Bosnia_Herzegovina Premier League 2009/2010 Bosnia-Herzegovina | Premier League | 2009/2010

Premier League description

Home field has extraordinary big influence on result. Home team get average 2.16 points per game.!!!
Draws are less common in this league. 17% of games finish as draw!
Number of goals per game is normal. It's 2.46 goals per game
Number of games with three or more goals is lower than typical. It's 43% of all games.!
Favourites win almost every time. Keep betting on favourites and you will be happy.!!!

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Main table plus home and away only tables.
2Siroki Brijeg30167746:2755
3Borac Banja Luka301721137:2953
4Zrinjski Mostar30156946:3351
5FK Sarajevo30148843:2550
6Olimpik Sarajevo301281030:3444
7FK Velez Mostar301341342:3343
8Sloboda Tuzla301331430:3442
10Rudar Prijedor301151427:3238
11FK Leotar301151432:4838
12FK Zvijezda301141535:4737
13Celik Zenica301051533:3735
14Slavija Sarajevo301051532:4635
15FK Laktasi301041638:4634
16FK Modrica30702028:5724
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1Borac Banja Luka15130227:739
2FK Velez Mostar15122134:838
3FK Sarajevo15114030:737
4Siroki Brijeg15113128:736
5Sloboda Tuzla15120020:836
7Zrinjski Mostar15113132:736
8Rudar Prijedor15104122:734
10FK Zvijezda1593329:1630
11Slavija Sarajevo1593323:1430
12FK Leotar1593323:1430
13Celik Zenica1592424:1329
14Olimpik Sarajevo1584016:928
15FK Laktasi1580022:1124
16FK Modrica1550915:2215
2Siroki Brijeg1554618:2019
3Olimpik Sarajevo1544714:2516
4Zrinjski Mostar1543814:2615
5FK Sarajevo1534813:1813
6FK Laktasi15221116:358
7FK Leotar1522119:348
8FK Zvijezda1520126:316
9Celik Zenica1513119:246
11Sloboda Tuzla15121210:265
12Rudar Prijedor1510135:253
13Slavija Sarajevo1510129:323
14Borac Banja Luka1502910:222
15FK Velez Mostar1500128:250
16FK Modrica15001113:350

Latest results

dateround home team away team
26 MayFTFK Laktasi2:0Rudar PrijedorMore details about  -  soccer game
26 MayFTFK Sarajevo3:0Borac Banja LukaMore details about  -  soccer game
26 MayFTOlimpik Sarajevo1:0Sloboda TuzlaMore details about  -  soccer game
26 MayFTTravnik4:1FK ZvijezdaMore details about  -  soccer game
26 MayFTFK Velez Mostar1:0FK ModricaMore details about  -  soccer game
26 MayFTSiroki Brijeg2:1Zrinjski MostarMore details about  -  soccer game
26 MayFTCelik Zenica3:1Slavija SarajevoMore details about  -  soccer game
26 MayFTFK Leotar3:3ZeljeznicarMore details about  -  soccer game
23 MayFTZrinjski Mostar2:0Celik ZenicaMore details about  -  soccer game
23 MayFTFK Modrica0:2TravnikMore details about  -  soccer game
23 MayFTFK Zvijezda1:1Siroki BrijegMore details about  -  soccer game
23 MayFTSloboda Tuzla2:0FK Velez MostarMore details about  -  soccer game
23 MayFTBorac Banja Luka0:2Olimpik SarajevoMore details about  -  soccer game
23 MayFTRudar Prijedor2:2FK SarajevoMore details about  -  soccer game
23 MayFTZeljeznicar4:1FK LaktasiMore details about  -  soccer game
23 MayFTSlavija Sarajevo2:0FK LeotarMore details about  -  soccer game

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Siroki Brijeg54108:413
2Olimpik Sarajevo54019:312
3Sloboda Tuzla540110:212
5FK Sarajevo532012:211
6FK Laktasi53029:79
8Zrinjski Mostar53028:89
9Rudar Prijedor52127:87
10FK Velez Mostar52033:66
11Celik Zenica52039:96
12FK Zvijezda51139:104
13Slavija Sarajevo51044:143
14Borac Banja Luka51044:93
15FK Leotar50145:141
16FK Modrica50051:130

1FK Laktasi550011:215
2Sloboda Tuzla55009:115
4Zrinjski Mostar550014:115
5Olimpik Sarajevo54108:113
6Siroki Brijeg541011:413
7Slavija Sarajevo54018:512
8Borac Banja Luka54019:312
9FK Zvijezda532012:511
10FK Sarajevo532010:111
11Rudar Prijedor53117:410
12FK Velez Mostar53114:210
13Celik Zenica53119:510
15FK Leotar51228:85
16FK Modrica51043:93
1Siroki Brijeg52215:48
3Olimpik Sarajevo51224:75
4FK Sarajevo51228:65
5FK Leotar51133:124
6Sloboda Tuzla51137:64
7Zrinjski Mostar51134:94
8Rudar Prijedor51043:93
9FK Zvijezda51044:103
11FK Laktasi50145:141
12Celik Zenica50142:81
13Slavija Sarajevo50053:150
14FK Velez Mostar50052:100
15FK Modrica50050:140
16Borac Banja Luka50052:140

Under - Over goals statistics

 Over in % of gamesAverage # of goals
1FK Modrica7350272.473.22.83
2FK Laktasi7753372.23.42.8
3FK Zvijezda67433032.472.73
5FK Leotar6350302.472.872.67
6Zrinjski Mostar8350202.62.672.63
7Slavija Sarajevo7743302.472.732.6
8FK Velez Mostar6737232.82.22.5
10Siroki Brijeg6740232.332.532.43
11Celik Zenica6353172.472.22.33
12FK Sarajevo7347132.472.072.27
13Borac Banja Luka6733132.272.132.2
14Sloboda Tuzla5733171.872.42.13
15Olimpik Sarajevo5340231.672.62.13
16Rudar Prijedor6027131.9321.97

Average number of goals is taken from sum Goals for and Goals against.