Luxembourg - 2. Division


CS Muhlenbach Lusitanos



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Date Sunday 22nd April 2012
Time 16:00 CEST
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CS Muhlenbach LusitanosErpeldange
WON in last 1 2. Division's games.WON in last 1 2. Division's games.
NOT DRAW in last 4 2. Division's games.NOT DRAW in last 7 2. Division's games.

13.League position10.
  4pts.Last five games  9pts.
  0pts.last 5 home/away only  7pts.

4 on Erpeldange

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:2
»Head to Head matches
01st Mar 14 Luxembourg - Promotion D'HonneurErpeldange : CS Muhlenbach Lusitanos 1:2
18th Sep 13 Luxembourg - Promotion D'HonneurCS Muhlenbach Lusitanos : Erpeldange 2:1
22nd Apr 12 Luxembourg - 2. DivisionCS Muhlenbach Lusitanos : Erpeldange 0:5
23rd Oct 11 Luxembourg - 2. DivisionErpeldange : CS Muhlenbach Lusitanos 1:1
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CS Muhlenbach Lusitanos
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22.5.FC Mondercange1:3ErpeldangeMore details about FC Mondercange-<b>Erpeldange</b> game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Jeunesse Canach26183557:1957
2Etzella Ettelbruck26182676:2656
3Wiltz 7126164667:3752
4US Mondorf les Bains26117836:4140
5Victoria Rosport26116960:4839
6FF Norden 0226107937:3637
7FC Mondercange261121350:5035
8FC Mamer 3226971031:4034
9Una Strassen2689942:4433
11CS Obercorn26851343:4829
12Young Boys Diekirch26751426:6126
13CS Muhlenbach Lusitanos26471523:5519
14Koeppchen Wormeldange26541725:6419
 promotion promotion   promotion play off promotion play off   relegation play off relegation play off   relegation relegation  

1Jeunesse Canach13111137:834
2Etzella Ettelbruck13102141:832
3Wiltz 7113101233:1731
4FC Mondercange1381431:2125
5Victoria Rosport1373329:1724
6US Mondorf les Bains1364321:2122
7Una Strassen1363419:1821
8FC Mamer 321362516:2020
9CS Obercorn1354422:1619
10FF Norden 021343617:1915
11Young Boys Diekirch1343618:3215
12Koeppchen Wormeldange1343618:2315
14CS Muhlenbach Lusitanos1334616:2913
1Etzella Ettelbruck1380535:1824
2Jeunesse Canach1372420:1123
3FF Norden 021364320:1722
4Wiltz 711363434:2021
5US Mondorf les Bains1353515:2018
7Victoria Rosport1343631:3115
8FC Mamer 321335515:2014
9Una Strassen1326523:2612
10Young Boys Diekirch133288:2911
11CS Obercorn1331921:3210
12FC Mondercange1331919:2910
13CS Muhlenbach Lusitanos131397:266
14Koeppchen Wormeldange1311117:414

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Una Strassen53209:511
2US Mondorf les Bains531110:810
3Wiltz 71531116:610
4FC Mamer 3252306:39
5CS Obercorn530215:79
7Etzella Ettelbruck530218:69
8Victoria Rosport522111:88
9FF Norden 0252128:127
10Jeunesse Canach520310:86
11CS Muhlenbach Lusitanos51135:184
12Koeppchen Wormeldange51043:133
13FC Mondercange51047:103
14Young Boys Diekirch50144:181

1Jeunesse Canach550018:015
2Etzella Ettelbruck540113:312
3CS Obercorn532014:211
5Wiltz 71531112:910
6US Mondorf les Bains53027:109
7FC Mondercange530212:79
8FC Mamer 3252215:38
9Victoria Rosport52219:98
10Una Strassen52127:87
11Koeppchen Wormeldange52034:96
12FF Norden 0251227:85
13Young Boys Diekirch50237:162
14CS Muhlenbach Lusitanos50052:210
1Wiltz 71531117:510
2Etzella Ettelbruck530216:79
3FF Norden 0252217:98
4Una Strassen522111:78
5FC Mamer 3252217:78
7Jeunesse Canach52036:86
8Victoria Rosport520311:136
9US Mondorf les Bains51225:105
10Young Boys Diekirch51223:95
11CS Muhlenbach Lusitanos51135:104
12CS Obercorn51047:103
13Koeppchen Wormeldange51043:153
14FC Mondercange51046:113