Argentina - Primera C


CA Ferrocarril Midland


San Martin Burzaco

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Date Monday 16th April 2018
Time 20:30 CEST
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CA Ferrocarril MidlandSan Martin Burzaco
WON in last 1 Primera C's games.LOST in last 1 Primera C's games.
NOT DRAW in last 3 Primera C's games.NOT DRAW in last 6 Primera C's games.

7.League position9.
  7pts.Last five games  9pts.
  7pts.last 5 home/away only  6pts.

2 on CA Ferrocarril Midland

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:0
»Head to Head matches
16th Apr 18 Argentina - Primera CCA Ferrocarril Midland : San Martin Burzaco 0:3
20th Nov 17 Argentina - Primera CSan Martin Burzaco : CA Ferrocarril Midland 1:1
11th Mar 17 Argentina - Primera CCA Ferrocarril Midland : San Martin Burzaco 3:0
29th Aug 16 Argentina - Primera CSan Martin Burzaco : CA Ferrocarril Midland 0:0
29th Feb 16 Argentina - Primera CSan Martin Burzaco : CA Ferrocarril Midland 1:0
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CA Ferrocarril Midland
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San Martin Burzaco
Argentina - Primera C 2017/2018
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05.11.Dock Sud2:0San Martin BurzacoMore details about <b>Dock Sud</b>-San Martin Burzaco game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1CA Defensores Unidos34207748:2767
2Central Cordoba de Rosario331711546:2862
3Argentino de Quilmes34179850:2660
4Club Lujan341511838:2556
5Leandro N. Alem341671148:3455
6Justo Jose de Urquiza331410949:4352
7CA Ferrocarril Midland341313839:3352
8Deportivo Merlo341391236:3648
9San Martin Burzaco341451534:3947
13El Porvenir341191434:4042
14Defensores de Cambaceres341181540:4541
15Deportivo Armenio348141220:2538
16Dock Sud34981728:3935
17Sportivo Italiano347131431:5034
20Sportivo Barracas347101732:5231
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1CA Defensores Unidos17114228:1137
2Leandro N. Alem1796224:933
3Club Lujan1795321:1132
4Central Cordoba de Rosario1795322:1432
5San Martin Burzaco1793520:1430
7Argentino de Quilmes1777320:1128
8Justo Jose de Urquiza1675425:2126
9CA Ferrocarril Midland1775521:1926
11Defensores de Cambaceres1773723:1624
13Deportivo Merlo1765619:1723
14Dock Sud1764714:1322
17Sportivo Italiano1746716:2718
18Deportivo Armenio173958:1118
19Sportivo Barracas1745820:2617
20El Porvenir1744917:2116
1Argentino de Quilmes17102530:1532
2CA Defensores Unidos1793520:1630
3Central Cordoba de Rosario1686224:1430
4Justo Jose de Urquiza1775524:2226
5CA Ferrocarril Midland1768318:1426
6El Porvenir1775517:1926
7Deportivo Merlo1774617:1925
8Club Lujan1766517:1424
9Leandro N. Alem1771924:2522
12Deportivo Armenio1755712:1420
13San Martin Burzaco17521014:2517
14Defensores de Cambaceres1745817:2917
16Sportivo Italiano1737715:2316
18Sportivo Barracas1735912:2614
19Dock Sud17341014:2613

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Argentino de Quilmes541011:413
2El Porvenir54019:412
3CA Defensores Unidos53208:311
4Central Cordoba de Rosario53206:211
5San Martin Burzaco530210:59
6Leandro N. Alem52217:58
8Deportivo Merlo52214:48
9Sportivo Barracas52127:77
11CA Ferrocarril Midland52127:77
12Justo Jose de Urquiza52035:116
13Sportivo Italiano51224:105
15Club Lujan51134:54
17Deportivo Armenio50410:14
19Defensores de Cambaceres51042:83
20Dock Sud50322:53

1Leandro N. Alem541010:213
2Argentino de Quilmes540111:412
3CA Defensores Unidos532011:311
4San Martin Burzaco53117:210
5Central Cordoba de Rosario52305:19
8Club Lujan52124:37
9CA Ferrocarril Midland52125:67
10El Porvenir52127:57
11Deportivo Merlo52127:67
12Justo Jose de Urquiza52036:96
13Sportivo Italiano52033:76
17Defensores de Cambaceres51044:73
18Deportivo Armenio50320:23
19Dock Sud50231:42
20Sportivo Barracas50145:121
1Argentino de Quilmes541012:513
2Central Cordoba de Rosario54108:313
3El Porvenir54017:412
5CA Defensores Unidos53116:410
6Justo Jose de Urquiza53027:69
7Deportivo Merlo52215:58
8Sportivo Barracas52125:57
9Defensores de Cambaceres52127:97
11CA Ferrocarril Midland52127:77
12San Martin Burzaco52036:66
14Club Lujan51224:55
15Dock Sud51223:85
16Deportivo Armenio51222:45
17Leandro N. Alem51134:94
19Sportivo Italiano50325:103

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