Spain - Tercera Division - Grp. 1


CD As Pontes


CD Estradense

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Date Sunday 8th January 2012
Time 16:30 CET
Venue nameEstadio O Poboado
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CD As PontesCD Estradense
LOST in last 1 Tercera Division - Grp. 1's games.DRAW in last 2 Tercera Division - Grp. 1's games.
NOT DRAW in last 5 Tercera Division - Grp. 1's games.NOT LOST in last 3 Tercera Division - Grp. 1's games.

16.League position17.
  9pts.Last five games  5pts.
  10pts.last 5 home/away only  4pts.

2 on CD Estradense

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:1
»Head to Head matches
08th Jan 12 Spain - Tercera Division - Grp. 1CD As Pontes : CD Estradense 1:0
28th Aug 11 Spain - Tercera Division - Grp. 1CD Estradense : CD As Pontes 1:0
30th Jan 11 Spain - Tercera Division - Grp. 1CD Estradense : CD As Pontes 2:0
19th Sep 10 Spain - Tercera Division - Grp. 1CD As Pontes : CD Estradense 1:0
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
5RC Villalbes382071157:4567
6Deportivo La Coruna B381981156:3365
7Rapido de Bouzas381681452:5056
8Racing de Ferrol3814131155:4155
9Villalonga CF381551845:4850
10CD Dorneda3812131339:4749
11UD Somozas3812121450:5148
13Bergantinos CF381291737:4445
15Betanzos CF381262043:5342
16CD As Pontes3810111747:5341
17CD Estradense381181937:5241
18Cultural Areas3810101840:5840
19CD Lalin381091930:5339
20Xuventu Sanxenxo386102233:6528
 promotion play off promotion play off   relegation relegation  

3Rapido de Bouzas19123433:1939
4Deportivo La Coruna B19115334:1438
7CD Dorneda19105425:1735
8RC Villalbes19112631:2535
9Racing de Ferrol1997332:1834
10Bergantinos CF1995525:1832
13Cultural Areas1984724:2128
14UD Somozas1976627:2127
15CD As Pontes1975730:2226
16Villalonga CF1982925:2326
17Betanzos CF19721024:2723
18CD Estradense1956819:2021
19CD Lalin19441112:2516
20Xuventu Sanxenxo19271014:3113
4RC Villalbes1995526:2032
6Deportivo La Coruna B1983822:1927
7Villalonga CF1973920:2524
8CD Lalin1965818:2823
9UD Somozas1956823:3021
10Racing de Ferrol1956823:2321
11CD Estradense19621118:3220
12Betanzos CF19541019:2619
13Rapido de Bouzas19451019:3117
14Xuventu Sanxenxo19431219:3415
15CD As Pontes19361017:3115
16CD Dorneda1928914:3014
19Bergantinos CF19341212:2613
20Cultural Areas19261116:3712

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Betanzos CF540111:512
2RC Villalbes53118:410
4CD As Pontes530210:89
5Cultural Areas53026:69
8Bergantinos CF52218:68
11Deportivo La Coruna B52126:57
12Racing de Ferrol52128:97
13Rapido de Bouzas520310:136
14CD Lalin52036:116
15CD Estradense51227:85
16Villalonga CF51228:105
17CD Dorneda51133:64
18Xuventu Sanxenxo51135:74
19UD Somozas50326:93

1Racing de Ferrol541012:713
2Cultural Areas54017:512
4CD As Pontes531114:610
5RC Villalbes531111:810
7Betanzos CF530210:79
8Rapido de Bouzas530210:89
10CD Dorneda52216:58
11Deportivo La Coruna B52215:38
13CD Estradense52128:57
15Bergantinos CF52128:67
17Xuventu Sanxenxo51135:74
18CD Lalin51133:84
19Villalonga CF51137:94
20UD Somozas50325:73
2Betanzos CF531110:410
3CD Lalin53117:610
5Deportivo La Coruna B53027:69
6RC Villalbes52124:47
9Bergantinos CF51225:65
10Villalonga CF51226:95
11Racing de Ferrol51227:85
13CD Estradense51133:74
14CD As Pontes51133:104
15CD Dorneda51045:103
16Cultural Areas51044:113
17Rapido de Bouzas50234:102
18Xuventu Sanxenxo50144:81
19UD Somozas50145:111