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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Toronto Croatia22156157:1351
2Montreal Impact Academy22145352:1747
3SC Toronto22144451:1646
4Windsor Stars22124646:2140
5York Region Shooters22911233:1938
6TFC Academy22105742:2835
7Serbian White Eagles22105748:3535
8Niagara United22103934:3633
9SC Waterloo221011146:3731
10Mississauga Eagles FC2285942:4429
11Brampton United22841049:3528
12Hamilton City2277834:5528
13Brantford Galaxy FC22811340:6825
14Kingston FC22411723:6113
16Astros Vasas FC22211915:737
 promotion play off promotion play off  

1Montreal Impact Academy1182134:726
2SC Toronto1182132:826
3Windsor Stars1181227:925
4Toronto Croatia1174025:625
5SC Waterloo1180328:1124
6Serbian White Eagles1173124:1024
7York Region Shooters1155122:1320
8Hamilton City1154219:1919
9Brampton United1161426:1019
10Niagara United1153318:1118
11TFC Academy1151524:2016
12Mississauga Eagles FC1142523:2314
13Brantford Galaxy FC1141618:2913
15Kingston FC1111912:344
16Astros Vasas FC111198:344
1Toronto Croatia1182132:726
2Montreal Impact Academy1163218:1021
3SC Toronto1162319:820
4TFC Academy1154218:819
5York Region Shooters1146111:618
6Niagara United1150616:2515
7Windsor Stars1143419:1215
8Mississauga Eagles FC1143419:2115
9Brantford Galaxy FC1140722:3912
10Serbian White Eagles1132624:2511
11Kingston FC1130811:279
12Hamilton City1123615:369
13Brampton United1123623:259
14SC Waterloo1121818:267
15Astros Vasas FC1110107:393

Latest results

dateround home team away team
11 Oct1FTTFC Academy2:4Montreal Impact AcademyMore details about  -  soccer game
8 Oct1FTToronto Croatia0:0York Region ShootersMore details about  -  soccer game
8 Oct1FTSC Waterloo4:0St.CatharineMore details about  -  soccer game
8 Oct1FTBrantford Galaxy FC3:6Mississauga Eagles FCMore details about  -  soccer game
7 Oct1FTMontreal Impact Academy1:0SC TorontoMore details about  -  soccer game
7 Oct1FTNiagara United4:1Brampton UnitedMore details about  -  soccer game
7 Oct1FTKingston FC1:4Hamilton CityMore details about  -  soccer game
6 Oct1FTAstros Vasas FC1:6Windsor StarsMore details about  -  soccer game
6 Oct1FTTFC Academy2:5Serbian White EaglesMore details about  -  soccer game
1 Oct1FTToronto Croatia2:1Windsor StarsMore details about  -  soccer game
1 Oct1FTSC Waterloo1:0SC TorontoMore details about  -  soccer game
1 Oct1FTYork Region Shooters0:1Montreal Impact AcademyMore details about  -  soccer game
1 Oct1FTBrantford Galaxy FC2:3Kingston FCMore details about  -  soccer game
29 Sep1FTAstros Vasas FC0:3Montreal Impact AcademyMore details about  -  soccer game
29 Sep1FTSerbian White Eagles3:1Brampton UnitedMore details about  -  soccer game
29 Sep1FTMississauga Eagles FC1:3Niagara UnitedMore details about  -  soccer game

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Montreal Impact Academy550015:315
2Toronto Croatia541015:213
3Niagara United540113:812
4Windsor Stars540115:512
5Serbian White Eagles531114:710
6SC Toronto53025:49
7SC Waterloo52129:77
8Hamilton City52129:127
9Kingston FC52039:156
10York Region Shooters51316:46
11Mississauga Eagles FC511310:134
12Brampton United51044:103
13TFC Academy50238:142
14Brantford Galaxy FC50057:210
16Astros Vasas FC50052:220

1Windsor Stars541016:313
2SC Waterloo540115:312
3Montreal Impact Academy540113:312
4SC Toronto540116:612
5Toronto Croatia53209:311
6Serbian White Eagles532014:611
7Niagara United52219:58
8Hamilton City52218:118
9Mississauga Eagles FC521211:137
10Brampton United52039:56
11York Region Shooters51316:56
12Kingston FC51047:153
13TFC Academy510410:163
15Brantford Galaxy FC50147:161
16Astros Vasas FC50052:170
1Montreal Impact Academy550013:315
2Niagara United540112:812
3Toronto Croatia532014:211
4York Region Shooters53206:111
5Serbian White Eagles531117:810
6TFC Academy523010:49
7SC Toronto53028:39
8Windsor Stars522111:68
9Mississauga Eagles FC522111:78
10Kingston FC520310:146
11SC Waterloo51139:104
12Hamilton City51137:144
13Astros Vasas FC51045:163
15Brantford Galaxy FC50055:300
16Brampton United50055:140

Under - Over goals statistics

 Over in % of gamesAverage # of goals
1Brantford Galaxy FC8673644.275.554.91
2Hamilton City9582733.454.644.05
3Astros Vasas FC9582553.824.184
4Mississauga Eagles FC8668554.183.643.91
5Kingston FC7768414.183.453.82
6Brampton United7759453.274.363.82
7SC Waterloo8668593.5543.77
8Serbian White Eagles8664453.094.453.77
10Niagara United8677412.643.733.18
11TFC Academy73594142.363.18
12Toronto Croatia7755412.823.553.18
13Montreal Impact Academy7350323.732.553.14
14Windsor Stars7355363.272.823.05
15SC Toronto7355413.642.453.05
16York Region Shooters5532273.181.552.36

Average number of goals is taken from sum Goals for and Goals against.

Team profit

If you bet on every game team plays. Each bet is 100 units.
 Total profitProfit per game
1SC Waterloo00
2Niagara United00
3Kingston FC00
4Windsor Stars00
5Mississauga Eagles FC00
6Montreal Impact Academy00
7Brantford Galaxy FC00
8Hamilton City00
9TFC Academy00
11Brampton United00
12Astros Vasas FC00
13SC Toronto00
14Toronto Croatia00
15Serbian White Eagles00
16York Region Shooters00

Teams with positive numbers can be undervalued by bookmakers.
Only games with odds from bookmakers included