Bulgaria - First Professional League


Botev Plovdiv


Septemvri Sofia




halftime (1:0)
»Game details
Date Thursday 12th October 2017
Time 19:00 CEST
Venue nameBotev 1912 - Komatevo
84'   Fernando Viana
74'   in Yordan Todorov
74'   out Chris Gadi
73'   Fernando Viana
71'   in Alvaro
71'   out Serkan Yusein
67'   out Yordan Minev
67'   in Lazar Marin
65'   out Martin Toshev
65'   in Ivan Tilev
65'   Yordan Minev
63'   Fernando Viana
59'   out Jean Patrick
59'   in Vasil Kaloyanov
57'   Daudet N'Dongala
53'   in Todor Nedelev
53'   out Gustavo Sauer
51'   Yanko Sandanski
26'   Antoni Ivanov
24'   Fernando Viana
Goalkeeper: Ivan Cvorovic

Substitute player: Steven Petkov
Substitute player: Todor Nedelev
Substitute player: Alvaro
Substitute player: Kristian Dimitrov
Substitute player: Krum Stoyanov
Substitute player: Daniel Kajzer
Substitute player: Lazar Marin

Coach: Nikolay Kirov
Goalkeeper: Yanko Georgiev

Substitute player: Ivan Stoyanov
Substitute player: Ivan Tilev
Substitute player: Vladislav Romanov
Substitute player: Vasil Kaloyanov
Substitute player: Hristo Kirov
Substitute player: Stiliyan Georgiev
Substitute player: Yordan Todorov

Coach: Nikolay Mitov
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Botev PlovdivSeptemvri Sofia
DRAW in last 1 First Professional League's games.WON in last 1 First Professional League's games.
NOT LOST in last 5 First Professional League's games.NOT DRAW in last 5 First Professional League's games.

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4.League position13.
  13pts.Last five games  3pts.
  12pts.last 5 home/away only  6pts.

5 on Botev Plovdiv

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 2:0
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12th Oct 17 Bulgaria - First Professional LeagueBotev Plovdiv : Septemvri Sofia 5:0
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Ludogorets Razgrad1293027:630
2PFC CSKA-Sofia1283130:827
3Levski Sofia1273216:424
4Botev Plovdiv1363424:1821
6Lokomotiv Plovdiv1252512:1917
8Slavia Sofia1344518:2116
9Cherno More Varna1243511:1215
10Pirin Blagoevgrad1327411:1113
12Dunav Ruse132478:1910
13Septemvri Sofia123188:2010
14Vitosha Bistritsa1202107:322
 relegation play off relegation play off  

1Levski Sofia651011:016
2PFC CSKA-Sofia641116:313
3Botev Plovdiv740314:1012
4Ludogorets Razgrad53208:311
6Lokomotiv Plovdiv53117:410
7Cherno More Varna72234:78
8Dunav Ruse61414:67
9Slavia Sofia721412:147
12Pirin Blagoevgrad61237:75
13Septemvri Sofia71153:114
14Vitosha Bistritsa50235:122
1Ludogorets Razgrad761019:319
2PFC CSKA-Sofia642014:514
5Slavia Sofia62316:79
6Botev Plovdiv623110:89
7Levski Sofia62225:48
8Pirin Blagoevgrad71514:48
9Cherno More Varna52127:57
11Lokomotiv Plovdiv72145:157
12Septemvri Sofia52035:96
13Dunav Ruse71064:133
14Vitosha Bistritsa70072:200

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Ludogorets Razgrad550013:215
2Botev Plovdiv541013:213
3PFC CSKA-Sofia53209:211
4Slavia Sofia532010:211
5Levski Sofia53115:210
8Lokomotiv Plovdiv52034:116
9Pirin Blagoevgrad50411:24
10Septemvri Sofia51042:123
12Dunav Ruse50231:82
13Vitosha Bistritsa50142:121
14Cherno More Varna50140:51

1PFC CSKA-Sofia541016:213
2Levski Sofia54109:013
3Botev Plovdiv540112:312
4Ludogorets Razgrad53208:311
6Lokomotiv Plovdiv53117:410
7Dunav Ruse51313:56
8Slavia Sofia52039:106
11Pirin Blagoevgrad51227:65
12Septemvri Sofia51133:74
13Vitosha Bistritsa50235:122
14Cherno More Varna50232:72
1Ludogorets Razgrad541014:113
2PFC CSKA-Sofia541013:413
4Cherno More Varna52127:57
6Levski Sofia52125:47
8Septemvri Sofia52035:96
9Slavia Sofia51314:76
10Botev Plovdiv51317:66
11Pirin Blagoevgrad50412:34
12Lokomotiv Plovdiv51043:143
13Vitosha Bistritsa50052:170
14Dunav Ruse50052:120