Spain - Segunda B Grp. IV


CD El Ejido 2012


Las Palmas B

halftime (2:1)
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Date Sunday 17th December 2017
Time 12:00 CET
89'   Yeremi Valeron
89'   Carlos Gonzalez
64'   Fernando Velasco
61'    Miguel Gopar
54'   Fernando Carralero
10'   Samuel Corral
7'   Fernando Carralero
5'   Erik Exposito
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CD El Ejido 2012Las Palmas B
DRAW in last 1 Segunda B Grp. IV's games.DRAW in last 2 Segunda B Grp. IV's games.
NOT WON in last 4 Segunda B Grp. IV's games.NOT LOST in last 7 Segunda B Grp. IV's games.

10.League position14.
  5pts.Last five games  11pts.
  7pts.last 5 home/away only  5pts.

5 on CD El Ejido 2012

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 2:0
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13th May 18 Spain - Segunda B Grp. IVLas Palmas B : CD El Ejido 2012 1:1
17th Dec 17 Spain - Segunda B Grp. IVCD El Ejido 2012 : Las Palmas B 4:3
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
2Marbella FC382010849:2770
3Real Murcia381811949:3365
7UCAM Murcia3813131238:4252
8Granada B3813121334:3551
9San Fernando CD3812131347:4649
10CD El Ejido 20123812131354:5549
12CD Badajoz3812121446:4448
13Futbol Club Jumilla3811141330:4247
14Las Palmas B3812111545:4447
15Recreativo Huelva3812111533:3647
18Cordoba B3811101740:5143
19Betis Deportivo Balompie389131647:6140
20Lorca Deportiva38882233:6432
 promotion play off promotion play off   relegation play off relegation play off   relegation relegation  

1Marbella FC19152231:847
5CD Badajoz19107233:1537
7CD El Ejido 20121996437:2333
8Real Murcia19103624:1533
10San Fernando CD1995528:2332
11UCAM Murcia1988323:1932
12Las Palmas B1995526:1632
14Recreativo Huelva1986523:1730
15Betis Deportivo Balompie1978432:2429
16Granada B1977515:1228
17Futbol Club Jumilla19610314:1128
19Cordoba B1966722:2324
20Lorca Deportiva19451018:3117
2Real Murcia1988325:1832
3Granada B1965819:2323
4Marbella FC1958618:1923
7UCAM Murcia1955915:2320
9Cordoba B19541018:2819
10Futbol Club Jumilla19541016:3119
12San Fernando CD1938819:2317
13Recreativo Huelva19451010:1917
14CD El Ejido 20121937917:3216
15Lorca Deportiva19431215:3315
16Las Palmas B19361019:2815
19Betis Deportivo Balompie19251215:3711
20CD Badajoz19251213:2911

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Futbol Club Jumilla54108:313
2Las Palmas B532012:511
4Marbella FC53116:310
6Real Murcia53028:79
8San Fernando CD52128:87
9Betis Deportivo Balompie52127:107
10Recreativo Huelva52124:57
12Cordoba B52033:66
14CD Badajoz52035:76
15CD El Ejido 201251225:85
16UCAM Murcia51224:65
18Granada B51134:74
20Lorca Deportiva50052:110

1Marbella FC55006:015
2San Fernando CD541012:613
5CD Badajoz54017:312
6Las Palmas B532011:411
8UCAM Murcia52307:59
9Futbol Club Jumilla52305:39
10Real Murcia53027:69
12Betis Deportivo Balompie522110:58
13Recreativo Huelva52215:48
15CD El Ejido 201252125:47
16Cordoba B52125:57
18Lorca Deportiva51135:54
20Granada B50232:62
1Real Murcia53208:411
3CD El Ejido 201252127:87
4Granada B52125:57
5Futbol Club Jumilla52125:77
7Cordoba B52032:96
8Betis Deportivo Balompie51223:85
9Las Palmas B51224:55
13Recreativo Huelva51132:54
15Marbella FC50323:53
16San Fernando CD50234:82
17Lorca Deportiva50143:111
18UCAM Murcia50143:101
20CD Badajoz50143:91

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