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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1York Region Shooters24137445:2946
2Serbian White Eagles24129340:1645
3FC Hamilton Croatia24135651:2744
4Milltown FC24127543:2243
5SC Toronto24115846:3938
6TFC Academy24108632:2738
7Brantford Galaxy FC24951045:5132
8Toronto Croatia2479836:3830
9Montreal Impact Academy24771034:3128
10Brampton United24771033:3728
11Hamilton City24481238:6120
12Astros Vasas FC24531632:6218
 promotion play off promotion play off  

1Milltown FC1283128:1127
2York Region Shooters1274124:1025
3Serbian White Eagles1273220:824
4FC Hamilton Croatia1272328:1223
5Brantford Galaxy FC1263328:2021
6SC Toronto1262422:2020
7TFC Academy1254315:1219
8Brampton United1253414:1318
9Montreal Impact Academy1244418:1116
10Toronto Croatia1235417:2014
11Hamilton City1225520:3111
13Astros Vasas FC1222819:368
1FC Hamilton Croatia1263323:1521
2Serbian White Eagles1256120:821
3York Region Shooters1263321:1921
4TFC Academy1254317:1519
5SC Toronto1253424:1918
6Milltown FC1244415:1116
7Toronto Croatia1244419:1816
8Montreal Impact Academy1233616:2012
9Brantford Galaxy FC1232717:3111
10Brampton United1224619:2410
11Astros Vasas FC1231813:2610
12Hamilton City1223718:309

Latest results

dateround home team away team
9 Oct1FTToronto Croatia2:2York Region ShootersMore details about  -  soccer game
9 Oct1FTBrantford Galaxy FC0:2St.CatharineMore details about  -  soccer game
6 Oct1FTFC Hamilton Croatia1:0Milltown FCMore details about  -  soccer game
4 Oct1FTToronto Croatia2:2Brampton UnitedMore details about  -  soccer game
4 Oct1FTBrantford Galaxy FC2:3Serbian White EaglesMore details about  -  soccer game
3 Oct1FTMilltown FC4:0St.CatharineMore details about  -  soccer game
3 Oct1FTTFC Academy0:1York Region ShootersMore details about  -  soccer game
2 Oct1FTAstros Vasas FC0:1FC Hamilton CroatiaMore details about  -  soccer game
2 Oct1FTSC Toronto5:1Hamilton CityMore details about  -  soccer game
2 Oct1FTBrampton United0:2York Region ShootersMore details about  -  soccer game
2 Oct1FTSerbian White Eagles2:0Toronto CroatiaMore details about  -  soccer game
30 Sep1FTSerbian White Eagles2:0St.CatharineMore details about  -  soccer game
29 Sep1Finished after awarded winToronto Croatia0:2Hamilton CityMore details about  -  soccer game
27 Sep1FTToronto Croatia0:2FC Hamilton CroatiaMore details about  -  soccer game
27 Sep1FTBrantford Galaxy FC1:1Brampton UnitedMore details about  -  soccer game
26 Sep1FTHamilton City1:1Milltown FCMore details about  -  soccer game

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1FC Hamilton Croatia550010:415
2York Region Shooters541013:613
3SC Toronto532012:511
4Serbian White Eagles53208:311
5Milltown FC531113:310
6Montreal Impact Academy51228:95
7Brantford Galaxy FC51227:95
8TFC Academy51225:65
9Brampton United51227:95
10Toronto Croatia51227:85
12Hamilton City50329:143
13Astros Vasas FC50146:121

1Milltown FC531113:310
2Brampton United53114:210
3FC Hamilton Croatia53028:49
4Montreal Impact Academy52219:68
5Brantford Galaxy FC52127:87
6SC Toronto521212:107
7Serbian White Eagles52124:37
8York Region Shooters51319:86
9TFC Academy51225:75
10Hamilton City50329:143
12Toronto Croatia50325:83
13Astros Vasas FC50055:210
1York Region Shooters541012:613
2FC Hamilton Croatia540110:412
3SC Toronto53209:411
4Serbian White Eagles52309:49
5Milltown FC52219:38
6Brampton United522112:88
7TFC Academy51315:56
8Toronto Croatia52037:76
10Montreal Impact Academy51135:84
11Hamilton City511312:144
12Astros Vasas FC51132:114
13Brantford Galaxy FC50146:151

Under - Over goals statistics

 Over in % of gamesAverage # of goals
1Hamilton City10078574.2544.13
2Brantford Galaxy FC877958444
3Astros Vasas FC8371544.583.253.92
4SC Toronto7946463.53.583.54
5FC Hamilton Croatia7558373.333.173.25
6Toronto Croatia9157393.083.083.08
7York Region Shooters8350332.833.333.08
9Brampton United8358372.253.582.92
10Montreal Impact Academy7146372.4232.71
11Milltown FC7146253.252.172.71
12TFC Academy7146252.252.672.46
13Serbian White Eagles7133292.332.332.33

Average number of goals is taken from sum Goals for and Goals against.

Team profit

If you bet on every game team plays. Each bet is 100 units.
 Total profitProfit per game
1Montreal Impact Academy00
2Brantford Galaxy FC00
3FC Hamilton Croatia00
4Milltown FC00
5Hamilton City00
6TFC Academy00
8Brampton United00
9Astros Vasas FC00
10SC Toronto00
11Toronto Croatia00
12Serbian White Eagles00
13York Region Shooters00

Teams with positive numbers can be undervalued by bookmakers.
Only games with odds from bookmakers included