Spain - Tercera Division - Grp. 7


CD Puerta Bonita


AD Union Adarve

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Date Sunday 22nd April 2012
Time 11:30 CEST
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CD Puerta BonitaAD Union Adarve
WON in last 2 Tercera Division - Grp. 7's games.WON in last 1 Tercera Division - Grp. 7's games.
NOT DRAW in last 3 Tercera Division - Grp. 7's games.NOT DRAW in last 4 Tercera Division - Grp. 7's games.

3.League position12.
  10pts.Last five games  7pts.
  10pts.last 5 home/away only  5pts.

3 on CD Puerta Bonita

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:0
»Head to Head matches
13th Dec 15 Spain - Tercera Division - Grp. 7AD Union Adarve : CD Puerta Bonita 0:0
18th Jan 15 Spain - Tercera Division - Grp. 7AD Union Adarve : CD Puerta Bonita 1:1
31st Aug 14 Spain - Tercera Division - Grp. 7CD Puerta Bonita : AD Union Adarve 1:2
03rd Mar 13 Spain - Tercera Division - Grp. 7CD Puerta Bonita : AD Union Adarve 1:1
14th Oct 12 Spain - Tercera Division - Grp. 7AD Union Adarve : CD Puerta Bonita 1:1
22nd Apr 12 Spain - Tercera Division - Grp. 7CD Puerta Bonita : AD Union Adarve 0:0
20th Nov 11 Spain - Tercera Division - Grp. 7AD Union Adarve : CD Puerta Bonita 1:2
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CD Puerta Bonita
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AD Union Adarve
Spain - Tercera Division - Grp. 7 2015/2016
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24.5.AD Union Adarve2:0LlosetenseMore details about <b>AD Union Adarve</b>-Llosetense game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
2Real Madrid C381910965:3367
3CD Puerta Bonita381812842:3266
5Colmenar Viejo3817111059:4262
6Internacional de Madrid CF381613946:4061
7RCD Carabanchel3816121040:3260
8Futbol Alcobendas Sport3815111252:4356
9Pozuelo Alarcon3815101347:4155
10CD Colonia Moscardo3813141142:3153
11Rayo Majadahonda3812161052:3852
12AD Union Adarve3813131232:3452
13Atletico Madrid C3812121449:5248
14Villaviciosa de Odon381381734:4847
15Trival Valderas3810161250:5246
16Atletico Pinto381291742:5345
17CD Mostoles381191838:6039
19CD Vicalvaro38782328:6929
20CD Fortuna38472717:6019
 promotion play off promotion play off   relegation relegation  

3Colmenar Viejo19117129:1040
4Real Madrid C19124339:1440
5RCD Carabanchel19106318:1136
6Internacional de Madrid CF19106329:1736
7Futbol Alcobendas Sport19106335:2036
8Pozuelo Alarcon19104527:1734
9Villaviciosa de Odon19103620:2033
10CD Puerta Bonita1988319:1532
11CD Colonia Moscardo1977524:1728
12Atletico Pinto1983827:2327
13Trival Valderas1969429:2427
14Rayo Majadahonda1969427:2027
15AD Union Adarve1966717:2124
16CD Mostoles1973919:2524
17Atletico Madrid C1958624:2623
18CD Vicalvaro1964917:3022
20CD Fortuna19331310:2612
1CD Puerta Bonita19104523:1734
2AD Union Adarve1977515:1328
3Real Madrid C1976626:1927
4CD Colonia Moscardo1967618:1425
5Internacional de Madrid CF1967617:2325
6Rayo Majadahonda1967625:1825
7Atletico Madrid C1974825:2625
9RCD Carabanchel1966722:2124
11Colmenar Viejo1964930:3222
12Pozuelo Alarcon1956820:2421
13Futbol Alcobendas Sport1955917:2320
14Trival Valderas1947821:2819
15Atletico Pinto1946915:3018
16CD Mostoles1946919:3518
18Villaviciosa de Odon19351114:2814
19CD Fortuna1914147:347
20CD Vicalvaro19141411:397

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Colmenar Viejo54109:213
2Trival Valderas540112:512
3Pozuelo Alarcon53208:211
4CD Puerta Bonita53114:210
5Real Madrid C531111:510
7Villaviciosa de Odon53024:59
9AD Union Adarve52126:87
10Futbol Alcobendas Sport52126:57
11Atletico Pinto52124:67
12Atletico Madrid C521210:97
13Internacional de Madrid CF51313:76
15CD Mostoles51133:84
16CD Colonia Moscardo50322:43
17RCD Carabanchel50321:53
18CD Vicalvaro50322:43
19Rayo Majadahonda50325:73
20CD Fortuna50055:130

3Villaviciosa de Odon54017:412
4Futbol Alcobendas Sport540113:712
5Internacional de Madrid CF53208:411
6Colmenar Viejo53204:111
7Rayo Majadahonda532011:411
8CD Puerta Bonita53115:510
9Real Madrid C53118:410
10Trival Valderas53118:210
11RCD Carabanchel52213:38
12AD Union Adarve52216:78
13Pozuelo Alarcon52127:77
14Atletico Madrid C521210:97
15CD Vicalvaro51223:85
16Atletico Pinto51133:94
17CD Mostoles51134:84
19CD Colonia Moscardo50323:53
20CD Fortuna50054:110
1Internacional de Madrid CF53115:710
2CD Puerta Bonita53026:59
3Colmenar Viejo530213:99
4Atletico Pinto52216:58
6CD Colonia Moscardo52128:47
7Pozuelo Alarcon52125:57
8Real Madrid C52126:57
9Atletico Madrid C52127:77
11Trival Valderas52039:106
12RCD Carabanchel51224:35
13AD Union Adarve51223:45
14Futbol Alcobendas Sport51224:55
16Rayo Majadahonda51138:84
17CD Vicalvaro50321:53
18Villaviciosa de Odon51043:93
19CD Mostoles50233:122
20CD Fortuna50054:160