Denmark - Superligaen


Broendby IF



halftime (1:0)
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Date Sunday 18th April 2010
Time 16:05 CEST
RefereeNicolai Vollquartz from Denmark
88'   in Nicolaj Agger
88'   out Ousman Jallow
83'   in Anders Randrup
83'   out Jens Stryger Larsen
79'   out Anders Kure
79'   in Jens Gjesing
78'   Martin Joergensen
77'   in Casper Sloth
77'   out Frederik Krabbe
73'   Mike Jensen
69'   in Jan Kristiansen
69'   out Alexander Farnerud
63'   in Jakob Poulsen
63'   out Stephan Petersen
53'   Anders Kure
21'  Assist Michael Krohn-Dehli
21'   Samuel Holmen

Goalkeeper: Stephan Andersen

Defence: Remco van der Schaaf
Defence: Mikkel Bischoff
Defence: Daniel Wass
Defence: Mikael Nilsson

Midfield: Michael Krohn-Dehli
Midfield: Alexander Farnerud
Midfield: Jens Stryger Larsen
Midfield: Samuel Holmen
Midfield: Mike Jensen

Forward: Ousman Jallow

Substitute player: Nicolaj Agger
Substitute player: Jan Frederiksen
Substitute player: Anders Randrup
Substitute player: Daniel Stenderup
Substitute player: Michael Toernes
Substitute player: Brent McGrath
Substitute player: Jan Kristiansen

Coach: Henrik Jensen
Goalkeeper: Anders Rasmussen

Defence: Frederik Krabbe
Defence: Dennis Cagara
Defence: Anders Kure
Defence: Mark Howard

Midfield: Martin Joergensen
Midfield: Kasper Povlsen
Midfield: Jerry Lucena
Midfield: Benny Feilhaber
Midfield: Stephan Petersen

Forward: Dioh Williams

Substitute player: Anders Nielsen
Substitute player: Casper Sloth
Substitute player: Jesper Rask
Substitute player: Dennis Hoeegh
Substitute player: Sanel Kapidzic
Substitute player: Jens Gjesing
Substitute player: Jakob Poulsen
Substitute player: Casper Sloth

Suspended: Dan Thomassen
Suspended: Steffen Rasmussen

Coach: Erik Rasmussen
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Broendby IFAGF
WON in last 3 Superligaen's games.LOST in last 1 Superligaen's games.
NOT DRAW in last 4 Superligaen's games.NOT DRAW in last 8 Superligaen's games.

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3.League position11.
  10pts.Last five games  6pts.
  7pts.last 5 home/away only  9pts.

4 on Broendby IF

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:0
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22nd Nov 15 Denmark - SuperligaenAGF : Broendby IF 1:1
19th Jul 15 Denmark - SuperligaenAGF : Broendby IF 2:1
21st Apr 14 Denmark - SuperligaenAGF : Broendby IF 1:2
10th Nov 13 Denmark - SuperligaenBroendby IF : AGF 3:0
22nd Sep 13 Denmark - SuperligaenAGF : Broendby IF 1:3
01st Apr 13 Denmark - SuperligaenBroendby IF : AGF 3:2
10th Mar 13 Denmark - SuperligaenAGF : Broendby IF 0:3
05th Aug 12 Denmark - SuperligaenAGF : Broendby IF 3:1
13th May 12 Denmark - SuperligaenAGF : Broendby IF 5:1
11th Mar 12 Denmark - SuperligaenBroendby IF : AGF 0:0
21st Aug 11 Denmark - SuperligaenAGF : Broendby IF 0:0
18th Apr 10 Denmark - SuperligaenBroendby IF : AGF 1:0
29th Nov 09 Denmark - SuperligaenAGF : Broendby IF 1:0
13th Sep 09 Denmark - SuperligaenBroendby IF : AGF 1:0
17th Aug 08 Denmark - SuperligaenAGF : Broendby IF 2:1
10th Apr 02 Denmark - SuperligaenBroendby IF : AGF 2:2
22nd Jul 01 Denmark - SuperligaenBroendby IF : AGF 5:0
13th May 01 Denmark - SuperligaenBroendby IF : AGF 2:1
29th Oct 00 Denmark - SuperligaenAGF : Broendby IF 2:0
22nd Jul 00 Denmark - SuperligaenBroendby IF : AGF 1:2
16th Apr 00 Denmark - SuperligaenBroendby IF : AGF 2:0
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
0HB Koege33472230:6919
1FC Koebenhavn33215761:2268
3Broendby IF331571157:5052
4Esbjerg fB331311948:4350
6FC Midtjylland331451445:4847
7FC Nordsjaelland331271440:4143
10Randers FC3310101337:4340
 champions league qualification champions league qualification   uefa qualification uefa qualification   relegation relegation  

1FC Koebenhavn17130240:1039
2FC Midtjylland17103428:2033
5Esbjerg fB1685327:2029
6Broendby IF1765630:2723
7Randers FC1764721:2222
10FC Nordsjaelland1654717:2019
11HB Koege16201113:326
1Broendby IF1692527:2329
3FC Koebenhavn1683521:1227
4FC Nordsjaelland1773723:2124
6Esbjerg fB1756621:2321
9Randers FC1646016:2118
11FC Midtjylland16401017:2812
12HB Koege17241117:3710

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1FC Koebenhavn540111:312
2Broendby IF531110:610
3Randers FC531110:610
6Esbjerg fB522110:68
7HB Koege52125:67
9FC Nordsjaelland51228:85
12FC Midtjylland51047:103

1FC Koebenhavn550014:315
2Randers FC540111:412
3FC Midtjylland540110:612
6Esbjerg fB522110:98
7Broendby IF52125:57
9FC Nordsjaelland51225:75
11HB Koege51045:83
1Broendby IF541011:513
2Randers FC53208:311
4FC Nordsjaelland52129:77
7FC Koebenhavn52037:66
8HB Koege51224:85
9Esbjerg fB51224:55
11FC Midtjylland51045:83