's games.

2.League position6.
  7pts.Last five games  5pts.
  13pts.last 5 home/away only  6pts.

8 on Capljina

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 3:0
»Head to Head matches
15th Nov 14 Bosnia-Herzegovina - 1. Division FBiHCapljina : Jedinstvo Bihac 3:1
12th Apr 14 Bosnia-Herzegovina - 1. Division FBiHCapljina : Jedinstvo Bihac 0:1
28th Sep 13 Bosnia-Herzegovina - 1. Division FBiHJedinstvo Bihac : Capljina 2:0
01st Jun 13 Bosnia-Herzegovina - 1. Division FBiHCapljina : Jedinstvo Bihac 3:2
10th Nov 12 Bosnia-Herzegovina - 1. Division FBiHJedinstvo Bihac : Capljina 1:1
12th May 12 Bosnia-Herzegovina - 1. Division FBiHCapljina : Jedinstvo Bihac 0:2
15th Oct 11 Bosnia-Herzegovina - 1. Division FBiHJedinstvo Bihac : Capljina 1:0
30th Apr 11 Bosnia-Herzegovina - 1. Division FBiHCapljina : Jedinstvo Bihac 3:0
09th Oct 10 Bosnia-Herzegovina - 1. Division FBiHJedinstvo Bihac : Capljina 1:0
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1GOSK Gabela30168637:2056
3Iskra Bugojno30138945:3547
4Krajina Cazin301451141:3147
6Jedinstvo Bihac301441237:3946
8Gradina Srebrenik301351243:3844
9Krajisnik Velika Kladusa301351241:3944
10Rudar Kakanj301110944:4343
11SASK Napredak301341348:4943
12Omladinac Mionica301331437:3842
13Bosna Visoko301251339:4441
14Slaven Zivinice301041627:4234
15Igman Konjic30941734:5631
16Radnik Hadzici30481826:5320
 promotion promotion   relegation relegation  

2Gradina Srebrenik15132034:641
3Krajina Cazin15132033:841
4GOSK Gabela15132026:441
6Krajisnik Velika Kladusa15123034:1139
7Iskra Bugojno15123033:1139
8SASK Napredak15122132:1238
9Omladinac Mionica15113129:1036
10Jedinstvo Bihac15113129:1136
12Bosna Visoko15104125:1134
13Slaven Zivinice15103221:933
14Rudar Kakanj15103231:1433
15Igman Konjic1592422:1729
16Radnik Hadzici1537517:2016
1GOSK Gabela1536611:1615
3Rudar Kakanj1517713:2910
4Jedinstvo Bihac1531118:2810
5Iskra Bugojno1515912:248
6Bosna Visoko15211214:337
8Krajina Cazin1513118:236
9Omladinac Mionica1520138:286
11SASK Napredak15121216:375
12Krajisnik Velika Kladusa1512127:285
13Radnik Hadzici1511139:334
14Gradina Srebrenik1503129:323
15Igman Konjic15021312:392
16Slaven Zivinice1501146:331

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Iskra Bugojno531114:810
2Krajina Cazin53028:89
4Omladinac Mionica53028:89
5Krajisnik Velika Kladusa530212:69
6GOSK Gabela52306:39
7Bosna Visoko53029:99
8Rudar Kakanj530212:139
10SASK Napredak52218:68
12Gradina Srebrenik520311:66
13Jedinstvo Bihac51224:65
14Slaven Zivinice51134:104
15Igman Konjic510410:183
16Radnik Hadzici50054:160

1Gradina Srebrenik550015:015
3Krajisnik Velika Kladusa550014:315
4Bosna Visoko550012:315
6Krajina Cazin541010:313
7Omladinac Mionica541012:513
8SASK Napredak541010:413
9Iskra Bugojno541013:513
10Rudar Kakanj541013:413
12GOSK Gabela53207:211
13Slaven Zivinice531110:610
14Igman Konjic53027:99
15Jedinstvo Bihac52218:68
16Radnik Hadzici50056:140
1Jedinstvo Bihac52033:76
2SASK Napredak512210:125
3GOSK Gabela51224:45
4Iskra Bugojno51226:65
5Krajina Cazin51134:94
7Rudar Kakanj51134:134
9Omladinac Mionica51041:93
10Bosna Visoko50144:131
12Radnik Hadzici50055:180
13Gradina Srebrenik50053:100
14Igman Konjic50056:190
15Slaven Zivinice50052:110
16Krajisnik Velika Kladusa50053:120